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  1. Looks like it was bad underfoot ?
  2. Tag 2000 Professional, and Polo Sent from my SM-A105FN using Tapatalk
  3. Hello and welcome from a fellow Lancastrian
  4. Is the only answer and if you've got the bottle to tell your other half, well done
  5. With watches, like mountain and motor bikes before them I've always used the wearing down method with my missus, till in the end it'd be stupid not to by whatever it is. It could take months but I have to admit hiding some watch purchases till the inevitable happens
  6. Both of my knees are shot and although I used to do a lot of running I blame my manual job. I've had up and down luck with approach shoes.I got some Salomons about 5 years ago when I could still run a bit and they were superb.The last couple of pairs, more Salomon and a pair of Merrills have ended up being too small despite being1/2 and full size bigger. My summer boots have just come to the end of their life so they'll have to be replaced.They're Jack Wolskin and were only about £80 18 months ago might get another pair, plus there's and approach shoe version.
  7. I'd give 2 and 3 the thumbs down because trainers are a no no, no matter what they cost on anybody over 30odd and short sleeved shirts are an even worse look unless you're in an office And yes I am a member of the fashion police for the over 50's, so watch it
  8. Polo inspecting a Murphys Army purple poppy wreath Sent from my SM-A105FN using Tapatalk
  9. There's hardly a mention when they take these channels away and then you have the likes of Minder/Sweeney/Professionals which I do still like but they're on about 4 channels one after the other
  10. We havent had gold on Virgin since xmas when I managed to record all the only fools and porridge episodes that I could. Virgin is complete crap
  11. Yeah, right to the top in your case.
  12. It's exactly the same in fact he did say it gets you on the Rolex ladder, or something very similar, as well.
  13. Yeah that sort of thing.He also looks down his nose at my Tags
  14. Only one of my mates has an interest in watches and he disparagingly called my air king 'entry level' which just made me laugh.
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