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  1. The new battery proved there is a bit of life left in this old one. Only downside is the water ingress it’s had at some point. Does anyone know if there’s anyone/anywhere that they’d recommend this being sent to get tidied up? Failing that I’ll keep a search live on eBay in case another ever crops up with a better condition movement.
  2. I need one of these for a Marlin I’d like to get back up and running, other than paying for one listed in Europe on eBay does anyone know where might be worth trying? Haven’t tried Casio direct yet but figured it’d be a lost cause. Any help would be appreciated
  3. Thanks for fixing that JoT, it must’ve changed since I last posted a photo a few months back & thanks to andyclient for the battery size. I’ll let you know what comes of this watch.
  4. I found this one at a car boot a few months back and got it out to have a look at last night. I wouldn't mind getting it cleaned up but would like to try a battery in it first to see if it's any life in it. Only thing is I don't know what size it takes & have googled a bit to no avail. Model number is: 8123-5150, wondered if anyone could help out? Tried again the links from postimages.org don't appear to have worked. Admin: Only need the image URL and not the code, use "Other Media" drop down menu and click on "Insert Image From URL"
  5. A year older today so it seemed fitting to wear one of the old Swatch birth year watches I've got.
  6. This is the only mention of a EFV-110D I can see on the forum, I've been looking at one of these since the weekend and wondered if anyone else had one/any feedback on them?
  7. I only have about 7-8 watches & tend to rotate between a particular 2 most days. There's a couple that mean things to me for various reasons and I wear on the right occasions. Then I've got a two birth year, 1986 swatches that I really like but rarely wear.
  8. Today's arrival & the latest Casio to join the collection. Model: SWC-02 - World Cup USA 94 edition. Straight from the bay as spares & repair for £6.98, just needed a new battery, clean and looks as good as new.
  9. Whilst having a browse on ebay to see if any Casio's had appeared I've came across this delight, I guess a kid has probably done it out of boredom but surely it can't get a bid.
  10. If you like bike riding, I've just finished Mike Carter's: One man & his bike, detailing his journey around the coast of Britain & really enjoyed it.
  11. I would quite like to get a Skagen watch I'd wear. I've bought three to date & sold on two of them. The one I've kept I really like but is 42mm and when I wear it I see something chunky that just doesn't do it for me.
  12. Got to say I like this, in terms of watches I tend to go for the 'less is more' look.
  13. I bought the strap fitted to the Zeon I posted on here a while back from these guys on ebay, like you I was impressed with the service & delivery.
  14. This is the latest Casio I've came across, it's quite nice looking and I'd probably wear if the crystal was in better shape. I wondered if anyone knew if I'd have much chance of getting a replacement from somewhere or if a local watch repairer would have much joy with it?
  15. Think I've got one of these somewhere at home, hasn't seen light of day for a few years though.
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