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  1. Yes they seem to only sell via Instagram and Facebook stories- I'm guessing because these disappear after 24 Hours. Usually selling for a grand or two below market value Although this one is on a permanent Instagram post 1) don't trust anything you see on social media 2) if it seems too good to be true, then it is
  2. Is there a list of recommended retailers on here or a list of ones to avoid. I've seen a company called Time Trader ltd pop up on my social media and their prices seem very good.
  3. Hi I hope you are all well Is there a guide anywhere online to Rolex models? Ideally I'd like to know each model, reference number (do these relate to just the movement or are they also a reference for dial and bezel colours?) and nickname. Also it would be helpful if there were notes as to what makes a certain model rare/desirable/expensive. Does such a thing exist, I've found a few things on Google but most are from resellers and are usually fluffy articles rather than the more database style approach I would like. Cheers
  4. If it had been shorter - I'd be at someone else's house!!! Plus work is not bad I just thought I'd try to do a week's exercise in one go - my legs are not happy now.
  5. Ran 14.7 miles home from work tonight - with no watch. Will be getting a smart watch for my upcoming birthday to remedy this. Before I bought the Cartier for my wedding, probably about 12-15 years
  6. Joining the club with a 2010 Grand Prix Collection
  7. With my new Accurist Grand Prix Collection. The end result of my beater from the bay thread. Cracking eBay purchase - excellent condition - got a new battery popped in yesterday afternoon and works perfectly. The only problem is at the moment I like it so much I think it can only be considered a beater on price. Might have to buy something else as well (don't tell the wife!)
  8. Big fan of Spotify - the best £9.99 a month you can spend. Friday I listened to Public Enemy's It takes a nation of millions and GZA Beneath the surface. Today Kenny Rogers' The Gambler and Iron Maiden's Somewhere in Time. What will tomorrow bring?
  9. Am I missing something here. Has someone who has bought and attempted to sell fakes, started a thread to ask whether a watch they're interested in is fake? Seems like a very elaborate wind up (the thread, not the watch)
  10. I bought my Cartier specially for my wedding - currently it is the extent of my collection so is getting a lot of wear, but in my imagination of the future it will always be worn for special occasions especially anniversaries.
  11. What winders would people recommend and what sort of outlay would one be. Also any to avoid as I've heard that some can cause magnetism and Cartier seem to warn heavily against this.
  12. Plumped for the Accurist will start up a new thread when it arrives!!!
  13. Time for my weekly resurrection of this thread. Am really strongly leaning towards an Accurist Grand Prix but also have some Bulovas on watch. The Bulovas seem really cheap compared to rrp although I'm guessing they will likely sky rocket in the last few hours or is there a problem with fake Bulovas?
  14. Surely if the seller has lied then PayPal should just give the money back. I assume that the item isn't as described or are they refusing on these grounds because it's outside of the buyer protection amount. I think the police would be interested if the seller is doing this for a living. Does he have lots of other luxury watches for sale? Or have they sold a lot in the past? Few thousand a month would indicate someone living off the proceeds of crime. If it's a one off could be someone who thinks it's genuine or someone who has never been sure that it is authentic and thought they'd shift it on. I assume you asked questions and the seller's feedback was near perfect. As others have said what watch was it? maybe someone on here can help with authenticity.
  15. Cheers mate - interesting info on the sale forum. Swimming with the sharks of the Bay as I don't want to spend more than £25-£40!!!!
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