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  1. It is handsome though. Good job I've gone onto watch over-travel and the alarm's gone off.
  2. Are you having a punt?
  3. Well, from my point of view it was unwise to join (only jesting) as i wanted advice on an Aquaracer, and got it, but a month later i bought a Seamaster. Last year i also bought another Tag, then that Hydroconquest. It's like being a kid in a sweet shop
  4. I'll swap you 4 of those for a £30 note.
  5. You've been on here since September?? I hope you've been spending unwisely on watches
  6. this is the same colour as my Dad's, it's classed as grey for some reason. My Dad had one of those in pale blue. Must have been 50 years ago(ish). Strangely, I can still remember the registration number - 1992 VX Re the A40, i can remember them. My dad had an Austin A35, got it around 1964 and i can remember the the reg. of his too, 4773E. A completely uncluttered dashboard with about 2 warning lights. We were in the Scottish Highlands going down a narrow winding road and had a head on (not very fast though) with a Mk1 Escort, brand new, they hadnt been out long. The Escort came away a very poor second in the damage stakes.
  7. Jesus Christ, i didn't know they were that bad Same sh1te Italian steel no doubt. They have it at work because it's cheap. Even Chinese steel is better
  8. I'd put my lifes saving on an alfa sud rusting quicker than any car, ever
  9. Couple of my mates had Vitesse' and although i was into bikes at the time i remember Dolomite Sprints being popular with lads who fancied themselves.
  10. Mines a 57 2.2d with full history. I was hoping for a bit more than that
  11. Jeez and i was going to sell mine soon. How old is your mate's?
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