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  1. It'll be the same fitment as my Certina - press on case back fits with a plastic retaining ring. Stupid stupid arrangement which means my watch has been sitting in bits in a box for ages after I mangled the ring trying to press it back together and I CBA finding a new one and trying again. Without the ring you are left with a case back that you wouldn't think went with the watch at all. This sort of thing: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Watch-Back-Gasket-Red-Plastic-by-Size-O-Ring-Swiss-Made-Sizes-18-5-33-0mm/312268107681?hash=item48b4a12fa1:m:mMWLmdbnN-KQSqWF9i-yypg or more realistically priced for a charity shop find (and featuring the massivest link known to man): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Generic-Part-0-9mm-Red-Plastic-Gasket-Watch-Caseback-O-Ring-18mm-40mm-for-Tisot/132682236343?hash=item1ee47a41b7&var&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&enc=AQAEAAADEKvsXIZtBqdkfsZsMtzFbFsbX3WcW5fmB%2Fx7ZbaZTyexsz1Mjy4a1qG%2BnOKuxfaBd3t0XeYUVT8gf7E%2BelmKcRdMv1WJLXHLLzWuwKH37aH8nZvDR1ZAQjx4%2FM5EOZ5AbEVYsWcOkMcc5Zjk6q6pqNvZPURhTD7C58DQjiUPbmaDUB8XOz2Eaa3mncucWMJyuG2WjYtJphYqs80UF0081w360u7o9DKLU5QRAzHW96U5oMjiY%2FQhlYAJvRtSdYD5cNOVVNROuYa1350SrGtoZF0ZOIaZNRnjSCYi8XgKG%2Fm1yJhB4BPGggGz42dua%2Bg2eehnHqIyFY%2FiQtJn%2BEHc%2FusX2Nd5XZc1%2Fz1tugo8tifrwTutS6WhzXg8on9cUIBxVYp3HnueQpUep7TZMhVRjfRBIi5HNhwranlnC0hL6n3irJaN1cxl11q%2FbZGIhaO16dV64l4ONDeIQ8Q2peuoLeCh4Z%2FkAXZDhbl4I9l77w3QRV3mH4rwEAKZvj2gJcMLcjFob8%2BRBIxdIr96cO2VXwvieXDk49MeqmbMlrpvn%2BdL4IWsUml3pgY3g33hfz7seNrOeOIJ0txKGDeKIw50ZFfspKewUPOPXQUmjM3JNQn24roojJCN7xzP9J9ouj2OYPM8pLNIB1NJYbUdBoA42sfNvU9tKxCo87le%2FsIE5ITsHEap3e%2FMRBWx2WPaALcpNLN79a1RlAsfw1FTx%2B1ODWa6xBw1fhYLTnfYz%2B1E6ao2qe4XDUxap5UJnn3i0aX9TSMEGKhDzVBmpMBAj1D0LxFPjQFTBu78XrHMfo911s8BWpp9isGz8UZxRn2TKztDRKWdqW%2FGb8LzBKPZnDHznVTC7PFns4pC9GhraFeGBuns%2FFj%2F7BHsYH2VblEJQjtBy0eVSN28cAGPxXxZ0LUWpPBEml9WQVBOxPPB9aHTo2EUD84r4eILl06O6QOLoFI7XinAwd1qdHAxODoH4p6LHONpbApgSNkelZ1%2BJg%2BZoNl76fXQfkx7rQINgR3yfCelVdR1yIgG7MMgOU89uPkE1Z4%3D&checksum=132682236343ced3e86e89264eb694a2c692f27bd5b4 if you can wait for the slow boat from China.
  2. Doesn't look too bad - maybe if you try to iron it back into shape now
  3. But where's the drama, the romance? Still at least with the G shock you know the toughness of those things has been thoroughly tested .......while they were beating it with the ugly stick
  4. Remember to stagger blinking out into the daylight and hold it aloft like an offering to the sun to charge it up and get a better reception! doesn't have the same ring to it though. Don't think that was mentioned in the whole "setting your watch" thing was it? Trying to work out why your radio control watch stubbornly insists on being precisely an hour out at all times despite your best efforts to persuade it otherwise, or trying to find a sweet spot in the house or garden where it might pick up some elusive radio signal in the small hours of the morning and do what it's supposed to do..
  5. I think you're missing the point - I buy mechanical watches. All I'm saying is just because I like a mechanical watch, for all the daft illogical reasons many of us do, doesn't mean I don't understand why someone would be prepared to pay all that money for the Citizen which is what you said. "I prefer a mechanical watch" fair enough, "I don't like the Citizen" also entirely fair "I don't understand why anybody would buy it" is just being blinkered. Citizen have spent a vast amount of time and money developing this thing "To further develop and perfect quartz movement performance." the same as Omega and the like have done with their watches and that justifies the price tag every bit as much as it does for a more traditional luxury watch.
