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  1. A year older today so it seemed fitting to wear one of the old Swatch birth year watches I've got.
  2. This is the only mention of a EFV-110D I can see on the forum, I've been looking at one of these since the weekend and wondered if anyone else had one/any feedback on them?
  3. I only have about 7-8 watches & tend to rotate between a particular 2 most days. There's a couple that mean things to me for various reasons and I wear on the right occasions. Then I've got a two birth year, 1986 swatches that I really like but rarely wear.
  4. Today's arrival & the latest Casio to join the collection. Model: SWC-02 - World Cup USA 94 edition. Straight from the bay as spares & repair for £6.98, just needed a new battery, clean and looks as good as new.
  5. Whilst having a browse on ebay to see if any Casio's had appeared I've came across this delight, I guess a kid has probably done it out of boredom but surely it can't get a bid.
  6. If you like bike riding, I've just finished Mike Carter's: One man & his bike, detailing his journey around the coast of Britain & really enjoyed it.
  7. I would quite like to get a Skagen watch I'd wear. I've bought three to date & sold on two of them. The one I've kept I really like but is 42mm and when I wear it I see something chunky that just doesn't do it for me.
  8. Got to say I like this, in terms of watches I tend to go for the 'less is more' look.
  9. I bought the strap fitted to the Zeon I posted on here a while back from these guys on ebay, like you I was impressed with the service & delivery.
  10. This is the latest Casio I've came across, it's quite nice looking and I'd probably wear if the crystal was in better shape. I wondered if anyone knew if I'd have much chance of getting a replacement from somewhere or if a local watch repairer would have much joy with it?
  11. Think I've got one of these somewhere at home, hasn't seen light of day for a few years though.
  12. One of these on eBay now as spares/repair, looks to be missing a crown but cheap enough for other spares if needed: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Casio-MW302-Spares-Repair/124201631201?hash=item1ceafe7de1:g:q8gAAOSwebVersfv
  13. tick-tock-tittle-tattle - I think you're right about the prices being higher than normal on ebay. I only really collect Casio's and look out for job lots with them in but some are making what I perceive at least as daft money compared to this time 6 months ago. Saying that I've just picked up this lot over the last weekend for a little over £20 just because there's one I wanted & haven't seen before and thought it'd be a good addition to my collection. It also looks like I'm going to have a few MQ-24's spare, so providing at least one works & when the raffle section is back o
  14. I've had this clock below for a while but recently put a battery in & it's always gaining time. Over the last week it's gained about 15/16 minutes. Inside the back is there is a scale that reads: 1 SCALE 5 SEC. Above this there's - & + symbols, so I'm guessing I need to turn it clock wise a bit but unsure how much or if that's even the right thing I should be doing. Any advise/help would be appreciated. It'd be nice to get this working closer to the correct time.
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