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  1. Check my first post, I think your kit is way out of my budget. whoops i missed that :lol: , to be honest you might be better off saving awhile and getting something like an audiolab 8000a and some old B&W 601s2 standmounts (should be able to get both for less than 300) , the other alternative if you dont need silly volumes would be to get a T class amp which is RCA only (cd player etc- no turntable input) - these T class amps give performance that makes some very expensive kit sound rubbish , i have a topping TP20 mk2 myself (you can get one for about £45)
  2. how much are you looking to spend? , i have a rega brio-r in black and a pair of KEF R100's in walnut im selling at the moment due to upgraditous ....
  3. they are both saying the same thing, only one sounds better than the other , all that happened is that one company bought the other out , most sicura have cheap pin pallet movements (you do get the odd good one with a decent movement). people just put 'brietling' in the title when selling on ebay so some muppet will pay a stupid price for what is generally an inexpensive cheap watch (and it works).
  4. you can get most modern decent movements into chronometer grade spec (if they are not already) without having a bit of paper , to be honest the title 'chronometer grade' is just a marketing strategy.
  5. this is a new nomos i bought recently, the watch is 36mm but its all dial and is not lost on my large wrist - so look for dial size rather than case size.
  6. http://www.marktplaa...on-no-0458.html *thats with full box+papers etc. or about £215 http://www.ebay.ca/i...s-/171273024107 your normal house insurance should cover up to 1k for a single item without having to tell them about it.
  7. ...........ebay does have a regulatory body - itself :lol:
  8. as far as i know RRP is just set by the seller , yes its is a sad world we live in when people want to rip other off, tho the world is not a nice place and this has been going on since cave man times when one walked past anothers cave -noticed he was taking a dump and stole the rabbits he had caught earlier.
  9. they do it because there is always some silly sod who will pay it. if someone pays £800 for a £150 watch thats down to their own stupidity. theres no 'price rigging' involved, just 'a' price which you can make the decision or pay or not.
  10. unfortunately in the watch collecting world , no it does not make it more unique or rare (and you are trying to make this appeal to watch collectors -who quite often know there stuff , thats why you are here asking this question) , there are literally hundreds of lost watch 'houses' , remember all you had to do was buy a generic case and dial and have your company name (or whatever you wanted) printed on the dial.
  11. many watch houses have disappeared over the years - this does not make them 'rare' , if you cant find any information about a watch on the internet generally theres nothing special about it and its worth its weight in gold (literally) however i can tell you some one (you ) thinks its worth around 380 euros http://www.donedeal....s-watch/6474831 :lol:
  12. comon mach...its a pawnbrokers , they try and charge silly money for everything from watches to ipads.
  13. sorry i dont know about the model itself but re the 'brietling' connection , all it is ,is that one company bought the other out - a sicura watch is not a brietling in any way shape or form - something that a lot of people dont understand looking at the prices some of the sicura fetch on fleabay.
  14. they get what people will pay for them at the end of the day , the same can be said for many watches - including the ones roy did with Tag cases , on here they go for silly money - anywhere else they are just a frankenwatch.
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