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  1. Only one person to trust Simon2 on this site.
  2. Just to add it is 1916 and the scribe marks on last picture are most likely repairers marks. Wonder if it was bought from new? Being 1916 middle of First World War, gathering your Great Grandfather was involved in ?? Would not of been cheap. But being Gold at least dateable. I have a few Gold Plated, but no idea on years as not marked. Serials not much help as no record of them with dates. Still nice Watch, keep in Family, and lucky you.
  3. the .375 is 9 karat gold, am trying to find the other marks i can see the Sword between two wheat sheaves (Chester Assay) in the shield, i am having trouble seeing the other 2 marks one to the right will be the date . Could you clarify the other two please
  4. There are no records sadly for years of manufacture. But Thomas Russell And Son started in 1859 when the sone took over the business. https://ezinearticles.com/?Thomas-Russell-and-The-Early-English-Watchmaking-Industry&id=3475096 when i am at main Computer i have a better article will post. The marks on the case will give a better indication of date, will try to find info on them. Or hopefuly someone will post what they are. As it is not swiss made makes it pre 1915. Personally i like their Pocket Watches seem well built, and prices are going up for them, but hopefully you will keep in the family. Not much info will get back, when i get to main Computer.
  5. Looking for a Hairspring, for the above. Do not know part number.
  6. you can get screws from cousinsuk.com. Its knowing wether metric or imperial. Make of clock might give some indication.
  7. Great story these people deserve to be remembered. A nice watch Omega too, just keep in the family.
  8. Sorry Neven never looked One day will grow a Brain Cell Must be the other Movement is missing that part. Hopefully re-assemble today.
  9. Odd i found a movement the same, similar and it seems that does not have a spring like one shown above. So where/why how it got there i have no idea !!! so hopefully all should be ok, which would make sense as nowhere it could have fitted. I will put it down to a previous repair (not me) as bought like it is, and was dropped in there which might explain why was not running all the time. So fingers crossed, once headache shifted carry on with re-assemble.
  10. It was running irregular kept stopping so stripped it down to give a good clean. The problem is not sure where the little round spring locates?. Taken a few Thomas Russell movements apart, but this one has a different winding mechanism. one i have not seen before on any pocket watch! Annoying problem as rest is easy,
  11. Got a Thomas Russell i stripped down as not running right. Problem i have i took the part out and the 3 parts were stuck and fell out of place !!! What i need is someone who can guide me where the spring goes? (Spring placed near parts i think i have in right. Its a lovely Full Hunter Gold Plated in great condition just i as usual got stuck as not sure on where it goes. https://www.dropbox.com/s/shqqyl9d980m0rk/DSCN0534.JPG?dl=0
  12. stdape

    Swisstime woes!

    Sounds like a bunch of idiots. Get on at them as they had not serviced it right first time round, you should not have to pay. £370 sounds rather a lot to me, especially if they are not up to the Job
  13. They sell them here if no good
  14. Possibly the button is sticking, not sure of best way to lubricate it to see, but use very little. Maybe watch oil. Obviously do not get on the circuit board.
  15. I used to have a collection of Vinyl Records mainly Elvis about 56 i think. Say used to, as one day when i was out, my Parrot got out, and chewed the lot !!!! Yes it is still alive today, but very close to Paxo and a Roast
  16. Opening the Watch is simple back just shuts. You can see where to open it by a slight protruding bit. As said the movement, hallmark would be of great help
  17. It is nice looking. Love the gold colour.
  18. The watch was bought around the 1870's, by his Grandfather.
  19. Thanks Simon. Will note number down.
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