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  1. This is Polo on Pendle hill with the trig point behind. Sent from my SM-A105FN using Tapatalk
  2. Yes a couple of times from Barley. Absolutely beautiful area and hard to imagine that t here are big towns just over the hills
  3. Very touching.I've spoken to people who've done just that. We feel pretty lucky that it's on the doorstep and are healthy enough to take advantage of it. Have you ever been up on good Friday, it's like Blackpool
  4. Nice one. I'd love to still be able to run. It was absolutely perfect yesterday and hardly anyone about. Whereabouts do you live ? If I go up cardiac hill it's less than 2 1/2 miles from our house but mostly go through Tiger's clough
  5. My versatile Seamaster. Had it on yesterday when me and the boy (staffie) went up our hausberg, Rivington Pike. The sky was a perfect blue, the views superb and the smp looked right at home. Sent from my SM-A105FN using Tapatalk
  6. I meant to mention them. Hilarious 50 years ago and still funny. Before my dad managed to get in the RAF as a bomber boy he was in a reserved occupation and in the home guard. He identified mostly with Pikey but said the Captain Mainwarings were all around as were old sweats like Cpl Jones. I don't think there was a single character or actor out of place. My favourite episode was conscientious objector Godfrey, a real life WW1 veteran, being found out as a Military Medal winner after saving his doubter, Cpt Mainwaring.
  7. Watch on the buses and wonder why Bob and Stan are babe magnets hahahaha.Its embarrassing ?? Porridge has aged well, all the characters fit into their rolls well. McKay in the xmas episode playing the tipsy head screw is absolutely superb. Rigsby and Only Fool will always be funny but others won't
  8. That was good of them. My 5 year award was a butter dish or something equally mundane. They did have a fairly good final salary scheme though and I only worked there 6 years.
  9. I worked for an American company that gave out service awards at 5 years. They also announced redundancies at the drop of a hat too.
  10. @NigelpOh dear My brain hurts was what the character in Monty Python was saying, I'm sure his name was Dinsdale. I was a big fan of Monty Python although as @BondandBigM says, it hasn't all aged well.
  11. Life of Brian is the funniest film ever by a country mile. Jacob Rees Mogg should have been a Monty Python character in upper class twit of the year.
  12. Our ginger Tom lived to 20. He was the coolest, calm cat ever.Never bothered with hunting schmoozing was his thing. Sat on my bike shed birds would land near him and he wouldn't bat an eyelid. Seamaster in the sun. Have a good Saturday everybody nt from my SM-A105FN using Tapatalk
  13. Tour of Britain goes past our house (more or less) this afternoon and the weather looks good
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