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  1. You're probably right about the new capacitor, won't be the first I've fitted. The watch has been shaken to within an inch of its life! However, I've managed to buy a Philips Imageo candle charger, seems to be the most effective induction charger available according to the internet forums. I've read that given time they have revived capacitors that haven't run for a couple of years! My watch winder, I have two kinetics, do not seem able to put in enough charge to keep up with the watches usage. So, fingers crossed, a charger for my kinetics and possibly the resurrection of one capacitor. Thanks for your help.
  2. Ok, so I have the capacitor out of the watch and it's reading 0.6v (don't know if this should be enough volts to run the watch or not). I'm currently trying to bump the voltage up using an AA 1.5v battery to see if I can raise the voltage to where it will charge on the wrist. I've looked at the cell that came out of the watch and it's a Maxell 920S which tinternet says is ok. Further research says the correct Seiko capacitor is Seiko 3023.24T, could anyone confirm this please? Thanks for your help.
  3. Is it possible to replace the capacitor with a normal non-rechargeable battery? I can't wear both my kinetics all the time, it's either this or look for a charging mat or Philips candle charger option. Any advice/suggestions?
  4. Thanks for your help guys. I've currently got my Seiko Diver in my Braun toothbrush charger, that hadn't stopped completely. Do you know if any phone charging mats have worked for anyone?
  5. Hi, I bought this watch, mint condition back in April from EBay (nice guy, has a high street shop has well as ebay). It's a dress watch and hasn't seen any wrist time because of lockdown. Had it on my watch winder but it stopped June 18th and vigorous shaking will not tempt it to restart. Was sold as serviced and capacitor replaced, I can see the red insulator so looks like the lithium battery. I love the watch so any suggestions about getting it working again would be much appreciated. Thanks for your help, Steve
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