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  1. Is the omega and the constellation the correct way around. I’ve not noticed the omega at the bottom before?
  2. Good morning, courtesy of Lug (of this parish). I am the proud new owner of this beautiful 1961 Omega Seamaster, cal 562. My birth year watch.
  3. A rather splendid Eldor chronograph, slightly worn case, with a landeron 148 movement.
  4. Good morning, an Atlantic worldmaster today. Rather lovely sweep second hand.
  5. I’m sure this has been covered so forgive me for asking. Off on a family cruise this summer, around the Med, taking in the Balearic Islands, Spanish, Italian and French ports. There are quite a few watches I’ve got my eye on, a Certina heritage, there a few Sinn watches I love and if I’m a sucker for the Black bay. I understand that the watch prices on the cruise ship may not be any cheaper than here in the UK, but I am reading that Spain is a good place to buy a watch in my price range for a bit of a saving Has anyone got any advice/ tips regarding this or are prices the same as here? Thanks Rob
  6. Good morning. Didn’t realise they were reissuing this Newark today, thanks for the info brummie1865.
  7. Good morning. An old Ostara diver today. Nicely worn in.
  8. Good morning, loving the clean look of this Hamilton.
  9. Good morning, I’ve put this super slim Marvin on a NATO strap, which I think sees it off nicely.
  10. Thanks Andyclient, I will check them out. Simon thanks also,I have just sent you a mail regarding sorting out a constellation, I might just stick a load of watches in a bag and send them to you if you have easier access to seiko parts.
  11. Thanks Simon, I l put this code in Cousins search and it came up as outdated/not stocked. I can see someone selling in the USA. Is there a UK based company that deals in vintage Seiko Parts that you know of/
  12. Hi, I’ve bought a lovely sports matic 7625-7003. Slight snag is it’s missing it’s crown. The stem is there and I was able to screw a crown from a seiko 5 onto the stem. I got enough on to turn the hands but the stem wouldn’t push in properly. My question is where is the best place to get the correct (length) crown and how do I find out what part no it is to make sure I order the correct crown Thanks in advance.
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