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  1. Once upon a time I would have agreed with you on the 19mm thing. They're not hard to find though and I've got a few which I don't think would look as good with 'standard' 18 or 20. 18,19,20,22 are all fine on the right watch. More than 22mm doesn't work for me and 21 is just silly - at that point you're not looking at refinement and balance so just go 22 and stop being a pain! Like @scottswatches says though, as long as you don't fit a strap that's too small... That Yema's nice.
  2. Zodiac on a black strap today - I really can't make my mind up with this one!
  3. Still the 'new' one today - giving it a go on a bracelet to make a change...
  4. Here ya go - guaranteed not to rain today now!
  5. Happy Friday! It wasn't raining when I left the house, or I'd have been wearing a diver, obviously...
  6. Yema again today. I don't often go for the same watch on consecutive days, but it's kinda got that 'new watch' thing a few months late!
  7. Might not be allowed anywhere near a boat at the moment, but I'm enjoying this combo... Watch was a Christmas pressie and I've been looking for something to put a mesh bracelet on for ages!
  8. Airman again today, but it's not so sunny so it can have a different strap...
  9. The G-Shock has done the job, so it's time to move over from t'other thread and put on the old skool version...
  10. Proven to withstand the most extreme morning bike-ride/run-with-the-kids.
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