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  1. If I was looking at something like that I would buy a San Martin. Sapphire glass and same NH35 movement but a £100 cheaper if you look around.
  2. I would test the battery voltage first. I put a new Renata in one of my watches recently and it stopped again a couple of weeks later. When tested the battery was only reading about half what it should. The next battery I fitted I tested first and it's been fine since.
  3. Not sure that I'd fancy salsa with ice cream or creme Anglaise.
  4. Reminds me that somebody once told me that intelligence is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Common sense is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.............
  5. If a watch case was made of steel, stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, gold, silver etc etc, it would not likely be described as alloy would it? For the pedants I refer to light alloy cases such as aluminium alloy.
  6. Does it necessarily follow that if a watch is housed in an alloy case it is of a cheaper, lesser quality overall?
  7. These are my 2 Cymas'. The one on the left was issued to my Dad. He left the army at the end of WW2 and this was his everyday watch until it no longer worked in the 90's. It is ''as issued'' to him and to my knowledge never had any alterations or repairs so I believe the strap to be original. It has had a piece of leather glued to the back, about 1 cm square to bridge a crack rather than replace the strap. The other watch he bought from an army surplus in the 1960's as a backup and probably had a soft refurb before he got it.
  8. ''Fell into my possession''? I would imagine you will need to provide some sort of rights of ownership and provenance if you are to achieve their full market value.
  9. Probably a Precista or maybe a CWC? 800 CWC's were issued and 1800 Precista so they have a certain rarity value.
  10. I dislike immensely mixed Arabic and Roman numerals on a dial.
  11. It's been a while back now since mine was done by Auto Windshields so obviously things have improved
  12. If it's any help, I had a windscreen repair done years ago and it was awful. Like looking through a blob of clear glue from a glue gun.
  13. The 6P29 would not work because according to your pic the stem is on the opposite side. It's unusual to have a left hand stem and I don't think I've seen one on a Miyota. Only thing I can think of is if you found a movement with the subdial at the top instead of the bottom and then turn it 180 degs so the stem is on the left. Maybe that is how it was designed. Miyota don't seem to have production runs of the same movement for many years like others do but there is nearly always an alternative available. The movt number is under ''Miyota Co'', on yours looks like 4P00 ?
  14. At H.Samuel. Discount on discount brings it down to £100. Casio Edifice Scuderia Toro Rosso Stainless Steel Watch
  15. One of my favourite pastimes is scanning through pages of ''pocket money'' watches and buying on impulse. It's something my budget does not allow with high end watches plus I don't have to convince Mrs eezy it's a good investment!
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