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  1. Thanks Simon, I'd be happy to send it to you and pay for a service + postage. Could you message me directly an address to which I can ship it (if you don't want to post your address here?) -Justin p.s. to Tourbillion - I would defer to the experts on that. Simon might be able to say if not once he sees it I imagine?
  2. HI simon - many thanks. I tried to message you on the forum here but it says you cannot receive messages? Basically I have a vintage tudor 'presentation' watch that is my first vintage piece. I bought it at an auction as I mentioned in the first post. At first the watch stopped when the hour was somewhere between 5 and 6. I actually took it into a shop I was near before the new year and the guy said the problem was a bent minute hand. he straightened it and it no longer got 'stuck' any more. However, the watch is running fast. It gains around 5-10 minutes per hour, I'd guess. I have
  3. HI All - (apologies if this is covered in a thread I didn't find - relatively new here): I've got my first vintage manual (tudor) watch that clearly needs a service and repair (bought at an auction) - watch stops running when hour is just past 5. If I re-set time to after 6 or 7, it runs again until soon after 5. Also some click/slip on winding as far as my novice hands can tell. Do people rate or trust any of the online repair sites that now seem to come up loads advertised on search results? I live in London, so I imagine there are loads of local places too (happy to get sugge
  4. Many thanks everyone - yes, perhaps not on the wrist due to sweat, but good to know it should survive the jostling of a bag (and yes, I do change and shower at work - sometimes I bring in extra clothes on days I don't run ) JP
  5. HI forum New member here, and new owner of my first vintage watch - a manual wind 1960s Tudor (snap on back - images attached). I am imagining the answer to this question will be a resounding 'NO WAY' but here goes: I jog into work 2-3 times per week (30 min or so each way), and I'm wondering if it is possible to wear (or carry in a small rucksack or pocket) my watch when I'm running so I can wear it at work those days? Or would this risk damaging the mechanism? *The watch does NOT say anything about being shock resisting if that matters (I know some others from the e
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