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  1. No expert, but phone Cousins and ask. I have spoken a few times to them seem very helpful. Sorry if this seems a pointless post, but was browsing. I have also have a problem where mainspring is exact size i want, but barrel is slightly larger.
  2. The phone number goes to a message machine when i tried. Must admit never heard of the Watch name, but does not mean a lot.
  3. http://www.bernexpockets.com/ silly questions is my job lol. not cheap! Swiss made. Has got an e-mail and phone number on site
  4. Does it have a Broad Arrow on the Case? In middle of reading Military Timepieces might appear in there. Pictures please
  5. Smiths Watches have started to rise in price, but as an inheritance, why not clean it up and keep them. Sentimental Value is priceless.
  6. Problem with E-Bay dealers ask way too much, will probably not sell. The Watches are a bit worn, but a bit of TLC, should tidy them up.
  7. Need some pictures as lots of different ways.
  8. Hi Vinn case and dial https://www.dropbox.com/s/ih7ortxnkaa7fna/DSCN0588.JPG?dl=0
  9. Just purchased a Military Stop Watch. It has VC/2534 any ideas what that is? The Stopwatch is a 30 second with a 1/10th sub. Also took 2 pictures of the movement front and inside has some markings looks like in pencil, before i clean wonder if you have any clues on what they mean? No idea on make https://www.dropbox.com/s/cv9h03z8mh2o8c7/DSCN0583.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/wim55cthm9sajie/DSCN0581.JPG?dl=0 Pictures clear enough, could not get to my stand as i have a clock in bits. forgot to add it is a Dennison Case with Cuprel Registered on it
  10. Looking for a Dial for this watch has date too. The dial i got is a bit nackered, like the owner if anyone has one give me a shout
  11. Thanks to Simon, the key was actually a size 4, the Chinese ones are not numbered right and none fitted. Luckily i had a few original ones, purchased ages ago with the size 4.
  12. Still sounds a lot. Mind you in this heat, i am a lot slower lol.
  13. Might be what i will have to do. Just odd none available smaller. Thanks for tip.
  14. The ones i have seen only goto size 12. I have a set of them, but too big still.
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