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  1. Still better than mine, i guess the armrests are for steadying the Drink
  2. Try making yourself, a program like Adobe illustrator which deals in Vector Graphics (you can find free ones) Not sure on Bezels and hands but great for Dials
  3. Possibly the hand sticking touching something around that spot.. look carefully from the side with magnifier.
  4. You could do that. If the movement works good, no need to service. But a good service will keep it going for ages. If you think self repair is too much for the dial, keep an eye out for a replacement on e-bay. Maybe someone might read this article and have one. As for sending dial off to repaired professionaly, really will not be worth the cost.
  5. Looks like you may have to source a replacement. The only other suggestion if you want to repair yourself it will need a complete overhaul. You can use Adobe illustrator to do the printed words and print on transfer paper, the parts on the dial (markers numbers) should come off the dial will need stripping and resilvering. There are articles if you google it and a youtube video. i started one got illustrator done, but need re-silvering stuff.
  6. If its flaking probably better to renew, but if not leather soap etc moistens and feeds the leather.
  7. Services was a Company name who made cheap watches etc. I think they were based in Leicester if memory serves right. The colour if gold plated would usually be marked inside the back ( some day guaranteed for ten years etc) , or any precious metal. There are better experts as still learning myself. Could you provide a picture of the back cover inside and movement?
  8. You can use photobucket and some imaging sites, or as i do use dropbox links. Wish it was drap and drop, but for some reason its not used here.
  9. Any pictures? http://www.mikrolisk.de/show.php?site=280#sucheMarker Possible you seen this but not much info
  10. Do you have a picture of front and back of the movement. If someone has a spare on exact same movement, no reason it can not be replaced. I mean the lever piece with pivot.
  11. try where it says insert image from URL bottom right when u reply. Its a bit touchy and does not except all. I use dropbox. Wish u could just drop and drag !
  12. Could be a number of things. Have you serviced it? Might be dirty jewels, dry oil, mainspring or other factors. I did have a similar case, turned out to be the Balance Cock Jewel was dirty, even though looked clean. Also does it stop if upside down, moved about?
  13. Sorry that was meant to be Can't find any, typing error .
  14. well definitely a Rust Watch !!! i can seem to find a similar watch searching google, they seem to be registered a few times from 1924 upwards, Swiss as you stated. Does the back come off? being able to see the movement might help people identify it and possibly a year -/+ whatever you do be gentle
  15. Sliced the bottom of my finger last week doing some work, just healing up. Did not know i had done it until later, never bled i must be a vampire!
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