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  1. Thanks fo all your comments guys. The guy I have been dealing with at Traser is off sick and the new guy there has Ben ready epful. He has offered me a replacement watch higher spec than the original. He pressure tested the original watch and said it passed but wanted this issue resolved. Replacement watch is better than the courts. probably best to steer clear of this company though in case some thing goes wrong with your purchase. Graham Green watch services in Dorset is Traser UK. During all this I came across these watches http://www.armourlite.com/armourlite-t25-watches Take a look and once again thanks for your comments.
  2. Credit card wont touch it as to classed by them as a faulty goods.
  3. Yes it’s everytime I go outside.
  4. I have a Traser. Mists up every time I go outside. The company say it’s normal so I am having to go to small claims court now. Utter incompetence customer service. i had a black storm pro years ago and really liked it although it’s massivly overpriced for what it is.
  5. Really haven’t got time to go to court with but will have to I think out of principle.
  6. Thanks guys. My £35 timex doesn’t mist up either!! this was there reply. “The misting is normal for a watch of this type from any quality watch with a very thick sapphire glass for security. The watch is best kept covered until you need to view however the dial is still easily read even with the slight misting. These watches have been tested in arctic, jungle and desert conditions by special forces and passed muster prior to purchase for issue. We hope this helps” Doesnt sound right to me.
  7. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Vrya8RB5Pmg86sK92
  8. Hi guys. Thought I would let you know my experience with Traser UK. They sold me a watch for £330 and every time I go outside it mists up. Traser say it’s normal and won’t give me a refund. It mists up for over an hour in the cold and I am a firefighter medic so I am in and out all day. Having to take them to small claims court now. Anyone else’s ever had this issue? Trasers reply was that his pair of glasses mists up when he goes outside but he didn’t send them back as they were fit for purpose. Professional response.
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