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  1. Old pic, but it's the Oris which graces my skinny wrists most days.
  2. Another fan here. I've got a titanium Calibre 5 and it's probably the most comfortable to wear watch that I have.
  3. Anybody own or have experience of Spinnaker watches? Feel, quality etc. On the surface they look like a decent watch for the money and I'm seriously considering one.
  4. I use these for keeping single watches in the safe in and taking on holiday. https://www.amazon.co.uk/NICERIO-Portable-Interior-Holding-Wristwatch/dp/B078JSMHM5/ref=sr_1_58?s=watch&ie=UTF8&qid=1549453787&sr=1-58
  5. Sorry, my mistake. One says Tachymeter and the other says Tachymetre. Nothing like each other. What was I thinking!
  6. I’m on the lookout for something from 1969, just not sure what yet.
  7. It’s nice, but its design is a bit too close for comfort to the Speedy for my liking.
  8. Each to their own. I’m the same with cars. Give me a nice burbling V8 over the electric motor of a Tesla any day.
  9. Generally a display back. The mechanical movement is a thing of beauty, show it off. That said the etched back on my SMP is also a work of art.
  10. I think I only have one quartz (and that needs a battery). A few solar and eco drive but the majority are autos. There is something about the mechanical beauty of an auto, even a cheap one, that a quartz just doesn’t have (imo).
  11. Ingersoll auto with date and day. £75 of my English pounds from that well known purveyor of quality items, TK Maxx. It’s quite impressive really for the price, the clasp in particular feels really good quality, better than my Tissot visodate
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