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  1. Yep, really like these .. haven't got a solar
  2. Bummer! .. that's gotta be quite unusual for one of these "tractors" .. let alone 2
  3. Love it .. well done that man Having been a Supermoto "freak" for years, at first glance with that gearing and geometry .. I shouldn't think it'll get through many front tyres
  4. This is a cheapo stainless I use a lot when making stuff out of timber, has a hollow grind (which I detest) .. but but still sharpen it as you would a flat grind, and its fairly sharp, but looking forward to a new 02 jobbie
  5. Good call .. it was a rather dull looking pail greeny colour, but a piece of automotive art IMO
  6. Kind of off topic .. but I used to work next to Martin Strettons garage, and used to take my break watching the mechanics, getting to know them and finding out about the jaw droppingly beautiful cars they had in there for full nut & bolt restorations .. and the one I always remember was an original GT40 they let me "carefully" sit in .. only after they told me it belonged to Steve McQueen
  7. I've always used a couple of different grade Carborundum stones, and a piece of rough leather lay flat as a strop, putting a razor edge on a 4mm tool steel blade with a Scandi grind will be a first for me I have a stainless sheath knife around 3.5mm thick, that I use for rough carving, and taking the edge of machined timber etc, that came with a horrible grind profile, but ignoring that, and getting about 8mm of grind edge regardless of how it looks has worked well, so I know a thick bushcraft style blade will deffo work for me and my needs Just priced up a Jacklore to my spec, and would be around £260 ish
  8. Yeah I really like the handle profile on the Casstrom, though I have no knowledge of the knife maker other what you see in the link, but they seem to be pretty good! Those are lovely looking knives .. yeah the Scandinavian grind is pretty deep on the smaller, though is that any disadvantage ? what's the thinking behind the single pin design ? I'm thinking about popping down to the UK Knife Show in a couple of weeks .. I would like to meet "Mr Jacklore" .. I'm a big fan of his work I like those the Svord looks a handy little tool
  9. I'm not really up making my own knives these days tbh, I've always been too into making stuff outa wood to bother with metal Also, it'll be a nice prezzie off the kids as I'm quite difficult to buy for (as they cant afford a Breitling, Tudor, MM600, etc etc ) This is a main contender at the mo: https://www.proadventure.co.uk/acatalog/Casstrom-No-10-Knife-Curly-Birch-36564.html#SID=651
  10. I'm deffo going for a bushcraft style knife, fixed blade, drop point .. and yes, I am leaning towards the tool steel, as I have a number of low grade stainless knives, that all do the job fine TBH, but I have made a couple of chisel type tools out of industrial hacksaw blades for wood working, and they are amazing compared to stainless for edge sharpness, and retention Gotta get to work now, as I've kinda made myself a bit late watching a Jacklore vid on YT
  11. I've always had an unhealthy interest in cutty or choppy things since my first knife as a kid I have a distant history in the forestry industry, and for a while now I've been very interested in bushcraft, carving, any axe work, etc etc Now my question to those who may know a little about blades .. I have my eye on a knife for my birthday in a couple of months or so, but cant decide on blade steel options are: 02 High Carbon Tool Steel (58-60 HRC rating) or 14C28N Swedish Knife Tool Steel (stainless .. 57-59 HRC) I've read that the Sandvik stainless would be a little easier to sharpen, and apparently keep its edge pretty much the same as the carbon steel ??
  12. Yeah I spotted that straight away mate .. that's why I mentioned the Ohlins look-a-like stickers I had A bit like the Chinese radial master cylinders you can get on the Bay called "Blembo" for a fraction of the cost of the real thing but made of that rare precious metal known as "Chineseium"
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