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  1. So it really was a daft question then?!
  2. I fancy pulling something apart and putting it back together again - nothing valuable, don't necessarily expect it to ever work again, but I'd like to give it a fighting chance! So what would you recommend as a starting point for oil(s) for say a Seiko 5 (for want of any better example)? I know a generic answer isn't going to be 'correct' for anything, and aplogies if it's too painful for those with mechanical sympathy to even consider, but is there such thing as the '3-in-1' of the watch world?!
  3. 'Slightly curved'... https://www.watch-band-center.com/watchstrap-p22881h595s597-Watch-strap-Sarasota.html There are unbranded ones on eBay too, but who knows how nice they are. I initially looked for a Hirsch Medici (/Leonardo), but it looks like they've stopped doing them.
  4. A small movement is a technical challenge and a compromise WRT accuracy/reliability/durability and (for an auto) winding efficiency. To take that and plonk it in a much bigger case full of wasted space does grate a bit with me too! That Zenith would be awesome (and a lot more expensive, I know!) if they'd created a new version of the movement which used the space for... something.
  5. Is it allowed to have a 12-hour hand too??
  6. That's why I posted it when I did - was a decent reduction from what they were previously asking, whilst the black dial is still up for their original price. The other one was another AN, but a GMT rather than a chrono. £480 IIRC. Not for me, just figured someone may be interested...
  7. Anyone know anything about Armand Nicolet? RRPs are clearly nonsense, but this one: https://www.tkmaxx.com/uk/en/men/accessories/watches+jewellery/watches/silver-tone-automatic-analogue-watch/p/76279938 ... is presumably a 7750 and looks nice enough, and this one: https://www.tkmaxx.com/uk/en/men/accessories/watches+jewellery/watches/silver-tone-automatic-analogue-watch/p/76281468 ... is about as cheap as auto GMTs get.
  8. Nice! It was an article about those which made me look into the vintage ones, like the 701 which I have incoming...
  9. What's the longest you've spent looking for a watch before pulling the trigger? I don't tend to be very patient when something takes my fancy - e.g. the Hamilton Pan Europ that is currently on the way to me from the US! I've been contemplating a Glycine Airman for aaaages though, but never decided which one... until now. Pics to follow later.
  10. That's just rubbish. Worse than the F-91W in every way, not to mention the idiocy of throwing away the majority of a new watch so that you can make a disposable watch out of it.
  11. Apart from the lies, the name (!) and the page full of mistakes... I must admit to finding the dual-bezel / Ti case / GMT combo very appealing.
  12. Winner in my book. I can't help but think it would visually 'work' better on a bracelet though... do they offer one or is it all about staying true to the original?
  13. I've only imported from the US (wearing the Bernhardt in question now, as it happens!), but I got charged waaaay more than that and then had to claim it back... twas a proper PITA tbh - I'd think twice about bothering again.
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