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  1. Hey Guys, we are back to KS with Paddock Chronograph and updated strategy. Now we are offering leather strap as base, and also just one pit board message available, so the price is reduced to $235 (for 24hours as of now) and will grow to $250-270 during pre-order period. And the Alcantara strap is available as an upgrade at +$50. Check it out via link to KS
  2. Hey Guys, I wanted to share some updates on what gonna do. During previous months we have got a lot of feedback and has some plans to improve the product. First of all we are adding more styles and color combinations. Now the Paddock Chronograph series has 4 collections: Professional - this is original design with the pit board, racing message on it and multi-color chapter ring. Other collections (below) will have less racing details and one dominating color, not multicolor. Checkered - this collection has one major color and a checkered pattern on the subdial ring at 9 o-clock. Racetrack - this collection has one major color and a checkered pattern on the big chapter ring. The inspiration comes from the racetrack kerbs. Similar racing style (though inspired by Space theme in that case) could be found on Omega's TinTin Speedmaster. Legendary Circuits - this would be a limited edition of Racetrack collection where the Kerbs colors are inspired by the most legendary circuits like Spa Francorchamps, Brazilian Interlagos and of course the Le Mans. Moreover, to make the product more affordable and reach more audience we will be offering leather straps, and Alcantara strap will be offered as an upgrade. Alcantara is a premium fabric and having it as standard feature leads to a higher price. You can browse all the styles and collections HERE, and also feel free to make a reservation. When making a reservation you will get up to 40% discount at launch time.
  3. Hey guys, just wanted to add some more photos to show how it looks on the wrist and in interior. Alcantara strap is a perfect match with 911's interior
  4. Guys just wanted to share a picture of Alcantara strap we gonna use as one of the straps, and also ask for some feedback. There is a survey on our website on the straps colors and materials we would like you to help on. It will take a minute but will help a lot to understand the preferences. Link: www.pace-masters.com/survey2
  5. hey guys and @Filterlab we have added some macro shots at the Gallery section on the website (pace-masters.com/gallery), so you can see all types of case polishing and more details. And you should know we are working on making it even better Here you go with some of them
  6. Hey, the Mecha-Q will be somewhere around $400 as pre-order price and up to $500-550 as retail later one. Feel free to sign up on the web-site so we could keep you updated on the launch time. By the way, some more macro photos are coming within couple of days
  7. Lume is a pure white BGW9 which is one of the brightest and long-lasting (it is second from the left on the lume chart) It is applied on the numerals (filled inside) and on the hands. There is an image I copied from the website to show it. By the way, we have a blog where we share our progress so you can track it and also learn how we came up to that design, some of the inspirations, design stages and so on. That could be interesting to learn the process form the inside. Here is the link - www.pace-masters.com/blog
  8. Apologize for coming late with reply guys. Have been busy with prototypes, testing and stuff. Thanks for sharing your thought and comments. - Well, first of all, it is Acid Yellow and to make it easier it is Pantone 388U or color code #e8ff10. Anyways, it really depends on the monitor calibration. I understand someone might not like it on watches, but hey, these are racing inspired so why not to follow some racing code to make look different. - Someone mentioned about being "unique". Well did our homework to make Paddock Chrono look different from others, and also each part of the watches are 100% original designed, apart from the movement itself. So we didn't go with simple OEM model like some other brands do. - The pit board around the date disk. Well, that is a point where we can do some customization (to put driver's or team's name, or another memorable thing). Stanard words are just related to racing and are pretty common, but we are already working on some limited editions to honor some memorable GP's, dates and drivers. Collectors and racing fans should love it. For folks who really find this one distracting, there is an option of the black pit board as well. Again, it is part of the design and without it Paddock Chrono would be another dull watches I believe. - Straps. We gonna offer an Alcantara strap with butterfly buckle, some Nato options (yeah, I know) and a couple of leather and silicone as well. Now testing them to get the right fitting and also checking if they do match the style or not. - Pricing. We gonna start with Mecha-Quartz version first, which should be somewhere around £270-300 for pre-order and will go up to £360-370 as a retail price. Later this year we will release an automatic version with ETA 7750 onboard, skeleton case back and half dimmed front (just to show the movement a bit). That will be somewhere around £700-750. So if you are up to the more hi-end option, just sign up for the newsletter and will keep you updated on the progress. Feel free to ask more comments if any. Also, you can ping me on Facebook (@pacemasterswatches) or Instagram (@pacemasters)
  9. Hello Gents, my name is Evgeny and I am the founder of PaceMasters Watches We are a young yet ambition company, who specializes in racing-inspired watches. Our first project - Paddock Chronograph - is a Formula 1 racing inspired mecha-quartz chronograph powered by SII VK67 movement. It has a completely original design, and there are some unique racing parts which we wanted to implement in it, like a Pit Board with different signs which enframes the date window, start grid and Pole position marks on the chapter ring, and a carbon fiber layer as part of the multi-layered dial. We wanted to make something unique and really took our time to design it all from scratch. The design team consist of two great professionals: one is a watchmaker with many projects behind, another one is a car designer from Berlin, who helped us a lot to find our style. We have many visuals, design descriptions, as well as development story in the blog, and I would appreciate your comments, as watch-enthusiasts, if we managed to do it right. Please feel free to comment and ask questions and also check out more details on the website at www.pace-masters.com
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