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  1. Just finished Lawrence Block's - Everybody Dies from the Matt Scudder series, brilliant read. If you like Rankin's Rebus books this series is well worth a go. Switched to something completely different now & reading Nala's World.
  2. Just one ladies model I can see on eBay: Sabrina Ladies Watch | eBay Asking price for this one suggests your thought about it being a bit of tat probably aren't far wrong.
  3. A couple of years ago I was a on a daft trail to collect every I different Casio F-91 I saw crop up, but lost interest and sold them all bar the black & gold one that I decided was the best looking. I never got rid of the saved search on the bay, but getting to the point of this post I ask 'why do people feel the need to put straps on watches that couldn't look less of a match?" These are two recent F-91 examples I've seen that look what I'd consider to be awful: Casio Digital Vintage Quartz Watch 593 F-91W | eBay Casio F91 Classic Silver Case Casio F-91WM-1B | eBay
  4. Thanks for that, I've now added a couple of saved searches to the bay in case I see one crop up. A couple of the other colour combos I've seen on the google search look good too.
  5. Great collection, always nice to see some Casio's. Must say the one from Bridlington is probably my favourite. What's the model number? I wouldn't mind looking for one myself.
  6. Would agree with the OP. Bought a couple of watches in the past on initial attraction only to find upon receiving them they’re not as nice as I’d first though & ended up moving them on. More than not I’m finding however nice a new watch is I keep going back to a core of 3 or 4 I wear regularly and have a half dozen in a box that see regular wear. Pretty much down to two daily’s & one smart now.
  7. Yeah, they’re not dissimilar. I’ve seen the white version crop up on eBay from time to time but can’t say I’ve seen one in black.
  8. Here's a grail I doubt I'll ever obtain. A few years ago I noticed an old watch that'd been hanging on an old forklift of my dads, the forklift has been around at least 20 years & probably a lot more. I asked my dad about it & he said he'd never noticed it either & guessed it must've been there when he bought it at auction. Anyway I took it down, the strap was broken and it was held in place with a nail through two holes in the strap. I've never seen another like it & don't imagine I will. It's an old digital one made by Logic and has numbers F-15 & M-280 on the bottom of the face. The back is bare of any information. I have a couple of saved searches on eBay and now & then see stainless steel ones crop up but never black like this. I still have it my shoebox of watch bits as a reminder in case one day I get lucky.
  9. Thanks for the reply, in the absence of any citrid acid/lemon juice in the house I went back and had another look at this watch last night. I figured it was kill or cure time & basically used a very fine swiss army knife to try remove any remaining battery leakage I could still see near the battery compartment and then gave it a bit of a blow out with one of those keyboard hoover usb attachments, finally tried it again with the battery & hey presto it'd done the job. As of this morning it was still ticking away fine and had kept time overnight.
  10. I've tried a new 344 battery in this old Timex M Cell & the second hand tries to work, it moves one second and then drops back to where it was. It looks like a battery might have corroded inside at some point. Just wondered if anyone has any tips for something simple I've missed or if this is just fit to be consigned to the bin.
  11. Another 1986 alumni here & wearing one of the three Swatch's of that years release I have today:
  12. A bit of deja vu here, I saw there was one of these BR ones listed on eBay only a day or so ago. I have one & am waiting to receive a second Timex BR watch.
  13. I think I've seen similar plastic/rubber discs inside old Casio's, to be honest I've never given much thought to their importance and figured they were more an impact protection packer type thing. From memory they always fit one way with the hole going over one of the springs that come up from the module. There's AQ-140W on eBay now listed as spares/repair that reads like it just needs a battery pretty cheap which might be worth taking a gamble on if you did want to try another module if you're attached to the watch.
  14. I'd probably go for the Montblanc personally based on the order: 2, 3, 1 (too busy) & 4 (don't like the skeleton bit).
  15. My first Seiko digital: A914-5010
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