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  1. I once had a curly perm that made me look like a Scouse footballer, which I had for all of a week.
  2. This is what I was thinking about when I saw that bloke. Where does 'hap' come from ? There was a quality bloke came down seeing how I got a criss-cross finish on external grinding once and he quickly became known as 'walnut whip' because of the hair piled up on his head Trump style
  3. Remember combovers ?? Apart from Donald Trump, you don't see them nowadays but last week I saw a bloke with one, combed over from just above his neck and pasted on his head. It was pure 1970's nostalgia
  4. I've had a flat top since 1984. I think I only ever 8 tie DM's, 14 must've been near your knees I loved 2 tone kex and when the mods came back when quadrophinia was released I got 2 tone shirts too, the wine coloured ones
  5. Too right, and if you couldn't afford Blakeys drawing pins to make sparks All the teachers used to wear tipped brogues when we are school, a bit of a dilemma for a skinhead
  6. A lot of the owd blokes used to wear clogs at work when I started out, especially the ex pit men. Same sort of soles and I can hear the noise now
  7. Yeah one of those and some edible treats and he's sorted. Don't forget his stocking though. Sent from my SM-A105FN using Tapatalk
  8. Mmmmm I don't remember those and I didn't know they made a boot version of the wayfnders
  9. I had Tuf too, they had a 6 month guarantee and there was a company called Fin or Finn that were well known. I had a hip replacement at the young age of 50 but recovered quickly and carried on running, mountain and road cycling and coaching boxing. The knees are another matter, I don't fancy a replacement at all
  10. I've got to be careful with what I wear on my feet now I'm 61 and both knees are shot. Winter boots are out because the soles are too stiff so summer boots for hiking and they feel better on uneven surfaces too
  11. Anybody else have wayfnders when they were a boy ?? Animal tracks on the sole and a compass in the heel.I liked them that much that when they wore out I wanted another pair....but they'd stopped making them
  12. Nothing but the best for Leo eh ?? Julius K9 is the doggie equivalent of Boss or Vivienne Westwood
  13. When my dad was in his late 70's I bought him some Sambas and he said they were the most comfortable shoes he'd ever had
  14. Aye I remember them I got into the old skinhead fashions a few years ago.Bought a few Fred Perry's, monkey boots and stuff. I also got some Flemings too but seeing blokes at ska do's in there gear made me realise I looked a prat
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