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  1. A lot of old Miyota movements are discontinued or superseded. The superseded versions are not always exactly the same spec. All current movements are on their website with drawings and specs. https://miyotamovement.com/
  2. Would that be a Miyota movement? My 90's Accurist had problems with the stem keep coming out and got shoved in a drawer. Eventually it stopped working but 12 months ago I decided to sort it and found that it was a Miyota which was discontinued. Miyota list all their movements with specs and diagrams on their website. I found an alternative was available so acquired one and fitted it. If yours is Miyota it will be one of the more expensive ones because of the 6 hands but it won't break the bank.
  3. Cocktail stick, Blue Tac and a pair of tweezers! If you're worried about damaging the dial, cut a groove in a new £50 note and slide it under the hands
  4. My Ben Sherman. Cost a tenner 21 years ago. Worn it ever since. Replaced the Miyota 2 years ago because it was eating batteries. oops, dunno what happened to the text!
  5. Silvermans have been selling new, unissued watches for years to almost the same spec as the issued watches. Yours has no issue date so not military issue. Even Silvermans 'Reissues' have a date on (that they were reissued). They also added a 'T' to the dial for authenticity but used luminova on some watches. Quote - ''Luminova markings (Tritium paint no longer used in production since early 2000s). ''
  6. It has notable similarities to a Red 12 trench watch I have. The movement in that is an Adolfe Michel, otherwise AM. The plates are slightly different but most of the screws and the click are pretty much in the same place.
  7. The last time I broke a crystal I hit it with a lump hammer. I was wearing the watch at the time. It hurt........
  8. I had a refurbished issued CWC G10. I had to sell it after a couple of months because I couldn't read the time. It's the only watch I've had that I had to wear glasses to see it. They are very small by today's standards.
  9. Yep also got an Infantry. It was a present cost less than 15 quid. It's a big heavy watch though 155grms if I remember right, so needs to be secure on your wrist or it moves about. On mine, backlight is weak.
  10. Splash the cash - 20 quid incl 67% discount https://www.gbwatchshop.com/catalog/product/view/id/9162/s/sekonda-mens-black-rubber-strap-gold-dial-sports-watch-1621/category/157/
  11. Full PDF manual showing all parts and reassembly. (Citizen 6770) https://www.thewatchsite.com/d1/files/Citizen Technical Manuals/6770.pdf
  12. eezy

    Alter watch

    Yes not impossible that it was built for the export market. My somewhat tenuous link to the military is by virtue of the fact that I once bid on a Portuguese watch advertised as military. At the time my enthusiasm was tempered by the fact that upon researching it, I discovered there were no Portuguese military issued watches and as I said they were supplied to the 'NAAFI' to be purchased much like Indian and Russian military watches. Sorry to be so vague
  13. eezy

    Alter watch

    Surely it can only be Portuguese looking at the day window. It shows 'TER' short for Terca , which is Tuesday in Portuguese. There's no 'TER' day in French or Spanish. I've got a very vague recollection that I've seen this brand advertised as Portuguese military before. In actual fact it was a NAAFI watch sold to servicemen as they did not issue military watches. The old brain might be playing tricks though
  14. Measure it up and then go to the Miyota website. It lists all their products with pictures and spec. I've had discontinued Miyotas before but always found an alternative on their site. Get the model no. and then get one from somebody like Cousins.
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