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  1. Started going to Wigan Casino in '73 The king of funk.
  2. Cheaper than an Aston Martin and just as handsome.
  3. Some Kawasaki Triples weren't much better
  4. I tried it when we were in Ypreswhooooooo hoooooooo not bad at all
  5. I always think of Arthur Daley when I see those, and his Crombie
  6. I'd offered the Jag against the mini at a dealers and he didn't want it I don't think there's ever been a jag I disliked and the Etype and Mark 2 to me are stunners.
  7. I got £800 for my 57 plate X type 2.2d in November, a private sale.It'd done 126,000 miles and just been mot'd. It was a lot of car for the money and great to drive but I was about to take early retirement and had a Mini too. Still like Jags though
  8. Oh come on Johnny even a pillock like me saw that
  9. I got this one year. It was out at the same time as subbuteo and for today's standards looks terrible but I loved it.
  10. I'm impressed and surprised the glue held. Are you leaving the nut on
  11. I was a big fan too but don't remember it being popular at school or amongst my mates !?!? Life of Brian is the funniest film I've ever seen. RIP
  12. Michael Korrs bags aren't even very expensive are they ?? It's not exactly Chanel or Gucci
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