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  1. Strap change on the TC-9. It suits it.
  2. Basic, big and clear quartz Golana for me. Super comfy.
  3. I'd be interested to see the 125 flat tracker when done.
  4. Those are beautiful examples. TBH I was thinking of something a lot simpler and unfortunately while not quite that interested in performance or handling, I'm not exactly the wine bar type. Had loads of sports bikes but my last 2 have been a pan european and a tdm900, I've realised now I prefer comfort and a bike I can ride for a long time is the best type of bike for me. I'd like a simple cafe style, bobber for summer use only really. Probably a Gt550 with minimal work. I had to look up slimline featherbed frame.
  5. Weve gone for Armida A7 brass on original Armida single pass zulu with matching hardware.
  6. Weve gone for nethuns scuba 500 today. I often dive 500m honest. I like the pretend vintage ness of this watch with the gold.
  7. What type of bezel inserts are on them. They look nice.
  8. Love the look of them all especially the deep 6. Inspire me.
  9. I really love the cafe racer, bobber, brat bike and flat tracker type things being done lately. Anyone here done one. Would love to see pictures before during and after for inspiration.
  10. 1970s diver in PVD. They do some nice things.
  11. Stop introducing new brands to me. Next stop ebay.
  12. I love the style of these older watches, I just think they'd look tiny on my large ish wrists and the fact that I'm always wearing 42mm+ also. They are lovely looking.
  13. Tc9 1970s diver Pvd Black for me. Another I'd love a ceramic bezel for.
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