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  1. Not really sure what to do with this now, do I put some money into it and get it restored and serviced, though I think it would have been better as a pocket watch rather than a travel clock, I also think there will be a lot of unanswered questions about the manufacturer and a possible date for it. Any thoughts please! Thanks.
  2. Thanks stdape, the movement measures 41.5mm and is definitely 7 jewels. Yes after removing the 3 screws on the front that surround the glass, the metal and glass and the face all moved at the same time telling me that all that was holding it all together was the hands (annoying) so I have just put it back together. Another strange thing I have noticed is the red line on the face at the 59 marker, not a clue what that's about. The brown leather covered wooden 3 fold box that the clock/watch is mounted in looks original and there are no makers marks on it, don't know if any of this helps our quest for answers!
  3. Quite possibly 7 jewels, my eyes aren't what they used to be! It reads non magnetic, whatever that means, I too saw this on ebay but have not found any more info!
  4. Sorry! here are some more pics Thank you both for your interest! Not really sure what non magnetic means, it looks like there are steel components in there.
  5. Hi all, my son brought this travel clock around yesterday boasting that I would not be able to find any information about it. After not finding anything on the net, I thought you people will are my best bet. So please any info on the company and a rough date would be brilliant and it will prove to my son that I am in with the right crowd. Sorry not the best picture, Its an S&S 2 jewel swiss key wound movement, tics along quite happily, its just that the hands don't go with it they seem lose. Thanks for any info!
  6. Here's my 1978 timex, not sure of the strap is original.
  7. Hi all, I get to join the club now!
  8. At long last I can post pictures so here goes!
  9. Thanks Wrench, good idea, will give it a go when I get one!
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