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  1. As a general rule of thumb I avoid anything described as 'Military' if it has any image on the dial such as planes, tanks, soldiers etc.
  2. Not without some jiggling. The 9015 is 2mm slimmer in depth which makes the stem 1mm closer to the dial so the stem would not line up with the stem tube. You would have to shim the movement to position it 1mm nearer to the case back
  3. Comes in different heights like Miyotas. There are 6 different height pinions, denoted by the suffix number i.e. 1 to 6, as per the photo in this ad. http://www.allwatchparts.com/Hattori-Y121-E2-High-Cannon-Pinion-Watch-Movement_p_1776.html
  4. I reckon they are useful if you have something like a Chinese cheapie which is not worth the cost of a service. If a watch is not working check the line release and see if the hands spin up. If so try a new battery. If it does not work after a new battery and the hands are free, change the module 'cos the Chinese ones are only a couple of quid. Sometimes if they have not been powered up for years the gear train can stick. Line release can free them.
  5. Nice. Just be careful who you allow to work on it. Get recommendations
  6. I'm sure you're right. Just thought I would try as a last resort though.
  7. After 3 or 4 house moves over the last 20 years, I've lost my spare links. Anybody got any for this Accurist? It looks crap with a black leather strap!
  8. Wiki has a section on Red Army awards. It seems they have a badge of Excellence for absolutely every trade in the army, Tank drivers, tractor drivers, sharpshooters and right down to bakers and boy scouts. The inscription on your watch is the same as on their badge of excellence for shooters which was first issued in 1942. Nothing definitive of course, may be just coincidence.
  9. Thanks again. Although I never actually went away, just missed this thread somehow
  10. Bottom word is ''pistol'' and top right is ''shooting''
  11. Gentlemen, I can not believe this thread has passed me by and I have somehow stumbled upon it again some 12 months later! My sincere apologies for not acknowledging the comments above. I can only think I posted this one evening when I was on a mission to empty the Vodka bottle and then forgot all about it. The clue is in my comment about ''rhodium'' I hate not acknowledging posts.
  12. I can see where the value is in a mechanical high end watch. I struggle to see how they justify top end in a watch that has, ultimately, a throwaway quartz movement.
  13. Itsa Bitza. Correct ETA 2750 but from a Pontiac watch. Incorrect minute hand. I wonder if the case has been polished to remove serial numbers and then restamped. I think I would be concerned about the date. There is a rollcall of Hamilton models on MWR forum, listing model, year and number manufactured but the earliest is 1973. Dial looks original though.
  14. The watch looks correct although looks like the case back has been polished and it may not have the correct minute hand. Normally the minute hand is straight and not the same shape as the hour hand. The case back is normally grey and slightly rough showing the machine turning. Those are not reasons though to call it a fake. 71 is earlier than the one's I have seen but that is not a definitive opinion. The fakes I have seen are obvious though. They normally have slotted screw backs, not front loading cases and a recent one had a 91 date. Cheap Chinese copies. I have a completely authentic 1975 6bb 'Geneve'.
  15. I have a 1974 6bb which is not a screwback. In fact it doesn't have a removeable case back, the movement comes out the front of the watch. I thought, (mistakenly it seems), that all Hamiltons of that era were the same. Thanks for the info.
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