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  1. Yeah I really should wear it more often! Suspect I may have skinnier wrists than you though - the bracelet is just too chunky for me.
  2. Here you are @greasemonk - said I would!
  3. If Scott was correct about it being a Cal 564, this may apply: http://www.old-omegas.com/564.html ...but it doesn't sound like it's going to be all that helpful given your description of the symptoms tbh.
  4. Whilst I've got the pics to hand, here's my membership application...
  5. I never got round to updating this with the FS, did I!
  6. A Universal again today... Not sure how much those from yesterday and today really have in common but the name's the same!
  7. Mornin. Today a Universal Genève FS. This is the earlier 34mm case, so early '60s. Cal 64, hand wound.
  8. What's wrong with them? I was tempted...
  9. Coooool. Do they still farm out their manufacture to the likes of IWC?
  10. Happy weekend everyone! Got through the Zeniths in the week, so thought I'd go for this one which hasn't been out of the box in a while...
  11. Removing it is doable though...
  12. I do like these. For the uninitiated, what's the difference between this and the older one which you didn't get on with?
  13. Oh it's a hard life, isn't it! If you really want suggestions, a good place to start would be your current collection - I'm guessing that would be interesting for the reader too! That said though, I'd be surprised if it made a lot of difference - only you know what you like and it looks like you've given it a fair bit of time/thought... But yeah get the Polaris, of course!
  14. Ooh you don't see those often! Think I'll wear mine at some point next week... On the sixth day of Zenithmas I'd like to show to you, an XL-Tronic (dial in blue).
  15. Cheers! Only one I'd tried was Hodinkee, but the one I tried was about the people rather than the watches - I'll give it another go...
  16. A couple of new names there for me to have a look at - thank you all! The only one I regularly look at is TGV: entertaining despite his faults. On a related note, anyone got any horological podcasts to recommend?
  17. Great stuff. I'd be very interested to hear more about where you think/hope British watchmaking is going... How could we not be?! Please & thank you...
  18. Morning all. Just for the sake of variety, I decided to go with a Parni Zenith today. It is a bit different though, honest!
  19. Thanks - just re-dyed it (used to be much too orange!) so I'm glad someone noticed!
  20. Quite. 'Technically' very interesting and very effective. Not very refined things, but that's the beauty of them - they don't need to be in order to do the job.
  21. Thanks It's 36mm - pretty much the sweet spot for this kind of watch IMO...
  22. Yep, another Zenith today. Manual wind again, this one's a 2562.
  23. Zenith-of-the-day today is a manual wind 126-6
  24. Slightly newer Zenith today - this one with the 2572pc movement. and for @martinzx
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