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  1. Could it be a water based Latex varnish? I've used it on pub floors. It dries very quickly, is fantastically hard but discolours at an alarming rate. If it is I'm afraid I have no idea how to remove it.
  2. Discounting French brands makes that a slightly tougher call since Stellantis now own 15 brands including Citroen/Peugeot, Fiat Chrysler, Jeep, Vauxhall and most of the Italian brands including Maserati. I guess that leaves VAG group, Ford and the pseudo Japanese brands .......or Volvo which is chinese owned. You need to avoid any engines which run a cambelt in oil. there is literally an explosion waiting to go off in those engines, in fact PSA are changing back to chain next year. Stick to the classics and have some fun. I wish i still had my Granada Scorpio!
  3. According to the historians www watches were not issued until May/June 1945. I have my Dad's WWW Cyma that he was issued with and I feel sure he said he got it in 1943 at around the time he transferred from the Commandos. Sadly he is no longer here to ask. Certainly June 45 or later would have been rather late for him to be issued with it because by then he was on ''policing duties'' in Northern Germany, and he made his own way back home by September 45. My brothers birth date is testament to that! It is said that the serial is an MOD number that was entered into the paybooks of those who were issued with them so they could be charged if they were not returned. I don't know what your plans are but I would refrain from having restoration work done on it. Collectors frown if such as the dial is repainted or relumed and so on. If it's not working find a specialist repairer of this model to do the job.
  4. I wouldn't fancy racing that round the TT course!
  5. If I remember correctly he used to wear ''well oiled'' Belstaff gear and big boots when I saw him
  6. Used to see Percy nearly every day riding past the Jaguar works when I was an apprentice there. He was always riding pre-production bikes on trade plates. Cafe racers hmm......the concept seems to have changed indeed. My nephew has 7 or 8 Goldwings that he has restored. One in particular he has done a very nice job of and calls it a cafe racer. My idea of a cafe racer is clipons and rearsets to start with. This has neither and is more of a normal upright riding position. Nice looking though.
  7. Nice watch but too small for my tired eyes. Had to sell mine.
  8. Maybe a stamped or engraved makers monogram would add to the job?
  9. Looked it up today actually so it's now on my to-do list while mrs eezy has a couple of hours around the market and shops
  10. How does Coventry Watch Co relate to this, were they the retailers? I'm not far from Coventry so naturally have an interest in anything to do with the area
  11. Referring to your first item- Never been brilliant at science but........am I right in thinking that a spacer between the stock and the bearing would allow you to mark out various sizes of mortise depending on the size of spacer? E.G. a 6mm spacer used on one side and then the other, would give you a 12mm mortise. You would just need to make a series of different sized spacers which could even be used to offset the mortise to one side to make a flush faced joint.....I think!
  12. Anybody remember reading about the 11 new Nortons found in Belgium? 11 New 1975 Norton Commandos Found in Belgium! - Motorcycle Classics | Exciting and evocative articles and photographs of the most brilliant, unusual and popular motorcycles ever made!
  13. That is a problem these days with the cost of raw materials, be it metal, wood or whatever. You just can't afford to keep scrapping stuff. I use recycled timber for nearly all of my projects but even so it's still valuable to me. But then again half the stuff I'm given to recycle is too good to break, such as a nice oak (veneered) 6ft x 4ft dining table. By way of comparison, I have a simple 3m x 3m pergola in the garden and was looking to convert it into a summer house. The cost of material was on a par with buying a complete job from Wickes.
  14. I see the Renault 5 is being reintroduced as an EV in 2024. It looks as much like an R5 as the BMW Mini does to the classic Mini.
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