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  1. Yes, ok which place can I find good watch Europe America?
  2. Really?? I did not know India was bad you mean fake Sekio use different parts? where is best place I can buy good Sekio Japan, or North America or Europe??
  3. And when point the light it glows for up to 2 minute then it fade away in the dark
  4. Hello I need your help, I saw one Seiko 5 real Japan movement and print is at the back case on eBay seller superwatches1911 is from India, I asked whether this is Radium, Tritium or Phosphor or Radioluminescence? He replied "This is Radium but it is very low risk to your health" If this is Radium it should not be sell to the people. The face dial is gloss smooth this should not be a Radium that I know Radium is rough matt surface? I am not expert about watches do you think he is right?
  5. Hi, I have look your workshop address it is bit a far away, I don't have the time at moment, but I have one week off work at the end of this month, I will pop up at your shop, also I have post you before about my Smith Enfield alarm as stopped work which need to repair. See you then. Best Regards Fab.
  6. My Slava 27 Jewel with blue face dial (Same type on Sekonda) I had it since in 1994. The day is work fine, the movement works fine but the date has stopped! When I press on side the date number are moveable but it is stuck on between 2nd and 3rd it won't go forward numbers. I am heartbreak this was a gift from my friend long time ago. I just hope it can be repair???? I have never had a watch fault in my lifetime so this is the first fault, any recommend best shop watch service? I have spoke to chap who loves collect USSR watches said the cheapest and the best shop is in Porthmadog, Wales shop called "Dafydd Ellis" it can be send a special delivery to there and back. what you think? I am from Colchester, Essex This is the same example watch as my. https://www.tradera.com/item/190307/302772895/rysk-klocka-slava-automatic Regards Fab
  7. I could not post my picture on this forum my first one is Poljot 17 jewel steel square face with a black screen and green luminous on needles is round in the 1980s and other is Slava gold round with mechanism at the back background and circular white label with number of days. Thanks for your help I appreciate it!
  8. The both numbers is width on the case not the strap
  9. Thanks Ziggy1024 16.84mm is for leather understood it will fit, but the 16.91mm is metal should this be 17mm risk of not fit in?
  10. Apologies if this has been asked already, I did have a search and couldn’t find an answer, It will be my first time to change my two watches strap and I measure with vernier it come 16.84mm and 16.91mm, do I need 17mm or 16mm strap??? Thanks
  11. Hi & Happy New Year everyone. I am new of this forum, my brother bought me a Christmas present is a clock build by Smiths of Enfield Ltd & Co. Made in England and a code is stamp at back is F3A6412. I am not anquites expert but I need some help. When I'm winding on Christmas day it only last three days not 7 days, the right hole for movement is winding at clockwise but it turn round very short like a half turn till it stop me from winding is this normal or it should be more turn than a half? it chime 5 times at 12 but it chime once at 1,2,3 is this normal? What you think roughly how old is this 1947? I have reading a very little history about this Clock start business in Pretoria Road, London in 1932 till after the WWII it have moved to Cricklewood Works, Edgware Road then moved again at Wales is that right info?, I want like to know if my clock is made in London or Wales? I try to paste my picture it won't loading, found same one on link https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=smiths+enfield+clock&num=100&dcr=0&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjg65PtvKrYAhWjIsAKHSIUBDQQ_AUICygC&biw=1366&bih=674#imgrc=PYw5Jv3rkS1pbM: and https://www.google.co.uk/search?dcr=0&biw=1366&bih=674&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=_bdDWo2YJOXAgAaWjaLwCQ&q=smiths+enfield+chime&oq=smiths+enfield+chime&gs_l=psy-ab.3...70156.71181.0.71387. appreciate if any answer thanks
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