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  1. I've been thinking along the same lines. One of these two. I prefer the blue but dont like leather straps and on a bracelet it would just look like a couple of my other watches, so maybe white ??? The wearing down process on my missus will have to start soon
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184254914747 This is the latest fake Quartz Hydroconquest on Ebay. I don't think I've ever logged on Ebay and not seen a fake hydro. The usual tells are still there, misaligned bezel, thick font, the gap between hour markers and lume pips are too narrow. The lume pips themselves usually look like fried eggs.The seller doesnt mention it's a 39mm but the caseback is from a 39mm Automatic, if it's real. The sellers don't show the movement anymore as there is another tell where the button to release the crown stem is.
  3. It's never been a problem before
  4. That's why the Chinese can't compete in the Aerospace Industry I was told, because of the cost of the materials like super duplex. Those CMM's can't half shift when they're in rapid. Those air bore gauges were in the 80's
  5. The last 2 places I worked at employed people in quality who couldn't use a mike I like Renishaw probes but that one in your pic looks equal to the value of you Hulk and more intricate than the ones I used. I saw one lad load this job into a Solon 3 and put the (wrong) programme into the m/c. The programme should have been one where the probe tapped the top of a flat jobbut it had a big square cube on instead..........bangit wiped the probe out completely and that was £3k 20years ago. Hahaha oops We had the setting rings with the gauges for when we changed sizes.Sometimes the positions would stick. Do you remember the air gauges years ago?
  6. This is what ours looked like. i think we had 8 interchangeable heads from 70-200 but as I said, they never read the same as the inside mikes by .002" or so but a lot less fuss to use. Pull the trigger, put the Bowers in the bore and release.
  7. Still blue for me, it's a real stunner.In black it's just nice.
  8. Annual calibration? We got a Bowers gauge where I used to work and it never gave the same reading as the internal mike from about 70 mm up to 200 mm
  9. Too right the only watch I've had a polishing cloth with was a Rado, which is disappointing
  10. A lad (34) where I worked had a fifty fathoms, bought with a sail cloth strap.When he bought a bracelet for it, he paid 2k There weren't that many people into watches there so I think he only told me. Bonnie watch mind and not following a trend
  11. I dont know why but I've always like this stamp on the side of my Tag Heuer F1.
  12. Thanks for that I had very mixed results with those indexing heads. They didn't always index enough times We used to make rivet guns at Ingersoll Rand but they were only a conly ish air tool
  13. I only did chequered knurling. I started work at a factory in 1999 with another bloke and we were both told 'don't touch anything on this knurling m/c' Which is what he did and it took ages to get it knurling in a straight line again
  14. Do you remember the instructions always started......locate and cement?? Mine were mostly second world war planes but I also had ships and tanks as well as first world war biplanes. My interest was piqued seeing Reach for the sky as a kid, plus my dad was RAF aircrew and he used to buy me the kits when I was about 5 or 6. I remember having a little table to do the painting on and i can still remember the smell
  15. I found a bike on a dump once when I was about 9 or 10.I picked it up and the wheel went one way and the bars t'other I threw it back on the floor and my mate picked it up only to do the same as me Then another lad picked it up and he managed to push it home where his dad got it working. There's a moral there but I don't know what it is but when I got him a paper round where I worked he didn't last a week and I did his round twice
  16. The one in the beard is @WRENCH well I never
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