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  1. Thank you Scottswatches. That should help me date it too.
  2. I acquired this rather interesting watch today. I can see Beyer are a well established jewellers in Zurich. Can anyone help me identify the reference of the 15 jewelled movement. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Simon I hope you are well. I have a citizen from 1972. The second hand is a little loose. It ticks intermittently and sometimes falls to a different position. I have a crystal remover. I also have a hand press tool which I’ve never used. Do you think it would be okay to have a go myself? Thanks in advance if you can help.
  4. I was thinking of finding someone who could 3D print one of these. Didn’t even think of the obvious, thanks it’salivejim. My research has made me aware that Blandford are a UK diving equipment company. S.A. abbreviates sub aqua. Squale are Italian makers of cases I think. Do you suggest contacting the Italian lot or the chaps at Blandford? Any advice, truly gratefully received.
  5. Bingo! i could source a Pepsi bezel, rough it up a bit, I’ve even seen a you tube video where you put the bezel in bleach to fade it. Thanks Sulie.
  6. Hi, I bought this watch on the weekend. There isn’t a lot of stuff I can find, image wise, for reference regarding what the correct bezel insert should be. There is an old thread from this parish that shows a whole host of Squale watches, unfortunately the images have expired. I had a spare insert which I’ve fitted, with a little help from a file. I think it looks great, but if it’s supposed to be a different colour/ type face? I’d rather source one similar to the original. Any ideas please.
  7. Is the omega and the constellation the correct way around. I’ve not noticed the omega at the bottom before?
  8. Good morning, courtesy of Lug (of this parish). I am the proud new owner of this beautiful 1961 Omega Seamaster, cal 562. My birth year watch.
  9. A rather splendid Eldor chronograph, slightly worn case, with a landeron 148 movement.
  10. Good morning, an Atlantic worldmaster today. Rather lovely sweep second hand.
  11. I’m sure this has been covered so forgive me for asking. Off on a family cruise this summer, around the Med, taking in the Balearic Islands, Spanish, Italian and French ports. There are quite a few watches I’ve got my eye on, a Certina heritage, there a few Sinn watches I love and if I’m a sucker for the Black bay. I understand that the watch prices on the cruise ship may not be any cheaper than here in the UK, but I am reading that Spain is a good place to buy a watch in my price range for a bit of a saving Has anyone got any advice/ tips regarding this or are prices the sa
  12. Good morning. Didn’t realise they were reissuing this Newark today, thanks for the info brummie1865.
  13. Good morning. An old Ostara diver today. Nicely worn in.
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