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  1. I bought a job lot of watches which includes 5 CWC G10 watch cases with the GSTP markings on the back. Unfortunately only one of them has the screw cap battery cover. I wondered if anyone knew where I might find spare ones? I tried eBay but nothing listed.
  2. Thanks for your prompt replies and suggestions. I looked under the balance wheel (even using a microscope!) but I can't see a mark anywhere. I checked images of the Landeron 48 and it does look very similar with my untrained eye! The rest of the lot included some Sekonda 19 jewel watches, a Bulova Accutron and a Tag Heuer S Calibre which has extensive water damage http://s1331.photobucket.com/user/HamishPaterson/media/0186F4B0-BC4A-4C96-822E-1AC6C22FF96E_zpsjea3jhb7.jpeg.html?o=2 http://s1331.photobucket.com/user/HamishPaterson/media/F077A003-85FE-47FC-A042-30B2386D453B_zpsnutngl1p.jpeg.html?o=3
  3. I bought a job lot of watches in my local auction and this wonderful watch was included. The movement is complicated and at the moment it doesn't work although I can wind it up but the hands do not move. Does anyone know who made this movement? it's a real work of art to me. http://s1331.photobucket.com/user/HamishPaterson/media/8124CBDC-7F36-4EFB-98DC-1D0162259B48_zpsiqh9ra9h.jpeg.html?o=0 http://s1331.photobucket.com/user/HamishPaterson/media/19446858-A1D8-401A-8748-DF591A5A5C5A_zpsqti4exdf.jpeg.html?o=1
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