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  1. Thanks for the video Roger that clears up how I should be running the watch from this point on! I presume when I'm changing to another watch and letting the Pogue stop I can just leave it all and not need to reset the Chrono when I 'start it up' again on the wrist? I'm probably thinking too much into this now. Finally got some more up close photos to upload.
  2. So I took the plunge and hopefully it has played out well. I'm personally pleased with the watch which is arguably the most important factor! Side Question to any with this or vintage chronograph, do you keep the chronograph running all the time or just leave it be? Side note happy to put some picture up but they don't want to paste in for some reason, (obviously me!)
  3. Morning Thanks for taking a look for me, appreciated. Yes it does appear to be correct just that it was so clean as you point out that I had my reservations. I have put an offer in and will see what happens, if I get my fingers burned I went in with my eyes wide open and will just enjoy the watch on my wrist! if I win I can put some close up pics on here.
  4. Hi there Yes it is rather pristine which was the first alarm bell, I guess I should be thinking of the saying 'if its too good to be true then......' I didn't think of the case back, If it has the model number on the back I hope that means its original other wise I really wont know what to look for! Hi there, thanks for the reply. I'm led to believe that it is a 1971 model. The person doesn't really sell watches by the look of things and have had it for a year previously bought from a 2nd hand jewellers. I will have another look over the Springbar article and see what further I can glean.
  5. Hi there, Wondering if anyone out there could point me in the right direction. I have been looking for a Seiko 6139-6002 for a while and not really pulled the trigger due to the worry about buying one that had been made up of OEM parts, seems to be the case with quite a few out there. Hopefully someone with more knowledge than myself (this wont be hard!) would be prepared to cast an eye over the below picture and give me their thoughts? Many thanks in advance for any advice.
  6. Here they are with some more up to date straps for anyone interested! The one on the Nato is losing 10min a day so will have to see if the costs warrant getting it repaired...
  7. Yep that looks like the one, spot on sir. Another bit of info sorted so I can sound remotely knowledgeable if anyone asks about them. Hi, nice watch is it on 18mm lugs? Just about to order some straps and probably my eyes but mine seem between 17-18MM. Late 80s early 90s time frame would be about right as that was when they were brought back from Moscow by a family member.
  8. Interesting, could there be any makings on the inside of the case that would suggest what the case is made/ coated with? When I have been searching for images of the watches to match them up I couldn't find any that matched the case colouring of the brass/ gold one. It has basically been sitting in a drawer for nearly 30 years. Either way I am looking forward to putting them into rotation with the rest of my collection.
  9. @WRENCH Certainly wont through them away as I may revert back to them as and when my it take my fancy! And I always like to keep my watches 'complete'! @ziggy1024 Thanks a lot for the info that's really appreciated. The top one is how it came back in day, it does have a shine to it but the picture makes it look quite dull.
  10. Cheers for the welcome Paul. I will be putting on some alternative straps this week and just start enjoying them.
  11. Hi there First time post and apologies if this has gone into the wrong section. I have come into possession of a few Vostok Watches, there are also a couple of smaller ones that are not pictured. Is it possible for any help with any information about these models? I think I have got as far as that they are Vostok Komandirskie but please correct me on this if I am wrong. Is there is any significance in the crown being at the 2 O'Clock on 2 of them and 3 O'Clock on one? I have a gold coloured/ plated model at the end and can't find any other images on these. Thanks in advance.
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