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  1. Probably shouldnt have put 'beater' in the title. Less beating more everyday diver!!
  2. So I am still on my never ending quest for more - as we all are! I have my cherished Moonwatch and some interesting micro brand offerings and even a couple of vintage bits in between but what I really need is an everyday wearer or beater and I want a diver style piece. Looking at preowned I have narrowed my search to the following an wanted to get opinions..... What would you go for?
  3. I have looked at EB many times.....I do like some of their designs. What is the quality like?
  4. Ha they are both in my watch list on eBay!!!
  5. Interesting and intriguing packaging Open the box and more interesting stuff Fairly low grade box but pleasant to the eye Serial number which I chose Specs….. The first glimpse….surrounded by faux denim!! A nice brown leather number to go with the rubber strap Nice case back….the monster that lives in loch Morar (apparently!!) Nice detail on the screw in crown and bezel 40mm hits my sweet spot and the dial is lovely…deep blue/black with a sparkle to it. Great looking hands and lollipop second hand. great lume - poor photo!! I have to say I am really pleased with the quality of the watch and I am sure it will be a pleasure to live with. For £299 I am not sure I could have done much better. style - tick british - tick decent quality - tick retro vibe - tick I will definitely be visit Marloe watches again.
  6. I have an incoming this evening…….watch this space!!
  7. I did yes and I have had a Rado before but found it a little too blingy!! Ha I had a Xeric for about 2 days!! Actually made money on it via eBay but what a hideous thing it was!!
  8. So I have been listing after a vintage inspired diver (see last post) and during my search exams aware that I was getting SO bored with seeing the same old thing repeated with slight tweaks and different branding. it got me thinking of microbrands…now this is a world I have never delved in - tending to keep to the safe Swiss names apart from a CW or two. Well I think the rabbit hole runs deep!! I have scratches the surface and am impressed with Zelos and a couple of others but I think I need some guidance @Bricey and @JayDeep teach me!! (Seriously though, recommendations well received!).
  9. I have tried them both on and there is nothing between them!! I can get a decent discount on the Bremont but not on the Tudor….. thinking I might ignore both of them and dive into the world of micro brands!!!
  10. This.... Or this..... I think I am nearly at the end of my choosing journey.....at last....and I have narrowed it down to these two.....
  11. I have see a beautiful monta watch and have read loads of reviews and even though it is not going to fit my diver shaped hole it will slide nicely into the ‘I will possibly never see another one’ hole. my question is, given the relatively high price (around £1600) for a micro brand do I take the jump?
  12. Price range is difficult....I can go as high as 3k (happy with pre-owned) but as a daily I am thinking that perhaps 1-1.5k is a better range. On another note, my PO 43mm is one that I wish I had never got rid of!
  13. I have a diver shaped hole in my watch box and am getting lost in the endless options........ The watch I get will probably be a daily on rotation with my Ball Fireman Racer, so the question is.... Do I look at an Oris Aquis or longines hydroconquest OR do I dig a little deeper and look towards a seamaster or even planet ocean? Or look at something entirely different........this is where you guys get involved!!
  14. I have slimmed my collection down recently (perhaps that is why I feel the need for more!!) and it sits at.... The Ball, 2 x apple watch (I know, I know), a 1978 seamaster auto, a seiko presage 'old fashioned', a casio melody (was my grandads so sentimental), a 1970's seiko moonphase (again, grandads) and an Omega FOIS moonwatch sapphire sandwich. Recently sold a CW C65 sapphire, a Rolex OP non date, an oris beater and a few others!!
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