  6. "pricey" is relative though - it always costs more to get that last bit of performance. Decent timekeeping from a bog standard Quartz can be had for peanuts, something like a Bulova UHF or a COSC chronometer you're looking a few hundred maybe, to make that jump to the Citizen suddenly thousands. It's like making the jump from the middle of the grid in F1 to the front - the differences are tiny but the budget is orders of magnitude larger! And to be fair when you are talking about the finishing Citizen do put a lot of effort into the finish on those movements, and stick a display back on so you can admire it. For plenty of people a watch still makes perfect sense - I work in retail and can't carry a phone during my working day and I need to know when I can lock the doors and breathe a sigh of relief and I suspect that's true of many workplaces. It's like most things it's about what you choose to spend your cash on. I don't need a better watch, you could buy all your clothes at Matalan nobody needs AMG to make their already faster than they require Merc even faster and less comfortable, a racehorse is a breathtakingly expensive and useless outmoded form of transport but most folks have something they are prepared to stretch the budget for - so if you're into watches are you paying for the "luxury" you don't really need, the 1000 metres of water resistance for when you are washing up, or the 1 second a year accuracy that's probably far more accurate than you are when you are actually setting the thing? Whatever makes you feel good.
  7. So remind me again why Omega spent all that time and money developing their Coaxial movements, or Rolex spent time and effort on a Parachrom hairspring... The mechanical movement was effectively obsolete decades ago. For plenty of people nowadays the whole concept of a wristwatch is obsolete, doesn't stop people spending obscene amounts of money on whatever they think is "the best", and in it's one field of excellence there is no question the Citizen is the best money can buy. For the people who buy that watch they can point to the accuracy and say with confidence that you cannot do better and overlook the rather unexciting styling, in the same way the owner of a Patek might lovingly think they are wearing the very finest of craftsmanship and sort of overlook the fact that the timekeeping by modern standards is pitiful.
  8. Haven't missed it, I suffer from it too. I'm just as guilty of paying more for a mechanical movement and then being inordinately impressed when it's sort of nearly as accurate as a quartz. Just think it's unfair to say you can't understand why anyone would pay that money for the Citizen. They'd pay the money because it's the best of it's kind and that comes with a premium whatever you're buying. It's like looking at a Bugatti then complaining when the boot space isn't as good as your S-class Merc and you spill your brandy when the chauffeur drives over a speed bump. Might not float your boat but basically Citizen are just doing it because they can, and to prove it can be done and that alone is worth the money for some. ...not you obviously, but some..
  9. All subjective - plenty of people wouldn't think it was "fine" to spend £3k on any watch, enough people think the finish and "gubbins" are worth it to keep the higher end watch makers in Hollywood placements, hopefully enough people think having the cutting edge of quartz is equally worth it to keep Citizen happy. Spending that amount on a watch when you can genuinely get all the watch you actually need for under £100 is at the end of the day about what you want not what is "worth it". And while we're at it - "why would you spend money on a super accurate quartz when you can get better results from a radio controlled movement" as a question is possibly a bit rich coming from someone who then says it's well worth the money buying a watch companies have spent a fortune polishing and perfecting containing a technology that was effectively rendered obselete by the aforementioned quartz....
  10. Same reason people spend thousands on much less accurate mechanical watches. Basically a mixture of respect for the pure technical achievement, and bragging rights.
  11. Not exactly no, but people are for example quite prepared to pay more for a COSC certification which proves that their watch is exceptionally accurate.... for a mechanical watch.... so accuracy is very much still part of the pitch. I know, the engineering required to make a mechanical timepiece to those tolerances doesn't come cheap and I absolutely get it BUT technically the "yoofs" are still correct we are paying through the nose for someone to fail to make their high end dinosaurs as accurate as any old quartz watch. They are simply, with the clarity of youth, pointing out that us lot at some point got all distracted by the horological wizardry of these lovely little things and forgot the point of having a watch in the first place. Just saying it's a little unfair to call them ignorant for that. They're not ignorant, they're just...normal.
  12. Not really ignorance, just calling out the "emperors new watch" insistence of the "oldies" of today that only losing a few seconds a day is actually really good, even though a bottom of the range Lorus is in a different league of accuracy with a basic Quartz movement. I've fallen for it with the best of them but it's a bit unfair calling the yoof ignorant - they are technically absolutely right. On an old school folded link bracelet probably absolutely right, on solid link bracelets as many of these are these days I'm not so sure - there's a lot less scope for them to stretch or deform. I've had a couple of real cheapy £6 off ebay type Chinese bracelets and they have been fantastic - and that has been with heavy everyday use before I got stupid amounts of watches and finished up not giving most of them much wear and tear. On the Parnis watches I've got the bracelets are a highlight really, the finishing on cases and the ceramic bezels are also lovely, you just get the impression that less attention is paid to the bits you can't see - like having a Sub clone you can't get wet, fragile feeling crown threading or loose feeling winding/setting action on the crown. Would I pay extra for a Seiko 5 though?...no, not these days. I'd want the Japanese movement, but I'd rather have the Chinese watch.
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