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  1. Movement is Ronda 1217/21 cal. Parts listed at Cousins UK
  2. Talking of Transits did anybody hear the story of the fleet that used to work in the Cheshire salt mines? I have not bothered looking it up but from memory these Transits started life by being cut in half so that they could be lowered into the mine and were then put back together down below. It was said they survived well, reasonably unaffected by the salt because of the environment underground. They were subject to the same inspections and maintenance programmes as other mine equipment so remained in good order.
  3. Thanks. Slow progress at the minute, mainly due to the fact my workshop is like an icebox. Also I spent a day changing the toilet flush valve which was antique and a nightmare to pull apart. The wood I'm using is meranti hardwood generously donated by my brother who is a building contractor and does a lot of school and local authority work. He salvaged this from one of the schools.
  4. My boss had a new Lagonda around 1980. I had the pleasure of driving it since no-one else dared to go within yards of it because of it's value and it had to be specially insured for me because I was under 30. What I remember is it had a tiny steering wheel and steering was so light but direct, and it could easily make you look silly. It also added new meaning to the term ''lockin''. If you didn't get the door open within 30 seconds of stopping you were locked in. There was a tiny override switch hidden in the door upholstery roll, about the size of a matchstick if you could find it. Other
  5. I tend to think logic is one of my stronger points but that hurts my head
  6. eezy


    A new brand with a Seiko NH35A and stainless steel case of only 35mm. More suitable for those who like small watches. Takes it's inspiration from black dial military watches. Could have been a bit more imaginative with the model name though. KUOE OLD SMITH 90-002 Japan Made Black Dial Automatic with Hand-wound | KUOE / ENGLISH (kuoe-en.com)
  7. Will it become a rocking horse for my grandson or........maybe the Loch Ness monster . I reckon if I sailed that across a boating pond it would scare most of the kids off the water.
  8. Typically indicates low battery. I would check batt voltage with a meter. I only use Renata but have still had duff batteries lately. Now I check voltage before inserting and only buy from Cousins or HS Walsh.
  9. Apparently so. There are over 100 kit car manufacturers listed including the likes of Dutton and Gentry who are still going. Gentry will still make you a kit for the replica MG TF for £8k. It looks like it comes with pretty much everything from chassis to dashboard and all body parts. I would imagine all the electrics now come with multi plug harnesses rather than having to sort where each individual wire goes.
  10. Once fitted a brand new bodyshell on a Mini, does that count? Car in question was about 4 years old and severely bent. Was a nice car when done, until that is, a few weeks later, my niece met a bus head on in the lanes and wrote it off again. Gave up then
  11. Missing the point really which was how much would new import taxes bump up the price
  12. From the Invicta EU shop. Wonder what the import tax/vat would be? https://www.invictastores.eu/deals/super-storage-sale/?fbclid=IwAR2_06-OXy40f22oW1ZghJuIoz9Az8Rk8XpCAtRXIHGnt_I44aeXsuxYeXE
  13. Hopefully I might see it coming and flog the watches for enough to cover the funeral! I only have one son and since the day he was born he has never attached any sentiment to anything. So if I don't sell them, he will. I gave him my gold jewellery last year and he gave it to his mother (my ex). That hurt....
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