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  1. What prompted me to ask was a story about a guy who bought a 4 yr old Merc Hybrid. It's now 8 yrs old and batteries need replacing. He's done his research through dealers, independents and online Merc owners forums. He paid £27k for the car which is now worth £12800 and replacement cost is £15k + labour at £200 per hour.
  2. Can anyone say what makes replacement batteries so costly?
  3. This movement looks exactly like an FEF40. Are they the same movement? I have this movement in my GSTP. The watch is unbranded but the movement carries the FEF ''star'' logo
  4. When you are looking at a budget of £28k+, it's surprising how many skilled and talented people there are out there who will build a one-off to your spec. We even had an old guy who built his bike from scratch by casting the barrels in his garden shed and the only proprietary part was a BSA(?) gearbox. It looked like Meccano but it worked. That Langen does nothing for me, especially that 'Firth of Forth bridge' framework. I recall some of the modern era Indians had a tubular frame which looked like they had been borrowed from a stationary engine, horrible. Aesthetically pleasing would be high on my list of priorities.
  5. I have had a couple or so new mechanical watches that would never work on me. The first was an Ingersoll bought for my 14th or 15th birthday. It would never work on my wrist but it worked perfectly well on my Dad for days at a time and while he was working as a carpenter. I also have high iron levels but don't see how that can be connected.
  6. Looks gruesome to me, rather than awesome.
  7. A 48/9 cylinder Kawasaki perhaps?
  8. I had 5 new Harleys over about 15 years and enjoyed many 1000's of miles with them. But I do not like Americanised versions of British bikes. That would make the Enfield more appealing to me.
  9. Thanks again Norman. I'll ask him to check and see if he can define that Grouse mark.
  10. Thanks Norman, your help is appreciated. It could well be Galonne stamped on the case having had another look, and as mentioned the case does have rose gold on the edge. Also the mark to the right of the case is a crown and crescent. Apparently the same symbol was adopted by Germany as a hallmark for 800 grade silver which this case is. The mark on the left above the 800, I can't make out. So could we be looking at a German case maker?
  11. Thanks Norman. I've been searching further and I found a couple of adverts for Callo(n)ne watches so it seems that may be the brand name, but I can't find anything further.
  12. Thanks for spotting that. I think you are right about it being an FHF. So that would date it from about 1905.
  13. My turn to ask for opinions please My brother has in his possession a pocket watch which was supposedly given to my father by a civillian in France during WW2. The name on the front, Smessaert, appears to be a common Belgian name. Aeltre is a close spelling to an area in Belgium and inside the case, Callone, is a village in the same area of Belgium. I'm assuming that Smessaert was the retailer of the watch. I've searched through 'Ranfft' to identify the movement but the nearest I can find is Phenix. The case is 800 grade continental silver. Unfortunately the photos are not clear enough to see the various markings so I've asked for better images. Forgot to mention-my date estimation is about 1910 to 1920. Also there is what I believe was called a rose gold wash around the edge of the case which seemed to be fashionable at one time.
  14. Welcome to the forum. It's a fob watch/pocket watch converted to a wristwatch (commonly known as a trench watch). One of the strap loops is missing. It looks like somebody has messed around with it. My guess is they have removed the loop so it could be worn again as a pocket watch. The dial is a quarter of a turn out for it to be used as a pocket watch. You need to open the back and show us the movement for any further info.
  15. There's a lot of Triumphs around here. That's because we are only about 6 miles from the factory and a lot of employees own them.
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