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  1. Are you for real ? What evidence would you like ? - so somehow I've managed to concoct a DETAILED event from my own imagination ? with enough 'evidence' to convince most intelligent people, managed to get a leading NATIONAL newspaper to run the story (you would assume they would check it out for fear of being sued right?) - they must have then fabricated their conversation with a leading financial institution in print and Trading Standards, oh got a grand out of Paypal (bet me I didn't and I'll provide you the proof) who just chuck thousands away at chancers right ? police crime numbers, oh an
  2. That's true but you have to go into the branch to do it - cannot be done remotely even with electronic signature or a disclaimer statement absolving them of any blame should it go pear shaped,
  3. I've read that over and over again and still haven't a clue what the problem is ? What I posted was just to try and help anyone who may go through the nightmare I had - however feel free to know better.
  4. Amazing - that's reassuring - I was actually contemplating flying half way around the world literally just to give the box a shake and then get back on the plane !!! @Karrusel - I would as well but the bank wouldn't let you in ! - but ta anyway
  5. Right thanking you for waiting the 2.5 years I had forgotten what forum I had started this on and then life took over. But I found it again after posting a recent question. Absolutely no idea how much detail I can post of the worm (below) that started all this so the mods can delete where necessary - though if the maggot does sue you I will hereby pay all your legal costs ! So after an horrific 4 month experience with Paypal who throughout the entire experience were desperate to let the fraudster get away with it as no doubt the money had gone and just could not have been more unhelpful i
  6. Hello all, Well as the title thread, I have about a dozen or so Breitlings ranging from about £2k to £5k each in a bank vault in the UK which went in in late 2018 - I then moved to Asia planning to come back every 6 months but never really made it back and now Covid means there is no chance of returning without endless hoops to jump through. The bank (Metro) have been completely unhelpful and won't allow anyone to open it on my behalf despite how many assurances I've given them. So - what can I expect to find if I ever get back when I open that box ? I'm imagining its no
  7. lol Sorry chaps - will post up the stuff tomorrow, am on call tonight - it might send some to sleep but might help a few peeps that have that nagging doubt, who won't be any use to you and who are, and the massive lesson learnt never EVER deal with Paypal !
  8. Right its over - got my cash back after a TWO MONTH nightmare !! Will post the full story later with pics (of the watch not me) - might want to grab a decent bottle of red ! There's a fair bit to tell - but one things for sure NEVER again !
  9. Cheers Richard - some really positive news today - can't divulge it yet on the off chance the thieving worm gets to read this and I hand him his next move but will update everyone as soon as as I think my journey and the route it took may be of help to others buying fakes. Its not over yet but retribution is well under way.
  10. I don't know what 'virtue signalling' is ? And as explained many times above I send it back and it gets 'lost' what then ? I can't insure tat for the amount of money I'm out of pocket. Its going back to a scammer remember. However this all started basically asking if anyone had trading standards / police and seizure notice experience
  11. This is through Paypal I will call Trading Standards today and see what's happening, and then to the police if needed. I'm encouraged by a couple of other similar situations I've found online where trading standards not only took it on but took the guy all the way through the courts and got him convicted - resulted in a suspended prison sentence and cost the guy his job as well so hopefully this will be the best route. I will certainly take every opportunity to get him convicted. Just an aside for those saying return it a) I'm sure there's someone out there but I can't find anyone m
  12. I appreciate the feedback seriously - but for all the peeps saying return the item don't take it personally etc - if 10 grand was the amount at stake would you be willing to return the item to a fraudster on that scale when he only has to say he didn't receive it ? That opens up another can of worms whereas Paypal have said a seizure notice is a slam dunk refund for me and no item return necessary. I'm becoming inclined to just write off a day's work and go visit him tbh Also - sorry I have to be wary about the amount of detail I give as the con man could well be an observer
  13. Hi all - stupid me trusted someone from fleabay ( NEVER again) and bought a Rolex for many thousands. The ID looked ok, history was there, the write up etc so went ahead. I have bought others from there without issues so maybe let my guard down! I am no expert but do know my watches a little more than the man in the street I think and as soon as it showed up there were doubts, sticky bezel and the promised paperwork didn't arrive. I did see the 'PJ3' on the clasp which rung all the alarm bells however I've since read that that doesn't mean its necessary a fake ?? Fortunately though it di
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