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  1. £4.50 was just under half my 16 year old craft apprentice wage in August 1974
  2. I'm getting a Tudor 1926 for my missus when I pick up my 58.It'll be her first automatic and at 36mm probably twice the size of the ones she wore when we first met in the mid 80's She said I have to set the date and time for her
  3. We eat lots of vegan food in our vegetarian diet but I just can't stand the vegan 'cheese'
  4. She's 5 years younger than me and started work at 18 whereas it was 16 for me. So it's feet up time for me only
  5. My wrist is under 7" and from what I've seen and read the 58 is perfect. 58 is also my birth year so the watch sort of picked itself. There are a few of the Tudors I'd have. The Explorer is a stunner.What are the waiting lists like ?? I mentioned Rolex when I was in Robinsons and the gyst of it was forget it. I mentioned the Sub and the hulk in particular......I'd probably need to live till I'm 120 to match the waiting list
  6. I'm looking at bailing out of work this coming xmas and decided to treat myself. The contenders were a new Seamaster or Breiting Superocean then I saw the Black Blay 58 and WOW the other 2 were forgotten. A few tentative emails got nowhere so myself and Mrs Turpinr went round Manchester and ended up in David M Robinsons where I put a 20% deposit down on on and 3 flutes of champagne each later, I put a deposit down on a Tudor 1926 for Mrs Turpinr to be picked up when I get mine. So what do owners of the 58 think ?
  7. It is handsome though. Good job I've gone onto watch over-travel and the alarm's gone off.
  8. Are you having a punt?
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