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  1. Not sure if this strap suits but the autumn colours are superb at the moment...
  2. Having just sold my Seiko Turtle as I didn't really wear it much, I am now looking for something to fill the space in my box. Initially I had my eye on a Hamilton Khaki but yesterday I came across the Farer Stark II. I suppose I am looking for a bit of an everyday wearer, not too big (upto 41mm) and not another dive watch. Current collection consist of: Tag F1, Christopher Ward C65 Trident Diver, Christoper Ward C60 Trident 38mm, Tissost PRC, Seiko SKX007, Nixon TimeTeller, a Swatch & a couple of G Shocks. Have a budget of around £500 (happy to buy pre owned).... Any recommendations welcomed....
  3. My latest addition to the collection and second Christopher Ward...
  4. Turtle seemed right on this drizzly morning...
  5. It’s an SKX kind of day, have got a new bezel insert on it’s way as this one is looking a bit sorry for itself...
  6. Sorry I did mean the insert, no worries if you’re planning to keep it...
  7. Can’t wait to see the finished product... @PC-Magician - any chance you’d want to sell your original bezel as mine is a bit damaged?
  8. Today I’ll mostly be wearing my new piece (bought from @Pete wilding)... Turtle with ceramic bezel & sapphire crystal on a WIAA 2 piece NATO
  9. Sunday’s selection... Still can’t decide if I prefer this on the bracelet or the NATO?
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