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    Hi Simon, When asking for a 9162 movement (which looks impossible) for my Omega f300 the answers are coming back with 9162/1250 my question is will a 1250 movement be a replacement and doe's it matter if it is an automatic, there is one for sale in America and not cheap but I am determined to save this watch from the bottom drawer. Obviously I will then have to find a good automatic dial and hands which I think will be much easier. Thanks for your reply.
  2. Sorry pressed the wrong button this is an old question please see the newer one . Thank's
  3. Against Simon informing me that the Omega f300 watch parts are hard to find I bought one anyway, why I do not know as the the bloody thing is burnt out. ( Omega specialist on eBay). My first question is do I wait and see if a f300 movement turns up which I believe is most unlikely. Will the movement from a Titan watch NF9162SLO4 eBay item number273789667502 do as a replacement. Is there another replacement movement which will fit until the correct movement turns up. What would you do?
  4. Hi, If a watch (omega) hums and no movement of hands when a battery is fitted is it repairable. Thanks for your reply.
  5. Spenner

    Watch hums

    Hi, If a watch (omega) hums and no movement of hands when a battery is fitted is it repairable. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Hi, Do not buy cheap tools, I did and they are only good for scrap, I worked in light engineering and thought I could get away with mucking about with old quartz watches, OK with the cheap muck off eBay, big pointers etc. but when I tried to repair a Rotary it all went wrong, small thin pointers, useless tweezers that crossed sending the pointers to somewhere in the carpet never to be seen again, then I found that my hands just were not steady enough (old age thing). Have a go but don't be too upset if it all go's wrong. PS. I bought old watches off eBay probably the cheapest place.
  7. Hi thanks for the Debenhams recommendation trouble is the nearest is in the next town (Middlesbrough) I am off the road at present due to ill health, no hurry I will wait until after the Xmas rush and have it done then. PS Merry Xmas and a Happy New year to you all.
  8. Put me right off. I have a couple of watches for repair I want to send to Roy think I will stick this one in as well and hope he is OK with multiples. Trouble is I bought a wind up watch about 40+ years ago and when I find it I will want it repaired, I have searched the loft once but could not find it and it is too cold up there now, I will not have thrown it as I liked it so much, now where have I put it????????????????????????????????
  9. Is that the same as load of???
  10. You learn something new every day, I will take it to my local Timpson's as I have heard good reports about the one here also it will need pressure testing. I have read a thread on here somewhere and they were not too pleased with them I suppose it is the person doing the job rather than the shop name.
  11. Thank you, very much appreciated.
  12. Hi Simon, I have a Longines watch L4 697 2 30 M It is jumping 4 seconds at a time, it keeps time fairly well, is this just a battery replacement or another fault? the back of the watch shows many attempt's of cover removal. Thank's Spenner.
  13. I too am one of the sufferers, shakes, arthritic hands, and pain you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy, I had a go at swapping the quartz movements on a couple of old watches that I bought as a job lot, I am still looking for one minute hand and two second hands that took flight into the unknown. I also bought cheap tools of eBay, don't bother they are rubbish, I am sure someone on here will give you the best make to buy if you post the question. Hope this has not put you off, Spenner.
  14. Hi Simon, How do I contact you for delivery etc. naturally I will pay for your services. I bought the watch as part of the wife's 70th so It will have to be repaired also if you have a taupe coloured soft real leather strap she would like one of those.
  15. Hi, I have an old Geneve quartz watch which when worn works OK but when left still, it stops, also the hands a very stiff to operate doe's it need a service? I thought quartz watches ran forever until the battery runs out could the battery also be at fault.? If worn constantly is it likely to run freely. Thank's for any replies in advance.
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