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  1. Bang on Mr Bond unless the plunger isn't actually touching the job Only joking
  2. A Rabone and Chesterman rule is the only one to have and you can't ever call it a ruler, am I right I left one in my locker when I finished but still got a few at home The one I worked for was in Manchester but had previously been in Blaydon
  3. I used to work for a company that made mining systems Back in the day when I was an apprentice in a big site the canteen was to far away so a lot of the older blokes just sat behind their machines at break time. Aye, I remember those days.A bloke who my mate had his brew with stirred his tea up with an allen key that he wiped on an oily wiper.He said all the **** in the air would end up in his brew anyway. Yeah box of sparks. We had a lad who didn't know how many thous (thousandths) there were in an inch.
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    "If the distance to go says 100mm and you're 10mm away, start to panic" I hadn't thought of this but my mate had mentioned everyone using the same mikes, spanners, allen keys, touching the buttons and screens and on different shifts They've been told the lay off at Easter is now 3 weeks.
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    Mentioning Irony to him would be a waste of time he must've been stood next to my mate in the first place to have told him
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    My mate said a team leader said to him "look at those fu**ing apprentices, I'm sick of telling them to stay 2 metres apart" My mate gives the team leader a lift to work
  8. I couldn't believe this lad had fallen for it because the lad who played it on him is a 35 year old mature apprentice, not known for his smarts
  9. An apprentice at work actually fell for one of the old left handed screwdriver jokes from the stores, last year. I couldn't believe it as those jokes are at least 40 odd years old and we didn't have a store Tartan paint, waiting for a a long stand, bubble for a spirit level etc etc
  10. Of course there are more important things to worry about but I can understand you wanting something positive to look forward to. I wanted to see your new watch and still do, even if it's at the end of a tunnel
  11. For a stage in the training centre we boraxo'd everybody's hair on their 18th birthday and that was when everyone had long hair. In the training centre went we went for a brew or lunch a favourite trick was turning the coolant pipe towards someone, so when they switched the m/c on......and that coolant stunk A favourite of mine that I was reminded of yesterday was covering the inside of lads safety glasses (apart from the lens obviously) with marking blue. I remember blokes having all sorts of things welded to their boots. PS.I've not worked on a duck board for years, it's all rubber matting now
  12. Yeah, the latest being a pretty expensive vice leading to empty pockets
  13. Yeah we had them at Ingersoll Rand too. I don't know how I've lived without a vice for so long
  14. The last firm I worked for used these sorts of magnets.This is a smallish one.The heavier ones were a bit unwield. The Laser welding robots that they have use Record magnets too
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