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  1. Thanks ill have a look into Taptalk for future reference. As far as the lume goes, in the short space of time I have owned it I cant say i'm disappointed. I think the main reason being that from the Youtube reviews and written reviews I knew what I was getting myself into buying the watch. I admit that its far from the best lume I have seen but lume is not a deal breaker for me. The bezel is aesthetically very pleasing to look at and is a little more effort to turn than some people may hope. In my opinion I like the rigidness of it, I like to think of it as "over engineered." all being said, the BoR bracelet is very comfortable, the watch has a nice weight to it, I like the addition of the divers extension (even though I am not a diver) and the overall design to me strikes a chord. The watch gives me the feeling that I can wear it in any environment and it can handle it with the bonus of looking good. I consider myself someone who was intrigued by Doxa as a brand but didn't want to spend the big bucks so to speak, the sub 200 is a great watch for satisfying that need and has a certain charm about it. For anyone who is tempted by it all I can say is that the multiple Youtube reviews pretty much hit the nail on the head.
  2. I've tried to upload some photos, I used to use photobucket but that appears to charge now so have had a go utilising Flickr. Looks like its just a link tho
  3. Well the bracelet is resized, I've got a slotted watch block which helped and after struggling with the first screw I opted for the hair dryer. Worked a treat and now the bracelet fits perfectly. Thank you for the tip! https://www.flickr.com/photos/189345369@N06/shares/A71Cb7
  4. Hi guys, So to my surprise the watch had arrived! Much faster than anticipated but I'm not complaining. The watch at first inspection is great, I love the Jenny fish on the crown and the dial is really nice. The BoR bracelet is great - however, it is a little large and now my challenge is to resize it. In my unprofessional opinion I need to remove 3 links . The links appear to have screws, can anyone offer any advice/guidance on how to resize? Thanks in advance
  5. From the many reviews that I've read and YouTube reviews I have seen the lume does appear to be a little lack lustre. Fortunately in my case I'm not going to be doing any real diving and as a general rule I don't tend to wear watches to bed so I can forgive the poor lume. The main positives for me (my mind may change when I receive the watch) are the brand heritage, the unique bracelet and fingers crossed the quality. I wanted something that is a little different and not quite so common and I think the sub 200 fits the bill. I'm hoping that this doesn't unleash a fascination with Doxa and a subsequent bankrupt scenario but I've got a feeling it might
  6. Thanks for all the replies, I’ve bitten the bullet and ordered the Caribbean dial version. As much as I like the other versions I think they are possibly a little too vibrant for me. Now I have to play the waiting game until it arrives!
  7. Hi everyone, what is your opinion on the Doxa sub 200? I’m due a small bonus and a promotion in the next month and have decided to treat myself to a watch. I’m willing to stretch the budget to around the £1000 mark hence my consideration of the Doxa. I’ve known about the promotion and bonus for a little while now so have spent some time thinking of my options. I already have a Breitling colt which I’ve had for a couple of years now and consider that my best watch. I want something which is automatic, slightly smaller than my colt which is 44mm and something which has good WR so I can wear it in pools/sea etc carefree. I really like the look of the beads of rice bracelet and the dial colour options available on the sub 200. Does anyone own this watch and can comment on it? thanks guys! stay safe
  8. You’ll have to excuse the pun
  9. Thanks for all the replies guys, I’d like to say that I have made a final decision on which one . . . . But I still have several weeks until I get my house keys and therefore a bit more time to make my mind up about what I will treat myself to. I feel I’m swaying more towards the Oris just because of the brand heritage but only time will tell.
  10. Hello forum members, I’m after some opinions. I like both the Christopher Ward C65 trident automatic on SS bracelet and the Oris 65 on SS bracelet with the hint of bronze on the bezel. The C65 is 41mm in diameter and the Oris 65 is 40mm, both have Selitta movements and both have more than enough water resistance for what I need. In my opinion I don’t think the watches are hugely different aesthetically although some might disagree. I don’t own anything from either brand so can’t comment about them from a personal perspective, the only thing I will say is the Oris is pretty much double the price. What do people think? I hear lots of good things about both brands. Is there a difference in quality? I’m led to believe Christopher Ward punch well above their price point but obviously Oris has a good reputation and history. Is the Oris worth the extra money? Or do I go with the C65? I pick the keys up to my new house in about 6 weeks, so shortly after I would like to buy a little moving in present to myself to mark the occasion . . . . any excuse really. I would appreciate any comments you guys have. Has anyone handled both by any chance? thanks in advance
  11. An old picture but nevertheless, wearing this today.
  12. Hi everyone, just out out of interest, has anyone purchased a watch off the website Wish before? I recently downloaded the app just to purchase a few cheapie dog collars and also had a look at some nato straps. Ever since then I’ve had emails/ notifications containing watches. Some are cheap quartz watches from brands I’ve never heard of but there also a number of “Seiko” and “orient” too. I’m hazarding a guess that these are copies, just interested to know if anyone has bought from there before. thanks Jason
  13. I’ve just turned 29 and bought my first “proper watch” 14 months ago (breitling colt automatic). Previous to that I’ve always liked watches but never really knew much about them eg never knew the difference between mechanical and automatic etc. I started doing a bit of research around 18 months ago to try and make an educated choice for my first proper watch, before all that I had picked up a couple of gshocks and a timex. I have since purchased a couple of Vostok, one komandirskie and one amphibia. Seems once you’ve started you can’t stop . . . .
  14. Hi everyone, towards the end of September im going on holiday and have decided I’m going to treat myself to a watch in the airport depending on what’s there. I’m not going to be spending mega bucks because I already have an expensive watch that gets most of my wrist time. Instead I’m looking for something around the £300 mark that I plan on wearing as a beater. I don’t currently own a seiko and I have been debating a 007, however something is holding me back I a don’t know what it is. I do like the prospex line of watches and just feel that they are slightly more luxurious than the 007. so my question is what would you get? I would like an automatic movement as opposed to quartz/solar/kinetic etc but look forward to hearing everyone’s suggestions. Thanks in advance Jason
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