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  1. 5 minutes ago, njstockley said:

    I’m a new member of the Omega owners club! This is my wife’s late father’s Omega Constellation. Cal. 561 and serial number starting 2442... which I think dates it to 1966?!


    I should have mentioned ... the watch has just been polished and serviced - and obviously a new strap fitted! Running very well indeed and love how understated it is

  2. Hi everyone - after a thorough clean, new glass, and a service of the movement the watch is running perfectly and getting a lot of wear! Even better my wife is delighted her father’a watch is seeing the light of day after all this time. Here’s a before/after shot:


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  3. Hi everyone, I hope you’ve been enjoying the bank holiday weekend.

    My name’s Nick and I’ve joined the forum today hoping to learn a lot from other members. 

    Currently I’ve got a Michel Herbelin that was given to me for my 21st (10 years ago now) but my wife has recently uncovered her late fathers old Omega Constellation - still ticking but in need of a bit of TLC as it hasn’t been worn since 1988! It’s beautifully understated and I’ll be looking to get it restored as it holds significant sentimental value!



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