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  1. On the original Q, if the motor is a brush motor then a normal lamp (light bulb) controller should work. Get one which can do a few hundred watts. If it is brushless, it will probably be a capacitor start motor (you can see a cylindrical component strapped to it) these cannot really be speed controlled. Well, it can be sort of made to work... The best thing is to get a small 3 phase motor and a speed controller known as a variable speed inverter. Control Techniques make them in loads of sizes, down to a couple of hundred quid, and the motors are on Ebay for probably less. You get beautifu
  2. I just randomly popped in a year later... Very interesting post by nevenbekriev above. Didn't see it last time. But also I don't know a watchmaker who would do such a job. I also see one of the mods removed my comment above that I would sell the watch Perhaps surprisingly it has been working for the past year, no problem. Worn 24/7/365, survived 2 ski trips, lots of off road biking. My guess is that IWC must have demagnetised the parts. They do claim to take the watch completely to bits and check each part. They never communicated in any way whatsoever regarding anything s
  3. Indeed; these fancy Swiss watches are basically junk. Good for sitting on a winder and you put them on according to the clothes you want to match
  4. Update: the watch ended up running 8 secs/day too fast so given that it had a 2 year warranty after that IWC repair, I sent it back to them. It came back a few weeks (!) later and it is now running 5 secs/day fast
  5. I was told, maybe wrongly, that the 7750 mechanism has separate adjustments for different orientations of the watch.
  6. A data point: the 7-8 secs fast has come down to 4-5 secs. Is that normal?
  7. Evidently they can be adjusted better, so why don't watchmakers do it? Does it take longer to do? My understanding is that these watches (ETA7750 etc) have several adjustments, for each of several orientations. But does it actually take longer? I have read from IWC that their company policy is to never have an IWC watch run slowly so if they allow 7 secs it means they adjust for 3.5 fast, plus or minus 3.5 seconds. Yet I had this watch adjusted for zero, plus or minus about 1 second.
  8. It is not causing me any stress; thank you for the patronising answer. I asked a reasonable technical question.
  9. I think the spec is 4 seconds a day. It is an IWC-modified ETA7750. Currently, fresh from an IWC full service, I am seeing 7-8 secs a day. The watch had been to another "trade" watchmaker previously (to unsuccessfully attempt to fix the 3 sec per minute intermittent fault which I posted here previously) and he got it within 1 second a day, so clearly this is possible. He said he was Omega authorised. And that was before IWC got it for their £500 service, prior to which they reported a list of faults e.g. wrong power delivery, wrong this and that, loose hands, you name it.
  10. Yes it looks just like new and I have a 2 year warranty on it. It will have to go back to IWC though because (on a better measurement) it gains about 8 seconds a day. The lesson is: never spend more than a couple of hundred quid on a watch!
  11. The funny thing is that the watch now gains about 3 seconds per day, after the £2200 IWC job, whereas the previous watchmaker was able to get it within 1 second, each time. Except when it was gaining 3 seconds per minute ;)
  12. They go on Ebay for 5-6k and that is in unknown condition and no warranty
  13. The watch has come back from IWC. Looks perfect. I am a bit nervous about the ceramic however *edited*
  14. I never abused the watch. Those chips in the ceramic are a mystery, but if they are the result of normal wear, that material is totally unsuitable for a watch. Maybe for posing The ETA 7750 movement on which this watch is based should be plenty robust enough, however.
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