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  1. Yes it does have an Alarm. I think I'll probably have to send it off to Accurist !!
  2. Chromejob I took the Accurist to another (Market Cross) jewellers last week as I was off work and guess what? They said the same thing, they could not open the case so then I took it to the watch repair shop in the Shopping centre and the guy there said he didn't have the tool either!!!! Pics to follow
  3. @ Richy and Rob.B - Cheers fellas I'm from North Tyneside by the coast!
  4. @ Davey P HAHA You're too kind
  5. @ Davey P, as you suggested pal shall I post the pics of the Accurist case back on this post? Cheers This is the reply I got from Accurist afetr I emailed them asking about the cost and whether only they can open the back/change the battery - 'Please send the watch to us at below address in Leicester recorded delivery with a covering letter. the price for a new battery is £35.00 including postage and packing. cheques made payable to T P UK Ltd Kind regards' As you can see they didn't answer both questions just the cost part!
  6. Hey Everyone, @ Autonomous and jizzlev - thank you. The pic for the auto chrono isn't loading for me - shame. I'm uploading pics of my Accurist and Swiss Army now!
  7. Fair enough.......and I suppose that's what it's about, having different likes and dislikes
  8. Turpinr..........that's interesting to hear. I really like my seiko watch and the make in general but I'd be interested to know why id doesn't do anything for you?
  9. Any fashion watches for me.......it pisses me off when I see people wearing Michael Kors watches..........believing they are at the height of watch fashion - so then that makes me laugh. And Orient watches just don't do it for me.......I'm sure they're decent but just not for me.
  10. It was that long ago..........so I'm embarrassed to say it could've been lol That's a great tip bud thanks I will post a pic tonight.........
  11. Alright Everyone, @ JimmyNo1, Alwayswatching and Davey P - Thanks fellas, great to be here. To your question Alwayswatching - I took it to a local watch shop and they told me that it needed a special tool to open back which they didn't have! They never said anything about a special tool to replace the battery?? Tbh I just took their word for it, it may be the case another shop probably could do the job - I really should take it to another shop. What I might do is message Accurist (service@accurist.co.uk) and ask for them to clarify what is needed for a battery change to these models of Accurist. Just out of interest which exact model do you have ?
  12. Hello, Chromejob, MIQ, Turpinr, and Biker - thanks guys, it's good to be here with fellow enthusiasts.
  13. Thanks Brummie1875 - hopefully I'll upload pics for the rest of the collection soon
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