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  1. The original one? Mine came with a period Bambi which suits it well, but I still keep half an eye out for an original...
  2. I prefer mine on a bracelet, but still a winner! Awesome in the metal, aren't they. Glad to see someone else prefers to use the Japanese day
  3. Can't see your pic, but I'm guessing (from a quick look on Google) that it's hand-held rather than wrist-worn? Yachting timers are used to track the start sequence in a sailing race, either from a 10 or 5 minute signal, to the start of the race. They came about because you can't just sit and wait for 'go' in a sailing boat: you have to be in the right place at the right time!
  4. Glad to hear it's getting worn! This is too... Cheers Jon
  5. I got my Defy without a strap. Well, it came with a NATO, but obviously that wasn't good enough. I chucked it on a tropic whilst I looked for a bracelet, then found this Zenith/GF: Sorted. But then, I happened across another interesting looking Zenith bracelet which I figured might come in handy at some point. Out of idle curiosity I've just tried it on the Defy, and am kinda surprised by how much I like it... I wasn't expecting to have to make a decision!
  6. I do like those, but the Bishop (although black) is a different case shape - that's really just a Ripley in a different colourscheme... Good price though.
  7. I think strap choice has quite an impact on how they look too... Actually not convinced that the original GF is particularly flattering, but if I end up with one I'm sure I can make use elsewhere!
  8. Meh, s'alright I suppose... On a (slightly) more serious note - I'm well jealous! Loving the ladder bracelet and general timewarp-ness. I've been eyeing up the Spaceman recently. Used to think they were just odd, but they're growing on me...
  9. Yeah I really should wear it more often! Suspect I may have skinnier wrists than you though - the bracelet is just too chunky for me.
  10. Here you are @greasemonk - said I would!
  11. If Scott was correct about it being a Cal 564, this may apply: http://www.old-omegas.com/564.html ...but it doesn't sound like it's going to be all that helpful given your description of the symptoms tbh.
  12. Whilst I've got the pics to hand, here's my membership application...
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