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  1. Cool .. yes I would be 25quid lighter too.
  2. I was going to ask how it feels on the wrist that was before I got to the end.Just had another look it is quite chunky. I like to know I have a watch on think it would know I had that one on .See my thing is I don't like straps if the watch is snazzy enough I would think about giving it a go .
  3. I like that lovely dial and hands .something that I would like to pick up on day .
  4. Yes that's the first best day in boating . The 2nd best day and usually the happier one of the two is the day you sell it .
  5. A2orry

    omega fans

    picked up this little ornament on eBay 20quid couldn't resist.listed as a Venetian seahorse .what I seen was the hippocampus that's on the back of my seamaster
  6. New one not had it long .must try to get a better picture
  7. Cable ties would have done I'm sure.
  8. something a bit different my first thoughts on the bracelet was it looked similar to the panerai one .
  9. omega all day the one you are talking about .It wil take you longer to decide on the blue or black .I'm my mind Tudor clasps and bracelets are a bit iffy.
  10. this one new was just over £200
  11. That n on the engine code is the way of telling that it has technical upgrades ther is quite a few I think .Also X5 version of the m57 engine has a flap free manifold . forgot to add the orange silicone diaphragm in the bog roll type turns to jelly not good .
  12. If you leave changing the small looks like a miniature bog roll one it leads to early turbo failure .the vortex type was a technical upgrade by BMW not a max power thing.
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