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  1. The first Aqua Terra ended up being my ‘one’ and I am so glad it did….
  2. So it ticks all of my boxes.....its a little sporty, waterproof, can be dressy, is shiny, has a white dial and is bloody comfortable and at 41mm is right in my sweet spot.... Without further a do I present my ONE WATCH......hope the wait has been worth it!! It is lovely in every way and I really like the rubber strap as opposed to the bracelet.
  3. Hopefully today......if I get time to collect it!! waiting is soooooooo painful!!
  4. Still at the depot…….making me sad!
  5. I cannot wait until monday either! In response to the above : 1. I feel my wisdom is probably temporary but I am happy to be a one watch guy for a little while 2. I will still be on the forum as I love the variety and scope of the watches on here.....oh and I couldn't live without @JayDeep's insights and opinions!! (in a good way Jay!!)
  6. The 'One Watch' has been purchased...... It arrives on Monday and is not one of the three I originally posted!! Update on Monday!!
  7. So following on from my last post about a one watch collection, I am about to embark on the challenge!! I became disillusioned with having so many watches that I never wore....so I sold them all!!! I have been researching the perfect One Watch for me....not for anyone else but for me!! I have narrowed my search to the three below and would love your opinions on them...... I dont mind quartz (less servicing costs) and am not too bothered by price (they are all affordable for me) and I like them all for different reasons. The Omega SMP.....well its an Omega SMP!! The Tudor Black Bay 41 is a classic, hassle free, beautiful watch....which also a strap monster so could be changed to match any situation. The Grand Seiko is different, lovely to look at and (in my opinion) at a quality point way above most other manufacturers. Oh and its a GMT for travelling!!
  8. I have been browsing some of the watch blogs etc and an interesting topic comes up now and again....'A one watch collection' Now I know it would never be possible (or would it?), but if times change and we all limited to only one watch each which watch would you chose and why? I feel that the one watch i would chose would need to be waterproof (up to 50 meters lets say), kind of sporty but with the ability to look good dressed up too. Perhaps this....
  9. Gone......I wonder if one of us picked it up?
  10. This one gets a dust off and run out today/this week
  11. Needed a sturdy number to tackle the depths of IKEA this afternoon……
  12. 438 cars took place and I bought mine from the drive of car 146!! Not sure about the movement. Interesting to see how the competitor editions differ from the ‘sale’ versions though. I do like your strap and deployment clasp.
  13. Still with the newbie….pic from yesterday!!
  14. So it’s arrived……and yes it’s a Chopard Mille Miliga…..BUT it was one that was given to an entrant in the 2015 race so a competitor edition. I wanted a red face in my collection and I love the fact it has provenance of sorts!! Anyway, first impressions are favourable and I think it may get a lot of wrist time.
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