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  1. Ok I emailed Fattorini but I must have gotten the wrong Fattorini. There are two Fattorini's and they were unable to help me although extremely polite.
  2. Thanks once more to everyone on here with advice and help. I am going to try an email to Fattorini as suggested and will post any new information I may get on here for reference.
  3. https://postimg.org/gallery/l51exwc4/ Thank you for all of your help on this, greatly appreciated. My Grandfathers retired circa 1946 due to ill health and died before I was born. I remember as far back as 1970 seeing the watch. I have no idea if it was as the story goes or possibly even his fathers watch, my Grandfathers?
  4. Hi all, new to this site. As a child (45+ years ago) I remember playing with what I was told was my Grandfathers pocket watch that was awarded to him upon retiring from the Mining Industry. I am extremely big into Family History and would like to know anything about this which is now in my possession. The front centre dial in a clockwise layout has the words WATCH & CHRONOMETER MANUFACTURERS. Across the front horizontally it also says FATTORINI & SONS BRADFORD. When opened the first Gold Cover has the words GOLD FILLED 14 CT 345 stamped on the inside. Opening the next cover that has the following stamped upon it WARRANTED TO BE COVERED BY TWO PLATES OF 14 CT GOLD. ADD TO WEAR 20 YEARS 345. On the movement side of the watch it has Fattorini & Sons BRADFORD ornately marked. There is also a number stating 127340. There is a Slow / fast dial on the workings side which you can see. The rest is covered by a gold plate. There is a recessed switch to the side which you can push to enable you to change the dial/time setting. It has a slightly built up surround to avoid accidentally doing this. There is a rectangular shaped catch next to this which goes up and down but I have no idea what this does? I have pictures but unsure how to post them on here. ANY help would be greatly appreciated, particularly to the age to see if this ties in with the story. I did look online expecting to find a reference to their Numbering but was unable to see any. Thanking any of you in anticipation of your time and help. Dave Horn I forgot to add that the dial has Roman Numerals and also 5/10/15 Numbering etc on the outside.
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