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  1. I'm due to see the owner soon so going to have a root through what paperwork he has to shed some light. I'll ask how he feels about getting the case open somewhere.
  2. I cant see him letting me take the case back off ( I dont think I would be happy to that anyway tbh), just asking about about the availability of parts working on the assumption that the innards are original (again, assuming thats why you would lik a pic of the case off?) I could ask Omega if they could advise the movement details seeing as they have a record of it going in. I will ask the owner though if he would be happy for me to whizz it into a local place just to get the case off for photos and see what he says
  3. Currently trying to work out how it came to have it's current hands etc, am I likely to be able to source the correct parts?
  4. I emailed Omega again with some owner details etc and this is what they said... The watch that came to us under ***** is a vintage OMEGA Seamaster in a stainless steel case. The watch in the image you have sent appears to have a different dial and hands therefore may I ask if the watch has been to any alternative watchmakers in the meantime? I've just left a message with the owner but I'm sure he said it's only ever been back to Omega
  5. The reason I always sent it back to omega was just to ensure it was done correctly, I do swim with it so thougt the "pressure test" would give me some sort of come back should it allow water ingress
  6. Thats was the price a few years back, Goldsmith want the best part of a ton to send it back to tag for a battery/pressure test/inspection.
  7. Its the dark faced one, granite looking Wd1211-k-21
  8. Heres a photo of a Red Kite I took in Wales
  9. I have a "cheap" Tag 1500 series WD, one of the quartz ones from about 20 years ago. The battery is dead and in the past its gone back to tag via Goldsmiths at about £45 a time every 4 or 5 years. The price seems to have more than doubled since the last time it went in, is there an decent alternative in N Wales, Chester, Liverpool anyone can recommend? Thanks Chris
  10. Fair enough, thanks for all the relies Appreciated
  11. Is that a "not enough" typo as in its not worth a great deal or "no enough" as in hard to value but will need specifying?
  12. I know valuations are tricky but any rough ideas? This all started because his house insurance renewal came through and they asked about insuring any speciific items of jewellery etc. He wears it as his daily watch
  13. Thanks for the replies, it actually belongs to a famiy friend and he wanted me to look into it a bit mainly to value it for insurance. There is an original "gift" purchase receipt ie without the original price on as it was a wedding gift in 1965, think he said the original box is there too. I will ask for the papers from Omega from when it went in for repair/service. It is a handwinder... Looks very similar, good shout
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