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  1. I like the invicta pro diver... good movement and great price for this watch but don't like the invicta logo stamped on the side of the case... would be tempted to file it down.
  2. I've told TAG to return the watch as the cost of repair was too much... Is there someone here that could solder feet onto a dial?..
  3. Thanks.. it does seem over priced... I'm waiting for them to review the quote and if they don't lower the price I'll get them to return it.
  4. Just received a letter from TAG saying since the last service qoute the feet have come off the dail and a new dial is £175 extra... that's now £525 to fix the watch... not sure what to do? any idea's (Tag Heuer Aquaracer WAN2110) only worth £800 on ebay.. two options are: Sell as is on ebay cheap or Pay for the repair.. don't think I want to keep the watch either way.
  5. I'm planning to change the date ring from White background to Black background on an ETA 2824-2 movement, any advice on possible problems would be appreciated.
  6. It's a lot of web searching for movement specs and checking hands length, hole diameter and tube length... most eBay descriptions just state eta, miyota or seiko... so you might have to take a chance... also the dials are all different diameters, post feet and position of date window.. difficult but not impossible.
  7. Needs cleaning from the Blood Sweat and Tears...
  8. I stripped the watch down and noticed the Balance wheel stopped when held at certain angles... so had to send it for full service and repair... £360 expected cost.. I'll update this when I get the watch back.
  9. So I bought a MWC G10SL MkVI as I wanted a quartz watch for work (EDC) as I ride a bike and it need to be sturdy, the watch has Sapphire Crystal, Field style dial, Screw lug bars, Tritium (GTLS) hands/chapter ring and Ronda 715Li movement (10 yr battery life). £275 which is abit much but I could not find a cheaper watch with these specs. Now this is when things go sideways when I noticed the seconds hand was not exactly on the indices so I stripped the watch down and after refitting it a dozen times finally got it sorted. Then after staring at the watch enjoying the precision, I deciced to change the seconds hand to an Arrow, "Easy" just buy a new hand and replace it "WRONG", Because of the GTLS hands are about 1mm high you need a special movement to keep them from touching and MWC watches overcome this by fitting a seconds hand with a long tube to allow for the extra height. Now the watch is starting to annoy me, "I want an Arrow seconds hand!" after stripping the watch down again I noticed the seconds hand pinion was lower than the Hour canon. So I searched the entire world looking for a solution and finally found another Ronda 715Li made for Luminox watches (GTLS hands) with a movement height of 6.7mm to the seconds pinion instead of the Standard Ronda 715Li with extended tubes on the hands. And down the rabbit hole we go. When I tried to fit the hands to the new movement with higher pinions and canons the hands were to high from the dial, the hour hand fits but the Minute hand was 3mm above it and raised aabove the seconds pinion. Back to the drawing board to find another way. Plan F... If the Minute canon on the first movement was okay and the seconds pinion on the new movement was higher then just swap them over... "what could go wrong". "I can hear you laughing" So here's the plan. strip the movements down and swap the parts, looks easy enough. Top red arrow is the hour canon (to be swapped), bottom arrow is the minute canon with seconds pinion inside. Just 4 screws and 2 bridges... Oh and a spring (3905.033). I decided to strip the new movement first incase I messed it up I could just fit the old movement and live with the boring seconds hand. Yes you'd be right assuming that I'd lose the spring... "Straight down the rabbit hole". Decision time... risk the £275 watch as it's got the last spring... "it's a really nice arrow hand". Sod it... After 3 hours... finally removing and refitting that spring I got the movement back together, now to fit the hands... And they don't fit....... the minute canon is still to high although the seconds pinion is higher. In for a penny... I filed a tooth pick to fit in the minute hand tube and with a diamond file filed the hand tube down from 0.7mm to 0.2mm and tried again... Success :)... was it worth it... Yes to me it was and it makes me smile everytime I look at my custom one off watch. Hope this blog helps anyone thinking of just modding a watch, it's never that simple... but never impossible.
  10. Thanks, does anyone know the odds of successfully removing the crown from the stem or should I order a new stem?
  11. I haven't opened the watch yet but I think it's a Sellita SW200
  12. Hi Simon My Tag Heuer Aquaracer WAN2110 crown does not screw onto the watch, I've bought a replacement crown and intend to replace it myself, is there anything I need to be aware of before starting this task like buying a new stem or known difficulties removing/replacing the crown and stem. Many Thanks.
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