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  1. Interesting to think about actually - can't say I've really considered my motivations beyond 'stuff wot I like'... I have brands which I favour - i.e. more Zenith and UG than anything else. I like to have a balance of watches for office wear and those for more out-and-about stuff. I don't tend to go for anything too fancy in the way of 'tool' watches, as I wouldn't want to give them the beating they were designed for; that's probably why I've never pulled the trigger on something like a Seamaster or a Oris 65 / Longines LD. I like things which I find interesting from a technical point of view (including 1x quartz and 1x tuning fork!), but I'm not really into chronographs. I've got to the point of 'putting away' a few watches which don't see much wear (that's not the same as getting round to selling though!) so I guess I'm trying to limit my collection to a wearable level: 10 in the display box with the 'beaters' chucked in a drawer! I should do an updated SOTC though; I've just looked at my last one and only 4 of the 10 are the same as today...
  2. It's not started running backwards then? You know; tock before tick?
  3. This is yet another reason to own a G-shock (or several). Only one of mine is currently missing, courtesy of my two year old...
  4. They'll never catch up until they can make watches which get their tock and their tick in the right order...
  5. Yep - I don't particularly want one of those either!
  6. I like the idea of a single-hander but I'd only want one which had a specific single-hand movement; otherwise it's just missing a hand!
  7. I use the bezel to mark how far off (cf GPS) the seconds hand is, when I need to sync time exactly and quickly. Yup, that does actually happen on a regular basis!
  8. Thanks @Roger the Dodger & @nevenbekriev - Chinese Tungsten Carbide did the job beautifully! Obviously a complete waste of time as @Nigelp and @vinn would say, but rather more satisfying than binning it or leaving it in a drawer for ever more...
  9. ...cos it's a nice old thing and it deserves to be worn, which I barely ever do!
  10. Love the look - particularly the lugs. I've still not got round to getting a 1970 though, so I'm not sure whether this is likely to get any nearer to the top of the list!
  11. And the supplied bracelet is nasty. Fortunately, where there is a will... The only other one I have which might fit the bill is off visiting @simon2 at the moment...
  12. Yeah, my old Dormer set sadly doesn't go small enough!
  13. Bah. Zenith and their 'stainless' screws; apparently impervious to alum. Back to the drill. Going to have to put some power behind it though, the hand option will take forever.
  14. Ta! That's about right. Another (better) photo & movement details here:
  15. Welcome Rick. One way to avoid the flipping is to take up collecting instead... I'm not sure that's a helpful suggestion, but it seems to work for a lot of people here
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