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  1. Does anybody else have problems cutting a new stem to length? I fit the stem, mark where it needs cutting, erring on the side of caution, and snip. Then I refit and as expected it needs a bit more off, so I mark it and cut and AAAARGH.....it's too short! The number of times I've done it I've lost track.
  2. Always watching- Ah, a rare flash of inspiration! I mentioned above that I thought it was a London based watch company. I'm pretty sure it was a 'manufacturer' you actually wrote the history of a while back. The Henderson Group based at Bolton. I've searched t'net to find anything about the connection to no avail but it's deep in my subconscious. Also the guarantee in the box lists a Bolton address.
  3. Do you know what the cal no is? It should be facing you under the dust cover e,g, 216
  4. Apologies If I gave the wrong Impression old friend. My comment was intended to be in addition to rather than in conflict with yours. I tend to be briefer than I should be when it comes to the written word.
  5. What I can say for certain is I have a Ben Sherman which I bought 2001. At the time I was a publican and remember wandering around Makro Wholesale and buying 2 BS, one for myself and one for my son. I sold the pub in 2003 and retired so could not possibly have been after that. I still have the case, pricemarked £9-99 but at Makro that would have been plus vat, and the guarantee. I have a vague recollection of searching a London based watch company a while back and BS was one of the brands it supplied. As regards my own watch I wore it almost every day since bought until it stopped wo
  6. Not Swiss for some time now. They have a Japanese movement, Miyota in the ones I've seen, but assembled in China I think. Not knocking them though - I tend to like Accurist. I recently bought one with a 10year battery life for £3.10. The cyclops was battered so I removed it and I fitted a new gold coloured bracelet, otherwise pretty much unmarked.
  7. Personally I avoid anything said to be military which has images on the dial. A starting point in authenticating a Wehrmacht watch would be a 'D' or 'DH' serial number on the case back. Has this watch got that?
  8. A 'Trench Watch'. My guess is it would be around 1920 or just before.
  9. Haha...on the other hand it's brought a nice watch back into use that would otherwise be stuffed in a drawer and forgotten.
  10. Henri Sandoz with new case and strap but the old AS1130 was knackered so done a couple of mods
  11. Thanks for your input Davey. Job done! Actually the solution was forced on me. It's a big watch ''Infantry'', 46mm and 16mm deep. It wouldn't fit in the press so I placed the die, applied thumb pressure and gave the die a rap with my 'toffee hammer'. Luckily it popped in first time. Probably saved myself a small fortune. It is digital/analogue with 2 batteries so you have to remove the circuit board etc as per Casio I believe. It would probably cost 3 times price paid for the watch to take it in somewhere.
  12. The case back was really tight to get off. In fact for me it was the tightest of all tight case backs. Question is, having tried my usual methods, I'm going to have to use my press to try and refit it but the watch has a rotating bezel on the front, so is it safe to press against the bezel or should I remove it bearing in mind I'm going to have to use a lot of pressure? Thanks.
  13. My Dad was in 3 Commando during the war. At one time he was 'attached' to SOE. He was running agents across to Norway. For this period his service record is blank. An amusing anecdote - His brother in law was a POW in japan so he borrowed his new motorbike. When he did the Norway trips he loaded it on to the fishing boat and used it for transport over there. On one trip whilst on the return he stopped off to sleep in a barn. He woke to the sound of the enemy approaching and had to make a quick exit - without the bike! Of course it was never recovered and he was never forgiven by my u
  14. Here's one on Amazon, reduced by £10. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Microscope-Continuous-Magnification-Adjustable-Rechargeable/dp/B07K43RBG8/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=digital+microscope&qid=1596652418&sr=8-6 There's a few different brand names but they are all the same generic type thing. It gives you a link to download an app to use it on your laptop. If you look at the photo, I turn mine around 180 deg so I'm working with the object on my bench rather than the little table it comes with. Need a weight on it though to stop it toppling, a tin of lead shot is what I us
  15. These cheap Chinese microscopes are worth having for this sort of thing. The resolution and magnification is really good. Mine cost about 50 quid and it has a 3'' screen or you can plug it into a laptop. You can take stills and videos to record intricate disassembly as well. Best £50 I spent on watch stuff
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