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  1. You’ve more willpower than me. Mine arrived this morning. :D
  2. I have a pet hate when it comes to micro brands, in that some of them are really thick. I have a spinnaker bradner which I love but doesn’t get that much wear time due to it being too thick for my liking. That thing looks like a big old lump.
  3. I picked up a Bradner a while ago. On the whole I really like it, it’s just a bit bulky on my skinny girls wrist. Love the look and the internal bezel. It does have a feel of quality that belies its price.
  4. Some you will some you won’t. It’s definitely worth asking though. I got about 15% of a new seamaster about 4 years ago in Inverness, about 5% and a £200 voucher off one of the last of the hesalite speedys a couple of months ago, 8% and a wolf winder of a bb58 the other week so you’re right, you can get them but with the market at the moment you won’t be getting 25% on the higher end brands. And I’d bet a decent watch that the EJ introductory offer doesn’t apply to the more expensive brands. Shy boys get nowt tho, as they say.
  5. 25% is quite an optimistic target. Perhaps achievable on some brands but definitely not on all.
  6. Most of my watch purchases seem to be unintended and spur of the moment. BB58 last week in Edinburgh, and a Hesalite Speedy a couple of months ago in the metro centre. The watches were on ‘the list’ as such, but didn’t have any intention of buying when I left the house. it seems the more thought I put in the less the chance of me actually buying it.
  7. The apollo strap arrived yesterday. The quality isn't the same as the tudor (didn't expect it to be) but it's a nice enough strap. I've picked up a nice leather as well which I'll swap between. If I find ,uself wearing it on the Nato the most, I might lash out and buy the tudor one. It's a lovely watch. Wears a good bit smaller than my Seamaster.
  8. As has been said, go and see them and see which one blows your skirt up,the most. For me it was the hesalite. I grabbed one of the last ones a month or so back, put it on a nice leather and absolutely love it.
  9. Luminox have a 40% off deal running this week. https://uk.luminox.com/ Code is CD40
  10. I’ve ordered one of the Apollo fabric straps plus some other bits and bobs from watchgecko. I’ve also gritted my teeth and clicked buy now on a bergeon 7825 pliers. They’ll come in handy with other watches. pics once they arrive
  11. Yep, I’m open to that as well - watch gecko seem to have some. how difficult is the bracelet to remove? I’ve got a spring bar, but don’t have the pliers.
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