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  1. Sounds to me like the feeling when that clutch kicks in when it is fully wound. If you are wearing it daily it shouldn't really need hand winding, the "random" nature of when it happens would just be how close to fully wound it is when you started. Basically when you feel it do that, it doesn't need winding any more, and if it does it more or less straight away you didn't need to be winding it in the first place.
  2. Thought long & hard and while the idea of a tuner of small Italian cars may not be terribly relevant on your side of the pond, and you'll probably be put off by the semi - skeletonised hands, what every collection needs is a watch with a scorpion on it.
  3. And it'll tell people walking past the time whether they want to know or not
  4. Latest arrival. Big silly Avi-8 dambusters today:
  5. Company called Daniel Wellington do a range which are pretty much all this design: .... Runs away dodging missiles thrown by horrified WIS !!!! smidge over budget new though.
  6. Got the Harrier out today: Nice pic, nearly had me swapping mine on
  7. Same as everyone bar that @JayDeep here (had this issue before though and worked out he's a vampire. If you're a vampire then eco drive is not a good choice), got a few, never given any bother, the light they get from the odd peep out from under a wrist seems to be plenty. don't put them away in the dark when you're not using them and you'll be fine. Even my 14 year old son has one with no problems and he never goes outside, or opens his curtains in case the light reflects off his screens My cheapest one has a power meter too:
  8. "the biggest challenge is finding a piece of wood wide enough"..... He's having problems buying a plank? Maybe it is worth the money if he's overcome that particular obstacle for the buyer as well as sourcing some hooks.
  9. Not enough zeroes on the water resistance surely?
  10. Back to work today. Not expecting to pilot any lunar modules but better safe than sorry: hmm, bit of moon dust there now I see it all blown up.
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