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  1. Morning all. Crossing the county border to go to work so clearly a GMT is called for:
  2. Surely scores a consolation one for swapping out the Mercedes hand set.
  3. Giving this Chris an outing today. I say outing, not stirring out the house or anything.
  4. Geckota. My Friday, couple of days off after today:
  5. Duxot for work. First Sunday I've worked for years!
  6. I'll not return it anyway. Not what I would have gone for but as I say the 33 looks surprisingly OK on wrist anyway.
  7. What they listed as a "38cm" case however is only a 33mm. Interestingly trying it on I didn't even notice, big lugs, the case is all dial and the dial is such a large looking design it's actually perfectly wearable for me. I only realised it was such a small one when I went to try a different strap on it and realised it was an 18mm lug.
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