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  1. I'm in the habit of always wearing my self winding watch, rarely taking it off except at night in bed, in the shower and when doing manual work. other than that it's on my wrist. recently someone who knows a lot about watches mentioned to me in passing that it is not a good idea to wear it while riding a motorcycle. I thought at the time that was odd but have since noticed the continual vibrations in the handlebars and jarring when hitting bumps etc. so is that good advice and could the watch be damaged while riding? its a TAG Heuer Aquaracer btw
  2. same happened to my Aquaracer. after 6 months it became very stiff to wind and was always stopping even thought the watch is worn daily now after 12 months it has been returned three times since last Christmas for the same fault. with the latest warranty repair, having just picked it up again last week, TAG Heuer claim they have now fitted a new movement if they can be believed having it repaired once I can accept, but three times? I've now completely fallen out of love with TAG Heuer which is a pity as between myself and my partner we have four of them over the past twenty years. now I'll cut my losses and try to sell the damn thing and look at purchasing a Seiko
  3. who knows, may have been put off by the lesson in metallurgy but as far as elements being scratch proof or resistant unlike titanium, what about diamond. it is a form of carbon
  4. an analogue watch is a flashy bit of jewelry that is actually useful and a delight to look at, not like a wedding ring. so based on that I think there is no danger of them disappearing even if gen x wont be able to tell the time
  5. well not quite, but according to the movement specifications it has 25 rubies I'm guessing these are the jewels that watches are meant to have but never really understood their purpose maybe someone can enlighten me
  6. welcome aboard, you'll find plenty of info on this forum
  7. mine's meant to be good for 3000m/1000'. deepest it's been when I ducked dived at the beach, no more than 2 metres, if that
  8. thank you for posting, I was going to ask myself until this was posted
  9. good looking watch, once had a Seiko, lasted for years until I was at work and put in my top pocket for safe keeping. but bending over it fell out and and a great height. I like what you've got and has me interested so where did you buy it from? and what's a spring drive?
  10. just wondering how the luminous paint works my watch. it is very easy to read the hands and dials at night when the lights are first turned off. but after a while the intensity seems to fade. am I right or am I seeing things?
  11. yeah, really. but I was going by my own personal experience; and I should have written that I was not in the market for a new watch at the moment when talking to the sales assistance
  12. the only issue I've had is normal wear 'n' tear due to over use one watch I have has been worn to death and now all the linkage pins have worn thin and a couple are now broken
  13. Tissot for me based on one of their watches that was given to me a few years back after x amount of years service where I work I'm sure they have some fine watches but this particular model had sharp edges on the casing and bracelet making it extremely uncomfortable to wear as a result I rarely wore it and ended up giving it away I was at an Omega boutique recently and sales person was excellent even though I expressed that I was in the market for a new watch at the moment. he took a lot of time explaining things to me and showing me various examples but I guess it comes down if they think you are going to buy or already have a watch and have a complaint
  14. not having much luck finding a bezel for this watch but have found other cheap TAG's for sale that look like they have a similar looking bezel that would fit would other model bezels interchange with different watch casings as long as the measurements stack up? here is one that similar although I think the it is bigger in diameter
  15. military history especially WW1 and Australia's involvment then there are motorbikes and my Jeep Wrangler but mostly I am a very keen gold prospector. tomorrow I'm heading out to the Victorian goldfields with my metal detector and will be camped out for a couple of nights in the bush enjoying the great outdoors; just a pity I haven't been able to give up my day job yet
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