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  1. I've only ever had to do that once (and a while ago too!), but it was the easiest thing in the world: a quick phonecall to the card company and the charge was instantly removed from my card. Well worth a try if applicable in this case...
  2. Definitely don't rely on a single HDD of any description! At least copy them back onto the laptop as well ASAP...
  3. So to be clear, you're saying that your app (don't be shy!) can turn the speaker on an iphone into a radio transmitter?
  4. Panic over everyone - found one! Thanks for the attempt to help Vin, but a different band really wouldn't have worked on this watch. I did try a few! May have had to pay over the odds for the Zenith clasp, but it's quite satisfying to have exactly the correct part rather than just a generic one that would have done the job.
  5. Until relatively recently, imgur used to let you upload through the website on mobile, but they've now removed that functionality to try and drive people towards their app. Thankfully the app isn't quite as awful as it used to be...
  6. But a better answer might be a new clip, if it's a standalone bit that's broken/missing?
  7. My understanding (there is plenty of conflicting info out there!) is that King Seiko was Daini's answer to Suwa's GS rather than being a second tier. KQ and GQ are the same.
  8. Seiko SARX033 would be a reasonable place to start, going on the vague datejust-but-not-a-fake-datejust idea...
  9. 2269.50 for me - guess you'll struggle for £2K, but in some ways a cross between the two!
  10. But P****s just are $hite. That's a case of being correct rather than rude...
  11. I'm not a 'one watch' kinda person but if I had to be, it would certainly need to be something more interesting than an AT! But (critically) to each their own... The JLC Polaris is a superb shout, as are other slightly more 'dressy' options from the same company if that was your preference. However, if you're considering something less 'sporty' (and an order of magnitude less obvious) and you want to make me very jealous: https://www.dornblueth.com/
  12. No problem at all. If you want to find a strap for it, you can search for an "18mm NATO" on eBay (etc.); as much choice as you could hope for, and the work of 30 seconds to swap.
  13. It sounds like a 'G10' watch - potentially military issue although available to purchase for civilians too... I think the 'C' signifies the latter. The 'T' signifies Tritium luminous material for the 'glow in the dark' bits on the dial and hands. If original it won't glow anymore! CWC stopped using Tritium a while ago and it has a limited lifetime. Does it look like this (apart from the 'T')? https://www.cwcwatch.com/products/cwc-gs2000-issue-watch-w-date
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