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  1. Always fancied a Visodate and never quite got round to it. Diverse and good looking selection of watches there.
  2. Both the eco drives I've got at the moment resetting the time & date is done using the particularly complicated method of twiddling the crown... And that's not needed either if the storage part doesn't involve leaving it in the dark. I know what you mean, my teenage son has a Citizen that's a nightmare to reset with a radio control movement that does tend to go flat because he sits in his room with the curtains shut all day. Not all eco drives are like that though and I have an Accurist that's just as much of a PITA using an old Citizen movement without eco drive. It's the complications that make those a pain, not the eco drive bit.
  3. Yup, the Cartier just charges up in any sort of ambient light, unlike those pesky eco drives where..... ummm..... they charge up in any sort of ambient light Admittedly Citizen do make some ludicrously over complicated watches but that's not eco drive's fault, they make some dead simple 3 hander eco drives too.
  4. I'm assuming there's an "f" missing there or that's some incredible deals!
  5. Mmm, shop around, I had a couple of De Tomasos - they were truly dreadful things. I'm sure @Jet Jetskiwill have picked this up as a functional and interesting bit of fun but I'd not be expecting a particularly high quality feel and finish to it. Just, manage expectations if you go for one.
  6. Maybe just call you Elliot That's a happy few minutes clicking through, love the variety.
  7. And I think I've said it every time you've had a little rant about it Jay, as long as they aren't kept in the dark they are fine. Got half a dozen including a radio control Casio, 3 of these bought second hand so no idea of age or how they've been kept. Most of them come in the "rarely worn" category of my now 150+ strong watches, and all are still ticking away happily. You just need to store them where they do get some daylight. Still suspect you are a vampire Storage for mine. Just make some concession to the fact they do need daylight and they are spot on. Wife has a glass topped watch box on our north facing bedroom window for hers.
  8. Made in England??? They don't mention anywhere on the website, or on the documentation, or on the watches where they are made. Lots about how British based the company is but I can't help feeling that they probably get their watches manufactured in China like everybody else these days or they'd be shouting about it. Realistically the only way for a smallish company to build a watch to the specs they do for the prices they do.
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