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  1. If the style is what matters and you're ok with Quartz, £300 is about right for a used 'real' Max Bill, or a new one from the US albeit with import fees to consider...
  2. Do it. 6 seconds isn't exactly the end of the world, but I'd personally rather it was + a few.
  3. Not that it makes any difference to anything, but I'm really not a fan of that fumé dial. The Czapek, on the other hand...
  4. That's nicer than the VC IMO. Well done.
  5. I have no specific knowledge on this watch! I would be very surprised if Seiko gold-plated anything on the outside of a 'professional' dive watch. TiN would be the obvious candidate, like I said. The hands may well be Au.
  6. It is coated, but my suggestion is that it is quite likely to be coated with something other than gold.
  7. Again, Titanium nitride has nothing to do with gold other than the colour.
  8. i.e. TiN: gold coloured but not gold.
  9. Wouldn't be an excuse: without having seen the setup on that particular watch, it should almost certainly still be sealed by the stem o-ring(s).
  10. That of those newfangled Carradice bags? Bah - beat me to it.
  11. Movement in the lugs as a power source is pretty cunning! Be surprised if they managed to make it reliable though?
  12. My Amphibias - both new, but not really modern!
  13. Vostok Europe, yes. Vostok, no.
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