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  1. Good Morning all. If any of you are interested in watching today's sale it starts at 11am. I'm hoping some of the issues raised above can be answered by today results. All the best.
  2. We can sort this out, just let us know when you're next successful
  3. Thanks again Padders @Slim2500 - ".... who can't get to an auction run by Fellows the only options are through leaving a commission bid ( not knowing if your bid will win ) or going through a 3rd party like saleroom once" just explain, there are several ways to bid with us (and most auction houses) Leave a commission bid, this can be done over the phone, in person or online. Book a telephone line on the day of the auction and bid live. Bid live online at Fellows.co.uk. Use one of our 3, third party bidding platforms ( I would recommend easylive.com as its cheap) or come to our sale and bid in the room. One thing I would like to add regarding postage is that we over free deliver to or London office so Items purchased can be collected from there free of charge. no worries @WRENCH "let your pocket be your guide" - this is sometimes very very true! as you can imagine someone with no watch knowledge and large amount of cash can end up pushing a price up which does ruin the experience for other people, however unfortunately this can be said for a mainly things in life and we cant control it. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a nice watch go to an enthusiastic collector but its not always the case.
  4. I'm a huge fan of a cheeky low estimate bid, they do sometime come in!
  5. Hi Padders, Selling either 12.5% or 15% ex VAT (Depending on value) and 27.6% to sell inc VAT or 18% inc VAT if the items sells for over £100,001. I'll use this Jaeger as an example what there is an opportunity to make a good saving. In February we sold a 18ct yellow gold Odysseus chronograph for £1,531 all chargers included. The nightmare if I'm honest from a marketing point of view is trying to get 25-35 years old's educated about the process and create awareness of auction life. This age group does have disposable income but feel more inclined to shop high street. Do your homework & would also recommend viewing prior to auction & registration (if possible). ^^^^^ I also agree We hold viewing days in both Mayfair & Birmingham for every watch sale. If you have a hour free I highly recommend it from an enthusiasts point of view. If anyone on here wants to attend let me know and i'll make sure you are looked after on the day.
  6. Thank you! Any information you would like please just ask. I'm a watch buyer/ enthusiast myself and before joining Fellows ( Nearly 2 years ago ) I had never bought a watch at auction. I'm now onto my 3rd. 2 from Fellows and 1 from a competitor down south ( ) There is absolutely no harm in looking haha
  7. We make sure payment for any sold items is sent out by cheque, after fifteen working days of sale completion - and we ensure all of our catalogues are sent out too
  8. The beauty of auction is that you never know what is going to happen! We sell watches at very competitive prices when compared to the retail market - and there's always a huge possibility that you can grab yourself a bargain! We have sold some stunning timepieces this year, and as far as fees are concerned, you can still save a lot of money when buying at auction, as opposed to buying your watches from retail outlets Buyer's Premium isn't negotiable but commission is always negotiable as far as selling is concerned If you make a profile on the website (which is free), you can actually view previous auctions and the full prices that watches have been sold for in the past (with fees included). Thank you for the welcome Karrusel!
  9. Hello everyone, My name is Jorden and I represent the marketing department here at Fellows Auctioneers - https://www.fellows.co.uk/ I wanted to create a topic where I could try and answer any questions people may have about buying at watch at auction or the auction process itself. It can be slightly daunting if you have never purchased through auction before but it doesn't need to be so please ask away. Fellows has been operating since 1876 and we are currently the UK's leading regional auction house - https://www.fellows.co.uk/blog/jewellery/2018/02/19/fellows-uk-leading-auction-house/ We hold 9 watches sales a year, selling everything from vintage, military, modern to the ultra rare. Our April 24th watch sale is currently on our website if you would like to have a browse - https://www.fellows.co.uk/The-Watch-Sale/2018-04-24 Thanks for reading and i look forward to hearing from you guys.
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