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  1. Cable ties would have done I'm sure.
  2. something a bit different my first thoughts on the bracelet was it looked similar to the panerai one .
  3. omega all day the one you are talking about .It wil take you longer to decide on the blue or black .I'm my mind Tudor clasps and bracelets are a bit iffy.
  4. this one new was just over £200
  5. That n on the engine code is the way of telling that it has technical upgrades ther is quite a few I think .Also X5 version of the m57 engine has a flap free manifold . forgot to add the orange silicone diaphragm in the bog roll type turns to jelly not good .
  6. If you leave changing the small looks like a miniature bog roll one it leads to early turbo failure .the vortex type was a technical upgrade by BMW not a max power thing.
  7. only one I can think of is the pilot super sport .think a quick Google might help.try one of the Merc forum's
  8. It was a common problem may be the west coast weather had something to do with it. the outer part of the lens would separate from the rest of the unit and let the water in .
  9. A2orry

    where is she ?

    crap picture best I can do .
  10. my brother has a Cartier I don't know the model never liked them much .my daughter has this 1980s Casio classic on quite a lot .
  11. Do you have eny dampnes in the boot ? E36 was notorious for it problem was rear lights that are fitted to the boot lid let in water .
  12. A2orry

    where is she ?

    If she brings eny of that fondue stuff back it's yours with pleasure.
  13. A2orry

    where is she ?

    4.5 kg of toblerone to be shared with the entire country. It's damp up this neck of the woods biscuits are soggy no need for cheese
  14. A2orry

    where is she ?

    Now that's 6 stars to you my friend .She got invited by Ferrari to an unveiling I'l also add her boy friend is with her no funny ideas
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