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  1. do yourself a favour and have a look at Oris
  2. been using Paysafecard to pay for my dodgy internet stuff for years. go to a shop that does Paypoint, handover the cash and get a pin number never had a problem using it
  3. This happened to my Speedie when I whacked it against the edge of a car door. Lucky only one of the spring bars popped out. Did some searching and reading on the interwebs and apparently shoulderless spring bars sorts this issue out. Found some on EBay and installed them on a couple of watches. I hope this really works
  4. I am guessing some sort of gold Rolex
  5. Family heirloom, pass it down to the next generation. That’s my excuse.
  6. Fancied some old school vibe Its alive Genesis atty wicked with stainless mesh
  7. When I brought my Speedie from Goldsmiths in Canary Wharf, London I was told 6 months, maybe less. This was a couple of months ago
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