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  1. I'm thinking of buying a Divers 65. Has anyone got one on here?
  2. Correction I believe the correct term is a Tropic strap!!:-)
  3. Am looking to pair my Vintage Seamaster on a safari strap for the summer. Who is the Safari Strap vendor of choice or else is it Pot Luck on eBay? Thanks as ever!
  4. Has any one done business with them? Their site seems quite outdated dare I say.
  5. I came do close to a 41mm Ceramic HydroConquest but then spotted the Oris Diver 65. From reading online this watch is a homage to a style of watch from the 60s. Are any other Manufacturers doing anything similar? Or as a wildcard is it worth seeking an original vintage watch. I assume these are more expensive than modern reproductions? Thanks as ever!
  6. Longines look a lot of watch for the money. Any local experience on here?
  7. I love this Forum for opening my eyes to so many previously unconsidered options!
  8. I'm quite liking the Bell & Ross. Its not a manufacturer I have ever considered so I will be taking a look.
  9. Thankyou all for your advice as ever.
  10. Looking to buy a second hand "Divers" watch with a budget of around £1500. I would be eternally grateful for the Forums guidance into the more "random" manufacturers out there as well as the more mainstream. "Vintage" would also be of interest within the prescribed remit.
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