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  1. Sorry for your loss Another day on something expendable if I do any work on the cars. Might fix the date, might not...
  2. Seen these guys before - seem to play the Mumbai watch lottery and then sell on the better ones that work at a moderate markup. Slightly interesting proposition.
  3. Odd, but to my eye, when you put old and new side by side like that top pic the new model looks like a slightly heavy handed fake of the old one. Sure it's lovely if you see it on it's own.
  4. Of course if things keep going the way they are, buy a Rolex from an authorised dealer and they will bring it out on collection on a velvet cushion, open the box in front of you, place the watch lovingly on your wrist, then take the box, papers, and any spare links away to place back in their vault for "safekeeping" so if you ever want another look all you have to do is make an appointment with them.
  5. Don't just look at the watch, look at the seller's history, feedback, reputation, whatever you can get hold of. Decide if you can trust them.
  6. Well, Hadley Roma are a watch strap maker - would seem the obvious candidate.
  7. You're going to be so embarrassed when it turns out to be @yokel
  8. When he says "auction" does he mean India via ebay? quite like it though actually.
  9. Well, without tying myself down to specific "rules" (black, blue and white/siIver? Where's the red and the green? Why do I need a pilot's watch? ) I have often looked at the 3 Geckotas I've finished up with and thought they make a pretty good capsule collection: That lovely all polished red dial G-01 (thanks @JayDeep) will cover dressy duties, then you've got the chunky K3 diver with 3 interchangeable bezels for a change of colour (got a fitted bracelet for that too) and the single subdialed mecaquartz C-05 for chrono duties.
  10. I have been looking at the James McCabe stuff, quite like the look of some of them. Not that one, sorry.... but some of them.. The Wallbrick looks lovely though. Just back from an afternoon in the big smoke
  11. Raking out something that looks at home on the hot weather NATO:
  12. Not a big fan of Seikos and I've got a handful of recentish models. They seem to have abandoned any pretence at value for money at the lower end of their ranges, straps and bracelets are awful, they insist on using Hardlex when microbrands are using Sapphire at half the price, the 7S26 soldiers on in the cheaper models when they will quite happily sell an NH35 to micros for an equivalent price watch. Got one of those V175 diver chronos sitting on a table next to me, crap bracelet - check. Hardlex - check. Bezel, chapter ring, 12.00 marker and chrono seconds zero line up? - nope. Battery died after about 3 years (solar), put a new one in a few weeks back and so far it's still running but it's lost about 2 minutes which is pretty unspectacular for a quartz.
  13. Looking at the stuff put out at the time it looks like their existing models continued under the Junkers name and any new models were Iron Annied up, so presumably they are still making quite a few models under the Junkers label - particularly since (and I'm quite happy to concede this) Iron Annie is a stupid name, so I imagine the Junkers models are still selling better.
  14. Sellita must have just posted out a batch of movements to repairers, mine arrived back the other day too. almost exactly the 2 months.
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