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  1. I have studied the martial arts for 2 1/2 years under a US NAVY SEAL, That qualifies me to tell you Sir. TO GO F#CK YOURSELF!
  2. I gave the watch to my Dad when i got out of the Navy, He was a carpenter and bumped the bezel and it came off. The Bezel was stored for over 45 years until I had it put back on the watch 5 years ago. YES THE WATCH IS ALL 100% ORIGINAL! To many EXPERTS on this SITE that only know what they have read. I'm not on here to argue with TROLLS that live in mommy's basement. I have BIGGER FISH TO FRY! HAVE A GREAT DAY!
  3. http://forum.tz-uk.com/showthread.php?227473-A-Quick-Guide-The-Omega-Seamaster-300-including-Military-watches
  4. Attention to Detail !> It is also important to check the font of the 6 and 9 numbers. They serifs should be open and not closed, closed signifying a fake dial. FAKE! Closed serifs at 6. Original dial to the right. Also notice the small hole in the lumina on the original one. This is a sign that the watch has not been re-lumed and has its original lumina FAKE! Closed serifs at 9. Original dial to the right. Notice the stubbies on the fake one as well. Sometime the fakers manage to double their mistakes.
  5. Model Variations and Scope What models are we considering? The SM300 has been produced since 1958 and is still a part of the Omega collection. This guide looks at the so-called second generation of SM300's, reference 165.024 (no date) or the 166.024 (with date). For many collectors considered THE Omega Seamaster 300, ref. 165.024 (no date). A classic and a rival to Rolex Submariner 5513.
  6. READ> and< LEARN ! http://thatwatchandmore.blogspot.com/2013/03/buying-vintage-omega-seamaster-300.html
  7. The Night they Drove old Dixie Down- Joan Baez
  8. From Scotland to Florida in 30 years! Great Story! http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/01/27/message-in-bottle-from-scotland-found-its-way-to-florida-more-than-30-years-later.html
  9. The price was fair about $100 USD with shipping, Quality Excellent.
  10. <a data-flickr-embed="true" data-header="true" href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/112395175@N04/39881754122/in/dateposted-public/" title="SPEED4"><img src="https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4717/39881754122_38e1275685_b.jpg" width="1024" height="768" alt="SPEED4"></a><script async src="//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js" charset="utf-8"></script> Case Back
  11. Si vis pacem, para bellum (Classical Latin: translated as, "If you want peace, prepare for war".
  12. Wrench, These GEEZERS are up way past their bed time.They HATE GUNS? After WWII Japanese Admiral Yamamoto was quoted as saying " We never considered invading main land America , because there would be a GUN behind every blade of grass"
  13. SWEET, Tha'ts why I added the Sapphire case back !
  14. YES. I had a BIG WHITE GOOSE that was better than any watch dog ! GOOSE EM!
  15. BlueKnight, Don't apologize for anything Sir. The brits need to know only one thing, Besides saving their BUTT's in WWII were stored their MAGNA CARTA , in Fort Knox until the war was over. NUFF SAID!
  16. its'alivejim :Why does your CAT have a Watermellon on it's head? WHO CARES!
  17. I purchased it in Feb 1969 . Pre- moon landing July 1969. The MkII was made by Omega for future moon missions ,But was never flight certified by NASA, the Apollo program ended with Apollo 17. LOCK & LOAD!
  18. Thanks Trying to get my photo's to post using Flikr , what would you recommend? https://www.flickr.com/photos/112395175@N04/albums/72157692671409625
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