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  1. It’s made by stainless steel but comes with a special colour PVD coated. :)
  2. Hey Guys, TitanicX II: Live on Kickstarter now We are very pleasure to announce that our new campaign has just been launched on Kickstarter. Your support is our huge motivation! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ovd-object1/1179587526?ref=4g68g7&token=dad21a2a Thank you Ricky
  3. Great comment and thanks. Especially the idea of iceberg logo, it's really good inspiration for us. Cheers! Hi everyone, Got all of your messages. Really pleasure to have it!!! Our team would study the comments and thanks a lot.
  4. Hi Richy , It's used by Miyota 8215 and the unique rotor was re-assembly especially. The Kickstarter special costs approx. US$228 now. Many thanks for your great comment. That's right. 3800m is lthe depth of the Titanic. All of our projects on Kickstarter, we would really want to make something out of the exisitng market. Just try to have everything with a bit difference. We would keep going to approve it!!
  5. Hello All, We would like to introduce our microbrand - OVD. I'm the co-founder, Ricky, who is responsible for design and watch product development. We were starting to work for our first watch from a few years ago. To keep the watch with always eye-catching, is our aim of this microbrand. Therefore, we would like to introduce our new project and have launched on Kickstarter (http://fbads.e.fnd.to/titanicx) This dive watch is inspired by a wreck seeker which undertake an important mission to explore the wreck of the Titanic. We would really appreciate to have your comments & thoughts on this page. Thank you, Ricky We have started on this project for over 6 months. Even the process of desing, engineering, photography and 3D animation. We have made all of thous by our teammates . The watch has a harmonious design featuring a rotor inspired by the rusty anchor of a shipwreck and symbolizing the passing of time in which the Titanic has been eroded by the sea. The feature buckle comes with a satin finish along with a leather case with an engraved logo. The inspiration for the selection of these materials and designs is drawn from the seat belt of the vessel. It is surely worth your while to peer through the mineral window in the case back, which is held securely in place by six screws. Seen from the rear, this solid case back is inspired by the porthole of the ship. The whole collection with 5 color combinations We really need your comments on this design. Thank you for your watching. Ricky
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