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  1. Scraping the bottom of the Rotary shelf now, this one today for some painting, probably the cheapest feeling thing on the shelf. Even cheap Rotaries usually have decent bracelets (or horrible mock croc straps) but this one is hollow end links, folded links, cheap clasp, mineral crystal, cheap chrono movement with running centre seconds. Souvenir of a really nice holiday though so gets a free pass.
  2. Haunting me this one. Been typing "cream dial" and "suede strap" into Amazon to see what comes up ever since I saw this on Saturday, just looks so right.
  3. Continuing the trip round the back of the Rotary shelf there's this Les which usually gets overlooked because I prefer the black faced one I also have, and I don't wear that all that often because I tend not to wear black faced watches....
  4. Usually work on the assumption that anything with a non hacking movement in is going to be sufficiently off on it's timekeeping that it doesn't matter too much, so just set it about right & crack on.
  5. Shiny shiny Rotary today from the less visited nether regions of the Rotary shelf. High polish bracelet & case and a domed crystal mean trying to find an angle where it's not just all reflections is a challenge - my best effort:
  6. Beautiful watch. Hope to see some outdoor shots in the sunshine soon
  7. This morning's fresh pickings, one for the "less seen brands" thread too maybe - a Fiat chronograph. While it is Swiss made it is displaying some reassuringly Italian traits - the split seconds subdial has packed up.
  8. Today's hunt to work out what I haven't worn yet has thrown up this splash of yellow on a sunny day. Planned ahead and pulled out a yellow shirt too but short sleeved so wasted here.
  9. Better make sure the door's a neat fit or it'll look like something out of Ghostbusters. .....Don't....open....that.....door
  10. Surely a watch sitting on a window sill is a bit less conspicuous than one with a spotlight shining on it!
  11. Today's pick, one of Parnis' stunning original designs. I mean, what self respecting Swiss maker would use a lightning bolt second hand! ..
  12. Another day, another less visited pick off the shelf. Don't know why I don't wear this one more often..
  13. Nope, not for a mechanical watch - rough figures entry level mechanicals tolerances can be around 30 seconds a day either way, higher end stuff gets within about 5 seconds a day. If they are quoting -4 to +6 then anything within that is fine. As above let it run in for a few days then see where you are.
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