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  1. Wow didn’t expect to get so much info! Massive thanks for that, certainly far less in the dark about them than I was previously and a much better scope to better understand what I have now!
  2. Looks nice, a bit too shiny for me but nice none the less! As you say, Timex have always been "easy and cheap" - I can't understand why they're becoming more desirable and going up in price. I sold a non-runner with bent lug from a job lot for a tenner, I was amazed, the movement was so horrible and overall seemed like something out of a christmas cracker. No offence intended by the way, I am talking about a specific watch I sold and not speaking on behalf all Timex! I've got some really quality, lesser known brands which I struggle to shift, while Timex fly off the shelf lol
  3. Sorry for the lack of response - busy Christmas and then I just forgot. Ended up selling it on for a small profit - I've since been making a bit of a habit of buying and selling!
  4. Okay so last year I took some time off from watches to focus on other things and recently got back into it. I've decided to start "flipping" watches on the side which means I get all the fun of finding, buying and giving a little TLC without the hoarding! I will resist talking money as I do not think it fair when the plan is to sell on, but obviously the aim of the game is to "buy low, sell high" so all are bought at a fairly low price tag for one reason or another (e.g. low 'buy it now' price or lack of details etc) Anyway, without further adoo: Sicura Chronograph: Man I loved this! Really weighty piece, in great condition, with a really "basic" movement in the back. Was a non-runner and I was unsure if investing in a service would be as profitable. One I may regret having sold one day! Roamer Brevete This was a super cool watch I took in as part of a job lot. It ran very fast but was still nice to wear and somewhat interesting lugs and dial. Probably would have held onto it if it kept time. New strap: Erlana - 15J Jura Watch Co. Movement A really nice watch with a surprise Jura Watch Co. Movement in the back. I'd love to know more to the history about both brands - the engravings in the back are a mystery to me and I wish I could find out more. Its a super quality piece that keeps great time, just a shame no-one wants to pay much for an unknown brand. It is certainly on par if not better than a lot of popular, more budget swiss brands. Rodine - 17J Automatic Elbon Movement Awesome little automatic which came to me with a horrible knackered black strap and scratches all over. I gave it a polish up and new strap and it is really looking the part. Runs well but too fast (not as fast as the Roamer mind you). Has an automatic Elbon movement in the back. Before: Medana 7J This is one that has surprised me - I did not expect to love it so much despite it not working! As such I've since hiked the price up on eBay to make it unlikely to sell - didn't want to annoy watchers by taking it down altogether as well as incur a fee. I'd really like to find a cheap working one to "frankenstein" as a service will never be cost effective for this. It's tiny but fits my skinny wrists perfectly and the leather strap is very similar to my 1940s Rolex but in amazing condition. I believe this to be circa 1940s so make me wonder if both straps are in fact of the era or at least very old! Certainly a watch I'd like to hold onto but should it get bought for the higher price I will refrain from getting too upset :P One thing I do regret is polishing the back (can't bring myself to share a photo!) - I really overdid but luckily after wearing it a bit it is settling down a bit. Certina This one I took a bit of a gamble on. Photos were blurry but the price seemed somewhat low for what I'd seen. The case has certainly seen better days but the movement looks clean and runs spot on. I'm unsure of how well this will sell for given the condition. Likely to put it up for sale in the following months when I get some quality but low-price straps in that I ordered.
  5. Hi all! Got this piece recently and want to get to know it a bit better. I've read from a couple sources online that the brand Pioneer was made by Rolex for the Canadian market - is there any truth to this? I assume this is just companies cashing in on the "Rolex style" branded movement and unbranded dial/case back and the loose relation to the Pioneer Rolex model to get more money out of people? Any further info on time period or such would be great! Case measures 31mm inc. crown, 15mm strap with and 36mm lug to lug.
  6. On it's new handmade leather strap:
  7. Cheers, I'm certainly very pleased! Yeah I was thinking something to do with the forces, who knows! Got a handmade leather being made which I can't wait to get on it. Have now listed on eBay at a bit higher than it probably should be - mainly so I can keep it for longer haha, but realistically if it sold for that price I'd have to let it go as there are other priorities
  8. Finally, an update! Took it to my guy who did the following (on my request): - Light clean of case and dial; has brought up the Rolex logo a treat! - Full service; runs and keeps good time now - Sympathetic relume; brighter than expected but told it will die down - New glass; old one was not original and stuck out too far above the case for my liking. Old glass kept and stored. Any ideas what the etchings on the side could mean?
  9. Love that story! Was on holiday at the weekend and kept daydreaming a random watch would just appear like that :P Mines still going strong too, I guess they're tanks, I recall reading they often used pretty quality A Schild movements but I'm no expert. Exactly - well, £34 after the new glass but certainly still happy and gets worn regularly!
  10. Thanks for the advice. I've had a glass replaced by the place near me and it was a fantastic job, a well chosen glass that was completely in keeping with the original and noticeably a better quality than the glass of other watches I've owned. It's actually a jewellers that sends away to a watch repairer so presumably this shop trusts them to do the work. There would be a no obligation quote first also. I'll ask who the shop uses perhaps (if they'll say) and see if I can find some reviewers for the actual watch maker first. The jewellers has been ever since I can remember so I think it would be good to support local business if I can Any suggestions regarding the hands and sorting out the damaged lume? I think that's the only real let down other than some damage to the dial which I'll be leaving well alone. Glass also isn't flat with the case and sticks out maybe 5mm so I'm wondering if it's the original or not - it doesn't look completely out of place but certainly a bit more than I might expect from a high-end brand.
  11. Place near me has said a service would be roughly £70-100, subject to parts. What would people advise I do with the hands regarding the damaged lume in terms of effecting the originality of the watch?
  12. Thanks Simon, will let you know, this was the first “big purchase” for me (a small purchase for most though I’m sure) so may wait for a couple months pay before looking into getting work done. Any further info anyone has let me know. Appears that Rolex used cases from the country of market for tax reasons hence the Dennison case but that’s about as much as I know about the piece any idea on model? Looks sort of similar to a few Speedkings
  13. Sorry, late to the thread but great news on the refund and return of the movement. Perhaps shows they at least weren’t intentionally scamming you which would have been much worse. “Oh I umm... lost the movement sorry”
  14. Any idea how much I'd expect to pay for a service? Only think I've ever paid for is a new glass fitted but apparently quite ill-advised to change too much on these old Rolexes without altering the value a lot. Main thing that bugs me is the missing/broken lume on the minute hand - can that be repaired? Ideally I want to keep it as original as possible.
  15. Was browsing a local auction site and saw a Pre-Explorer estimated at £300-400. Obviously it went for nearly 10x that but it did peak my interest and a week or so later I'd bought this. It's a non-runner and is around 32mm across including the crown - actually looks surprisingly alright on my skinny wrists, think I'd actually wear it if I wasn't so scared of breaking something, the hands look particularly frail :S Question now is do I try sell it on for a profit and purchase something else or keep it in the drawer for a few years and potentially get it serviced?
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