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  1. Measure it up and then go to the Miyota website. It lists all their products with pictures and spec. I've had discontinued Miyotas before but always found an alternative on their site. Get the model no. and then get one from somebody like Cousins.
  2. Not sure of the point you are trying to make here. Are you saying that no other watches but Longines existed in the MOD during the 50s/60s or something else? The MOD has always used multiple suppliers, more so in times of short supply. A good example is the WWW 'Dirty Dozen' from around the end of WW2. The MOD sets a spec and invites tenders. The Dirty Dozen are almost identical to look at but from 12 different suppliers. Not so many in the 50s/60s and I don't know about the modern era as it doesn't interest me.
  3. eezy


    It looks like the edge of the case has been spliced together. Is it a repair or original or maybe a trick of the light? Is the other side of the case the same? Looks like it could do with a service as the reg is off the scale.
  4. Treading on eggshells comes to mind. It's easier to discuss the subject elsewhere where it is allowed. I understand the need to protect the trade but many an interesting discussion could be had without promoting said items.
  5. My brother gave me a Lorus that he'd put in the drawer years ago. The case was quite corroded on the back and around the edge and the watch not working. I printed a new dial with his name on, put a new Miyota module in and cleaned the case up with a fibreglass brush. It looked quite presentable when done, so much so that it has been his everyday watch for some time. A bit of patience and a jeweller's fibreglass brush is all you need. You won't bring it back to new condition though.
  6. eezy


    It's a Cortebert ww2 ATP watch which looks to have been reissued. It is common to see markings scratched through when MOD watches are re-designated or sometimes sold off or even downgraded. Search Cortebert ATP watch and you will find plenty of images.
  7. I have had a similar problem when I converted a watch to quartz. Obviously the dial feet would not line up so removed them and used sticky pads. I now have a problem where the gap is too large between the dial and module and if you turn the watch over the hour wheel drops out of mesh even with the dial washer in place. I opted for a longer post module as Simon says, so as to be able to fit the hands. So like me you may have to make a thicker dial washer to take up the slack.
  8. I use sewing needles. They come in all thicknesses and snip off to length. Got no buttons on my shirts though 'cos Mrs eezy can't find her needles
  9. As a general rule of thumb I avoid anything described as 'Military' if it has any image on the dial such as planes, tanks, soldiers etc.
  10. Not without some jiggling. The 9015 is 2mm slimmer in depth which makes the stem 1mm closer to the dial so the stem would not line up with the stem tube. You would have to shim the movement to position it 1mm nearer to the case back
  11. Comes in different heights like Miyotas. There are 6 different height pinions, denoted by the suffix number i.e. 1 to 6, as per the photo in this ad. http://www.allwatchparts.com/Hattori-Y121-E2-High-Cannon-Pinion-Watch-Movement_p_1776.html
  12. I reckon they are useful if you have something like a Chinese cheapie which is not worth the cost of a service. If a watch is not working check the line release and see if the hands spin up. If so try a new battery. If it does not work after a new battery and the hands are free, change the module 'cos the Chinese ones are only a couple of quid. Sometimes if they have not been powered up for years the gear train can stick. Line release can free them.
  13. Nice. Just be careful who you allow to work on it. Get recommendations
  14. I'm sure you're right. Just thought I would try as a last resort though.
  15. After 3 or 4 house moves over the last 20 years, I've lost my spare links. Anybody got any for this Accurist? It looks crap with a black leather strap!
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