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  1. Hi everyone, to add a little context I posted a few weeks back regarding the SPB147J1; after many helpful replies and also my own views regarding spending circa 1K on a seiko I opted not to purchase in the end. A bit of a U-turn, however, I did end up purchasing a Hamilton khaki field automatic on bracelet which I felt covered most of the boxes I wanted to tick. IMO a good looking watch suitable for most occasions including everyday use. I’m over the moon with my purchase so far and think the value for money is great for the Hamilton. . . . . unfortunately I’ve now reignited the bug for buying watches! I have come across the Scurfa diver 1 with yellow dial. I’m not normally this daring with colourful dials but for some reason I’m drawn to it. Thus far I don’t really have a designated summer watch, one could argue the khaki field fits this bill being perfect for everyday use. However, we all know how this addiction goes anyway, to cut to the chase, what’s peoples experience with Scurfa? I did use the search bar and generally all seems to be positive. The yellow variant seems a bit fun to me and on the rubber strap would be ideal for the sweaty summer months. I’ve attached a link below to the watch in question. The only concern I have is the 14.4mm thickness. https://www.scurfawatches.com/product/diver-one-d1-500-yellow any alternatives out there? thanks in advance Jason
  2. Hi everyone, What are your thoughts on the Seiko SPB147J1? Of the 1965 reinterpretations it's the one with a brownish dial on a rubber strap. To cut to the chase I'm after a sub 1k everyday watch suitable for most occasions. That means work, gym, socialising and holidays (when we're eventually allowed again). I already have several watches including a breitling colt, doxa sub 200, a Vostok amphibia, two gshocks etc. You'll notice that I don't have a Seiko yet so hence why I'm considering the SPB147. I did debate about getting a nice rubber strap for the doxa but I love the beads of rice bracelet so have decided against that idea. The Colt is my "best watch" and tends to be what I reach for at weekends and meals out etc. The gshocks are great as is the Vostok but I'm after something a little more sophisticated. Does anyone have the SPB147 that can attest to its quality? I seem to be a little unsure about dropping £900 on a Seiko and I don't know why. Any other suggestions or opinions will be welcome. Thabks in advance!
  3. Hi everyone, Just a quick update, I've had the watch on now for almost 24 hours solid and it's kept time perfectly. I have tried winding it a couple of times today and there seems to be no problem now . . . . strange Is it possible that it just became a little stiff from having not be worn for a week or so and sat still in a watch box? I will certainly keep a close eye on it and still seriously consider getting it looked at in the new year.
  4. I think the new ones are but I bought mine at the end of December 2017 when they were still doing a 2 year warranty, unless they've extended it for those holding 2 years
  5. Yeh it appears to be keeping time well, I've only had it on my wrist for a few hours but nothing noticeably wrong as of yet. Thanks for the replies everyone, I suspected it might be in need of a servicing. Slightly disappointed in all honesty, I was hoping I would be able to go longer than 3 years before requiring one, especially given the price point of the watch. Oh well guess my hopes were too high
  6. Hi everyone, I'm after a little advice, it's coming up to the 3 year mark of owning my colt automatic and I've encountered a problem. I've had it off my wrist for a few days as part of my usual rotation of watches and this time round when I came to wind it up it doesn't feel right. When I turn the crown it feels like the rotor is spinning inside and it becomes difficult to fully wind the crown back in. It's currently on my wrist now and appears to be keeping time just fine but slightly concerned. Any ideas what the problem could be? Also if I should get it looked at does anyone know of a reputable watch guy to take a look at it? I'm hesitant to send it off to breitling given I've only had it just shy of 3 years. The last thing I want is a huge service bill. Thanks in advance and merry christmas! Also just for info I reside in Lincolnshire UK if that's any use regarding recommendations on servicing.
  7. Thanks ill have a look into Taptalk for future reference. As far as the lume goes, in the short space of time I have owned it I cant say i'm disappointed. I think the main reason being that from the Youtube reviews and written reviews I knew what I was getting myself into buying the watch. I admit that its far from the best lume I have seen but lume is not a deal breaker for me. The bezel is aesthetically very pleasing to look at and is a little more effort to turn than some people may hope. In my opinion I like the rigidness of it, I like to think of it as "over engineered." all being said, the BoR bracelet is very comfortable, the watch has a nice weight to it, I like the addition of the divers extension (even though I am not a diver) and the overall design to me strikes a chord. The watch gives me the feeling that I can wear it in any environment and it can handle it with the bonus of looking good. I consider myself someone who was intrigued by Doxa as a brand but didn't want to spend the big bucks so to speak, the sub 200 is a great watch for satisfying that need and has a certain charm about it. For anyone who is tempted by it all I can say is that the multiple Youtube reviews pretty much hit the nail on the head.
  8. I've tried to upload some photos, I used to use photobucket but that appears to charge now so have had a go utilising Flickr. Looks like its just a link tho
  9. Well the bracelet is resized, I've got a slotted watch block which helped and after struggling with the first screw I opted for the hair dryer. Worked a treat and now the bracelet fits perfectly. Thank you for the tip! https://www.flickr.com/photos/189345369@N06/shares/A71Cb7
  10. Hi guys, So to my surprise the watch had arrived! Much faster than anticipated but I'm not complaining. The watch at first inspection is great, I love the Jenny fish on the crown and the dial is really nice. The BoR bracelet is great - however, it is a little large and now my challenge is to resize it. In my unprofessional opinion I need to remove 3 links . The links appear to have screws, can anyone offer any advice/guidance on how to resize? Thanks in advance
  11. From the many reviews that I've read and YouTube reviews I have seen the lume does appear to be a little lack lustre. Fortunately in my case I'm not going to be doing any real diving and as a general rule I don't tend to wear watches to bed so I can forgive the poor lume. The main positives for me (my mind may change when I receive the watch) are the brand heritage, the unique bracelet and fingers crossed the quality. I wanted something that is a little different and not quite so common and I think the sub 200 fits the bill. I'm hoping that this doesn't unleash a fascination with Doxa and a subsequent bankrupt scenario but I've got a feeling it might
  12. Thanks for all the replies, I’ve bitten the bullet and ordered the Caribbean dial version. As much as I like the other versions I think they are possibly a little too vibrant for me. Now I have to play the waiting game until it arrives!
  13. Hi everyone, what is your opinion on the Doxa sub 200? I’m due a small bonus and a promotion in the next month and have decided to treat myself to a watch. I’m willing to stretch the budget to around the £1000 mark hence my consideration of the Doxa. I’ve known about the promotion and bonus for a little while now so have spent some time thinking of my options. I already have a Breitling colt which I’ve had for a couple of years now and consider that my best watch. I want something which is automatic, slightly smaller than my colt which is 44mm and something which has good WR so I can wear it in pools/sea etc carefree. I really like the look of the beads of rice bracelet and the dial colour options available on the sub 200. Does anyone own this watch and can comment on it? thanks guys! stay safe
  14. You’ll have to excuse the pun
  15. Thanks for all the replies guys, I’d like to say that I have made a final decision on which one . . . . But I still have several weeks until I get my house keys and therefore a bit more time to make my mind up about what I will treat myself to. I feel I’m swaying more towards the Oris just because of the brand heritage but only time will tell.
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