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  1. Thanks Dell - no, no joy unfortunately. Tried lifting it on both ends a little and it doesn't want to go.
  2. Well this one has arrived. It's not in terrible condition but it's not brilliant either. Problem is - it's not running. Ebay seller said it was so I'm hoping something got knocked in transit that's easy to fix. I did ask him to make sure the pendulum was removed and packed separately but he removed it, wrapped it then put it back in the back of the clock so it would have been bouncing around in there. If you manually turn the hands it chimes and strikes fine, but if you set the pendulum away it doesn't tick and doesn't 'catch' and keep going. Anyone any ideas? They are - tbh, I'm starting to like them more than watches.
  3. Probably the most comfortable wearing watch I own
  4. Hmm - that may be why then :D They do look like screws. The arrow points towards this side.
  5. TK Maxx special just arrived Just trying to undo the pin screws to alter the bracelet - they don't want to loosen. Am I missing somethng?
  6. Well, I quite like the little Smiths. I was perusing EvilBay last night and seem to have bought another one. This time a chiming one. This is starting to become a habit Will post some pics when it arrives.
  7. Thank you for the article link - interesting stuff. I took my date estimate from here http://www.electric-clocks.co.uk/SMITHS/sm-quick guide.htm
  8. Went in to buy a Rupert the Bear, and came out with Rupert and a clock.
  9. Ha - I’ve got an edifice on the way. A TK Maxx special! Will take some pics when it comes.
  10. Accidentally bought this today I think I quite like it. It has a nice character. Think it’s around 1955 to 1960? The strike is fairly quiet but has a lovely tone.
  11. I think that you want something that will hold its value relatively well, impress your mates a little, and something that can be an everyday wearer. The answer is an Omega, either seamaster or speedy. Put a couple more quid to your stash and get it new.
  12. I’ve got an aquaracer that’s stopped winding. There’s always been some resistance there when winding, and really I should have had it looked at when it was under warranty but never got round to it. It sets the time and date ok, but if you try to wind it there’s too much resistance and I’m not forcing it. It self winds ok and keeps time fine. Any ideas on the problem and cost to fix?
  13. I think my favourite is the one on one of my oris’s.
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