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  1. Thanks! Will have it serviced soon, hopefully. Will see about the crown then. And yes, I'm very fond of it. Actually, I think it's pretty stunning.
  2. My new love, a Tourist, 35mm without crown, cal Arogno 151. Guessing mid-50s? Crown not original. In need of service but runs ok. Strap is a Birkenstock Rodeo.
  3. Got this off ebay, Bulgarian seller. A manual wind Grovana 23 jewels with date. Replaced the strap (Di-Modell Jumbo), looks great (IMHO). Runs well too. Good time-keeper. So far. Info on Grovana is pretty scarce, though. The company's own website has this: "1970 - Werner Bitterli [love that name] takes over Hans Gröflin AG and the name is changed to Grovana Uhrenfabrik AG [...] 1971 - The production of watch movements is gradually being reduced whilst the development of the company’s own collection simultaneously starts under the name of ‘Grovana’." Does anyone know of any isolated Grovanas (under that name) pre-1970/71, one-offs, so to speak, prior to the company's re-christening? My watch looks distinctly 60s (but it could, of course, be early 70s too). It has no logo (later Grovanas do), just the name, so in any case it's early. I've been searching the web for a couple of months now and have found only one Grovana similar to mine (see below). My unqualified guesses are that my case is a replacement (crown too, probably), but that movement and back are authentic (haven't opened the back, no tools (not sure I should anyway, no experience whatsoever), but the seller's not so great photos of the movement match the ones I found, the movements look identical, to my untrained eye). There's also a smudge of gold in the black on the dial, so I'm guessing repaint? The only info I have concerning year of manufacture is what the seller told me, that a watchmaker had placed it in the 1960s. When the brand purportedly didn't exist. Or did it? The case is SS, case width 34mm (crown excluded), lug width 18mm. No logo or anything on the crown. According to the site where I found the only other photos (so far) of a watch similar to mine (only with a white dial and a different case, probably original, that DOES look 70s by the way) the movement is EB-8021N. And as you can see there are no numbers on the backs of either of the watches, none on mine and none on the one below. And yes, I'm a novice. The other Grovana (not mine, and not my photos):
  4. 34mm crown excluded. Just where it starts to get too small for my not colossal wrist. But it works!
  5. Just as I suspected. They're a husband and wife band. I'm a sucker for husband and wives bands too. Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth, The Handsome Family... I felt sexist for a while there, commenting on her looks, not her ability as a musician. But I'm over it now.
  6. I'm a sucker for female drummers (and obviously sexist, sorry about that). And this female drummer is particularly distracting. I'm off topic, I know.
  7. Thank you most kindly! And almost perfect equilibrium cost-wise between watch and strap. I'm ridiculously satisfied. And now on to the next watch!
  8. Well, that went well. Image-wise. Couldn't insert images the usual way, so I tried another method. Looked fine in preview. Now, how the b****r do I edit my post? There! I did it!
  9. Well, that went well. Image-wise. Couldn't insert images the usual way, so I tried another method. Looked fine in preview. Now, how the b****r do I edit my post?
  10. A 1970* (or so) Grovana (the case possibly not original) on a Di-Modell Jumbo. It looks so good it's making me sick. I never ever come away knowing the time after looking at it. Not a clue. Which is a shame really, since it's a pretty decent time-keeper so far. Got it on eBay, Bulgarian seller (I understand that Grovana, like Atlantic, found themselves a niche in Eastern Europe?). Came on a hellish black "leather" strap. There's a little smudge of gold in the black on the dial (at 2.20), so I'm assuming it's been repainted. And for those of you who, unlike me, are real watch-people, the movement is allegedly EB-8021N. I found that out after finally finding a photo of a similar watch (only with a white dial and a different case) on a Spanish site . Would love to show you some photos of the movement too, but haven't got the proper tools (nor the improper ones, for that matter) to open the back. The photos on the Spanish site and the ones my seller took, though, tell me (untrained eye and all) that the movement is indeed authentic. Same goes for the back. (And that concludes my uninformed conclusions.) And oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself. Hello everyone. I'm a newbie. Two months ago (to the day, I believe!) I discovered that I love watches. Hadn't worn a watch since my teens. Couldn't care less about Omegas and Heuers and what have you. Didn't even know what a Patek Philippe was! And now, in my 53rd year, I have gone absolutely insane. *In 1970 Hans Gröflin AG became Grovana Uhrenfabrik AG, according to the company's website. And my watch has no logo, as later watches do, just the name. And it does look more 60s than 70s, generally. That's why I'm guessing 1970-71. Unless, of course, they used the brand name before they changed the name of the company? Does anyone know?
  11. Unable to upload from Flickr (and anywhere else). Am doing it the exact same way as last time. AND according to the instructions, yes. No message concerning size or anything (and the images are sub 1Mb). The url box goes alarmingly pink when I click "Insert into post" and that's it. I've just spent an hour trying to figure this out. Changed and re-changed my privacy settings on Flickr, tried any number of random urls (just to see if Flickr's the problem). A bug? Or is it just me? Have I offended the forum in some way?
  12. Just got a message from the seller. Apparently the Amyria had issues of some sort. The seller only noticed it just now as he was about wrap it up. Offered me a refund. I said yes. Too bad.
  13. Thanks for your reply and info! Glad to hear I didn't pay too much. (Not that it matters. It's still cheap and I kind of liked it, so...) And yes, I noted the chromed case. Too bad. Will be interesting to receive the thing, though. Looking forward to it!
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