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  1. Wow, busy morning. Some real beauties. I'm on my little old CW this morning - very much one of the watches I've missed wearing while I've been ploughing through everything else:
  2. To be honest I think you pick the variant you like and don't worry about it. I see the design as being a bit like the Luftwaffe pilot designs of WW2 which are now widely produced by many companies with slight variations, with a handful of companies that can trace their history back to original producers, but no one company is really the one authentic holder of the design. Despite the fact these watches are referred to as the "Seagull 1963" don't forget Seagull didn't produce anything in 1963 - they are just a company that was created by the Chinese government and inherited the factory in the 9
  3. Well, just posted my Spinnaker Tesei back to them to fix the stripped ratchet wheel in the SW200 after just under 2 years so depending how this pans out they'll either be my favourite or not shortly (not sure if they count as a micro brand really, seems to be part of quite a sizeable portfolio of brands). Most owned micros for me are CW with 5 and Phoibos with 4.
  4. Got more fundamental issues with their watches than the branding I'd have to say...
  5. Out Of Order (OOO)? https://outoforderwatches.com/ Could do worse if you really want that vintage look in a new watch. Bit much for me.
  6. Such big numbers they are defeating your maths - that's well over a third of a million there.
  7. You're right about the black strap, calms it down no end. Think it was the shot of that scarlet signature silicon strap in your first post made it look scarier than it actually is. Looks promising
  8. Since they're all the rage today, swapped to this:
  9. Hanowa today. Remember what a lovely crisp face it's got every time I pull it out:
  10. Has the Alexander Shorokhoff not made it yet btw?
  11. Have to say the quality of the bracelet on yours looks in a different league to the edifice Just suggesting for Bricey as it doesn't have the bulk of the G-Shock if you want to ease in gently. I never have quite worked out where the Edifice range fits in the Casio line up with all the metal bodied and/or analogue dialed G-Shocks they do now. Seems to be an awful lot of shared territory between the two ranges.
  12. If you like the one at the top but you're not convinced on a G-Shock maybe give this a go:
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