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  1. Its not going to be destroyed, it was sold to me as a franken and I will wear it with pride, and if anyone ever asks I will tell them its a franken. Interestingly, the previous owner said he spent quite a lot on the bracelet which he claims is genuine. As he stated the movement was not Omega and was honest about that I have no reason to disbelieve him. The bracelet is stamped 'Omega 5200 Plague OR L 20 Microns, ACIER INOX. There are 6 expanding sections each side all marked OMEGA apart from the first one which is stamped 1264. The clasp itself is quite long and has the Omega symbol, just like lots of others on the net. Interestingly, it does not appear adjustable as there is no adjusting spring pin holes. As it is too large for me and I prefer a good quality leather strap anyway I will probably sell the strap on once I have worked out what it is!
  2. Ha, thought so! As I said, it was only cheap. I still think it is a good looking watch which is my main criteria for choosing what to wear - I do like the very small bezel. Just hope it doesn't turn my wrist green!
  3. Hi, For the past couple of months I have been obsessing over vintage watches, buying the odd cheapie and tinkering around. I have even sold some on and experienced 'beginners luck' - one Timex I got as part of a job lot ended up being extremely rare. Anyway, decided to spend my winnings on a Valcain Cricket or similar. By luck I came across an extremely (and I mean extremely) cheap Omega Seamaster. The owner thought it was a Franken. The dial and strap are Omega, but said he thinks the movement although signed 'Omega' is just a quality generic Swiss movement. Any thoughts?
  4. I think Favre Leuba was a highly desirable Swiss brand along with Westend Watch Co. and Henri Sandos. The climate is not kind to watches out there hence the repaints - some of which are very ropy - so a FL in good original condition would be a rarity. My one above was from an English source, but who knows where it originated or even if it is real. Like I said, the graphics look top quality and the hands look right, but the case back does not match the case (slightly different colour chrome?) and I can't get it off to check the movement.
  5. There is no notch to pop it off. I would like to remove it to see what the movement is. It works well but looses about 8 min a day.
  6. Hi, new here. I have been tinkering with cars for years, and decided to try a new hobby on a much, much smaller scale! As its Christmas I have brought myself some presents - Favre Leuba Sea Chief, Lanco Subdial, Favre Leuba Duomatic, and a Henri Sandos. All were very, very cheap and the last two are on their way from India The Sea Chief has arrived and I am more than happy with it. The dial is the right size for a Sea Chief, and the hands look like other Sea Chief hands. The graphics look excellent (you can hardly see them on the watch they are so small), but I have not seen that type of hour marker on a FL before. The watch is probably recased - the back is certainly not FL, and I can't get it off - It's a screw on type and I have the correct tool but it only turns 90 degrees either way. Any ideas?
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