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  1. You’ll have to excuse the pun
  2. Thanks for all the replies guys, I’d like to say that I have made a final decision on which one . . . . But I still have several weeks until I get my house keys and therefore a bit more time to make my mind up about what I will treat myself to. I feel I’m swaying more towards the Oris just because of the brand heritage but only time will tell.
  3. Hello forum members, I’m after some opinions. I like both the Christopher Ward C65 trident automatic on SS bracelet and the Oris 65 on SS bracelet with the hint of bronze on the bezel. The C65 is 41mm in diameter and the Oris 65 is 40mm, both have Selitta movements and both have more than enough water resistance for what I need. In my opinion I don’t think the watches are hugely different aesthetically although some might disagree. I don’t own anything from either brand so can’t comment about them from a personal perspective, the only thing I will say is the Oris is pretty much double the price. What do people think? I hear lots of good things about both brands. Is there a difference in quality? I’m led to believe Christopher Ward punch well above their price point but obviously Oris has a good reputation and history. Is the Oris worth the extra money? Or do I go with the C65? I pick the keys up to my new house in about 6 weeks, so shortly after I would like to buy a little moving in present to myself to mark the occasion . . . . any excuse really. I would appreciate any comments you guys have. Has anyone handled both by any chance? thanks in advance
  4. An old picture but nevertheless, wearing this today.
  5. Hi everyone, just out out of interest, has anyone purchased a watch off the website Wish before? I recently downloaded the app just to purchase a few cheapie dog collars and also had a look at some nato straps. Ever since then I’ve had emails/ notifications containing watches. Some are cheap quartz watches from brands I’ve never heard of but there also a number of “Seiko” and “orient” too. I’m hazarding a guess that these are copies, just interested to know if anyone has bought from there before. thanks Jason
  6. I’ve just turned 29 and bought my first “proper watch” 14 months ago (breitling colt automatic). Previous to that I’ve always liked watches but never really knew much about them eg never knew the difference between mechanical and automatic etc. I started doing a bit of research around 18 months ago to try and make an educated choice for my first proper watch, before all that I had picked up a couple of gshocks and a timex. I have since purchased a couple of Vostok, one komandirskie and one amphibia. Seems once you’ve started you can’t stop . . . .
  7. Hi everyone, towards the end of September im going on holiday and have decided I’m going to treat myself to a watch in the airport depending on what’s there. I’m not going to be spending mega bucks because I already have an expensive watch that gets most of my wrist time. Instead I’m looking for something around the £300 mark that I plan on wearing as a beater. I don’t currently own a seiko and I have been debating a 007, however something is holding me back I a don’t know what it is. I do like the prospex line of watches and just feel that they are slightly more luxurious than the 007. so my question is what would you get? I would like an automatic movement as opposed to quartz/solar/kinetic etc but look forward to hearing everyone’s suggestions. Thanks in advance Jason
  8. Not the best picture unfortunately, but don’t have any other movement pictures. I’ll let you guess what it is . . . .
  9. New week . . . . New bezel! Same amphibia
  10. I think you are correct, unfortunately it took me destroying a bezel to realise . I will have to purchased a chrome plated bezel to achieve the desired effect.
  11. I tried to remove the chrome on a bezel not so long back unsuccessfully. Bezel was stock from meranom but left me thinking it wasn’t chrome plated. Because I made such a mess of it I ended up buying a new bezel off eBay. I opted for the scotchbrite method then moved onto using a dremel, all that happened was I managed to file away half the bezel Im considering having another go, do you think acetone would work or would it need to be hydrochloric acid? This is the watch that I’m hoping I can mod by stripping the bezel of chrome
  12. strap and bezel change on my “dirskie” ready for today
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