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  1. @Chromejob Thanks for the mention. Still a watch enthusiast. I do not need someone to tell me otherwise! I'm just not bothered with people like you anymore. Again, if people like you are welcoming new watch enthusiast, then they'll never return again. @admin
  2. I have my eyes on a Breguet too. A Breguet Tourbillon A fine selection
  3. Awesome! That crown looks good!
  4. If money were no object to you, what watch would you buy? I will go for a JACOB & CO ASTRONOMIA TOURBILLON ROSE GOLD. Definitely not practical but this watch is stunning! It cost a whopping £240,000!
  5. That is definitely quite steep for a G shock
  6. Stunning to say the least! Classic watch
  7. Check out Kronaby watches. The watches are class by my taste but a little pricey
  8. Nice article! The Blade Smart HA looks pretty good.
  9. This is stunning! That orange nato strap is gorgeous!
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