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  1. Old Edox today... Happy Friday!
  2. W124 as your worst ever car - nowt if not controversial!
  3. L reg is probably a M50B25TU - the 'TU' (single VANOS) came in in 1993 IIRC. In fact, you can see the VANOS lump on the front of the cam cover, so it's definitely a TU. As for the actual subject of the thread, my first E30 was a bit of a rotter, but it still drove beautifully. As did the flintstone-spec Spitfire. No, the prize has to go to my 2.8i Capri (much as I loved it) - whoever designed the layshaft setup for 5th on the Type-9 gearbox owes me many many hours of my life back.
  4. The only M43 I had was on ~250K when I got fed up with the general ratty state of it and scrapped it. You could still see the hone marks on the cylinders, and it ran as well as ever. Early (non-m) E36 6-pots used the M50 lump, later ones were M52 - ally block and widely considered to be less robust. Not to be confused with the E34 situation: they used M20s and went across to M50s later. Diesels are a whole different ballgame, and not one which I have any interest in!
  5. M30s in general are superb, but yes I've had the head off mine too!
  6. I'll say this one: But given the above, find a red one...
  7. M43 8v lump (E36 318iS used the M44). Did indeed have a penchant for the odd head gasket (often down to the plastic coolant pipe on the back of the head) but that was a pretty simple job. Generally very very solid indeed, without the issues of the M40 (toblerone camshafts) or M42 (profile gasket), and better not to even mention the 'N' 4-pots that followed. This thread is very sad btw!
  8. Presumably whoever is wearing the offending item @JonnyOldBoy ?
  9. With you on that. As for feinting, why not just hit him?
  10. I just feel like there will be things in need of timing today. Nothing longer than a minute, mind!
  11. Old Longines that I don't wear very often, today...
  12. Still sunny - does that make it another Zenith day?
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