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  1. Well today this beauty dropped on the doorstep, all the way from Austria! Well Vienna be exact.... now at last I have a pair... this one is as new, unworn which was so hard to find, even worn tatty ones hard to find now. Now on the look out for an SNDF93 if anyone has one... so as promised some pics... Hopefully better res...
  2. Change of strap.... better for a daily.....
  3. Haha.... this one very much a mongrel from the UK
  4. Was flicking through the bay recently and bought a few genuine second hand Tissot G10 working movements and the seller also threw in very tidy hands and face/dialS (PRC200). One was red hands And the other yellow. Price, £12.95 each.... very pleased. I had to buy a stem and matched a nice Crown I got in a box of 50 a while ago, again very cheap and in stainless. Was limited on a case that would fit but managed to find something close, a Timex Weekender, I like cases which have a nice curvaceous shape. I had an old damaged watch so all good. Strap wise I had a black Rotary one that was looking for a home. I have to say very pleased with the outcome, cost about £20 so for another daily that can be used and abused I would say a result... what do you think?
  5. The gallery works very well, very easy... makes life so much easier....
  6. Very nice, I really must invest in one soon... look so nicely put together... stunning...
  7. At last I found the sister watch to the SNDF87P1 above. I managed to get an unworn in box with papers and tags SNDF95P1, very pleased as been looking globally for ages.... got at a very very reasonable price... I will show more pics when it arrives.
  8. Morning all, think it will have to be a Festina Sunday today! Have a great day....
  9. Ooh.... thanks... have to keep my eyes peeled!!
  10. Morning all A watch built from some very cheap bits lying around a year or so ago. Uses an old pocket watch face with a couple of pound quartz movement with dummy lower hand but a bit of fun... will change to a different movement one day, maybe I can find one which can drive lower hand..... I actually love wearing this one. Have a good Saturday
  11. Great strap, a Geckota.. really supple leather.... great looking watch by the way!!
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