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  1. I seriously love this watch, although I know some won't. It is my heaviest watch, and comes in at over 200 grams
  2. Even the title made me go all strange. I have never given anything away in my life, and I don't intend to start now. I even sell my wife her Christmas presents
  3. In which case would you kindly change my avatar, as some child has put something very silly on it. I have tried, but unable to do so. Thanks
  4. Some dick head put that on, and I don't even know who ticktock is
  5. After an afternoon in the local pub, I came home and had a look on eBay. I bid, and won a Seiko quartz Chronograph 100m WR resistant watch, apparently in pristine condition. The numbers on the back of the watch read as follows, 203626, movement 7T92 - ONYO. I paid £57, and have no idea whether I got a bargain, or the alcohol fuelled impulse has wasted me money. Of course, I have googled the numbers, but have come back with nothing. HELP
  6. 200m Invicta 43mm diver. Nice watch, terrible photo
  7. And yet another Parnis thread for the haters if this product to get their teeth into. Simple, buy the watch from mywatchcode, and you will get what it says on the description. Let's not forget your not paying thousands of pounds for these watches, your normally paying under £100. For that your getting sapphire, 316L stainless case, normally a decent strap, a good movement, and always finished well. When you buy a Parnis your buying a watch with a small mark up, unlike other brands. Your also buying a watch with low manufacturing costs. The same watch in Japan with the same spec would no doubt cost ten times as much. If you don't like or agree with homage watches, that's fine, but most of my collection are at these price points, and I have found nothing to compare with them.
  8. Can I have the name, address, and opening times of the said charity shop. Thanks
  9. I often ask myself, are we normal and the rest of society are just odd ? eBay even have a "watch list" so I suppose we are being recognised.
  10. Here's mine. Bet not many of you have a back press ?
  11. I have had quite a few India orient and seiko watches in the past. I went off of them and end up selling the lot. Good value for money, but they would not with a lot of wear
  12. Your right OK, but I still think the software is better
  13. Impossible not to like this watch, but I wish it was a few mm bigger
  14. To be honest Amazon should spend some time looking at the eBay site. I find eBay much simpler to use. To be fair though, it's the seller who supplies the photo, not Amazon
  15. I once read on another forum, when discussing WR, a member had dived for years with a similar watch to the one in question. I just wonder if it is Parnis protecting themselves against returns. I'm not prepared to find out using mine, but will you give it a go and let me know how you get on I love this watch, but hate the name. You would think the Chinese would do some homework
  16. I have a C60 with the previous logo, and it is so much better. What the hell were CW thinking ?
  17. Like I said, I have a similar Parnis model, but what I don't understand is the WR rating. It has a screw in crown with a seal, and a screw on back, also with a seal, yet Parnis only class the watch as 30m (splash proof). I'm not prepared to take the risk, but I am pretty certain I could swim, or even shallow dive with it on.
  18. Yep, I did my research and knew about the wobbly crown, and the purpose behind having a plastic window. I think the way the back is secured is a piece of genius, and can't understand why all watches aren't the same.
  19. Seiko copy just about everything, don't they
  20. That watch is also available with Parnis/Bliger on the dial. I have a similar 43mm version, and the quality for money is amazing.
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